Old Bones of the River (1938) Movie Details

Old Bones of the River
1 hr 30 mins
Rating: 5.9/10 from 183 users

Old Bones of the River Movie Cast

Will Hay
as Prof. Benjamin Tibbetts
Moore Marriott
as Jerry Harbottle
Graham Moffatt
as Albert Brown

Old Bones of the River Film Songs

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Old Bones of the River Crew List

Marcel Varnel Director

Old Bones of the River International Release Dates

CountryReleased Date
India 01-12-1938

Hay plays Professor Benjamin Tibbetts, representative of the Teaching & Welfare Institution for the Reformation of Pagans (otherwise known as T.W.I.R.P for short), and dedicated to spreading education amongst the natives of colonial Africa. As he arrives (still trying to learn the native language via recordings), Professor Tibbetts is tricked into sneaking a gin still into the country by a local prince. Later, Tibbetts makes his way to Kombooli High, where his students wear Eton collars alongside their native garb and Tibbetts finds himself sporting a mortarboard and safari shorts due to the heat. When the Commissioner falls ill with a dose of malaria, Tibbetts is forced to take over his duties, which include collecting the taxes. Upriver, he finds an old paddlesteamer operated by Harbottle (Moore Marriott) and Albert (Graham Moffatt) and the threesome rescue a baby from death by sacrifice.

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