Nenevaru (2022) Movie Details

Nirnay Palnati
RG Sarathee
2 hr 0 mins

Nenevaru Crew List

Singer : Sravana Bhargavi , RG Sarathee
Lyricist : Krishna Kanth
Original Music Composer :
Singer : Hemachandra
Director :
Singer : Hemachandran

Nenevaru International Release Dates

Country Released Date
India 02-12-2022

Nenevaru Film Songs

Singers: Hemachandra
Lyricist: Krishna Kanth
Duration: 03:04 Minutes
Singers: Hemachandran , Sravana Bhargavi
Lyricist: Krishna Kanth

Nenevaru Movie Critic Reviews

An Action Love Story Film

Krish (Kola Balakrishna) and Chitra (Geet Shah) are lovers. Due to a minor difference between the two, they go separate ways. The break-up in love deeply affects Krish, who goes into a state of mental depression. He spends his life narrating his tale of woes to people. Around the same time, his maternal aunt, her daughter (Tanishq Rajan), a muscleman named GK (Baahubali Prabhakar) and his maternal aunts aide get murdered one after another. Who is behind the serial killings? Will Krish and Chit ...
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Nenevaru is a 2022 Telugu Film stars Balakrishna Kola , Sakshi Chowdary , Sudarshan Reddy , Tanishq Rajan , Sravana Bhargavi , RG Sarathee , Krishna Kanth , RG Sarathee , Geet Shah , Raja Ravindra , Dil Ramesh , D S Rao , Neeraja , Yogine Marwar , Thagubothu Ramesh , Venu , Ramchandra , Hemachandra , Nirnay Palnati , Hemachandran , Nellore Sudharshan , directed by Nirnay Palnati & music by RG Sarathee. Nenevaru Release Date is 02-12-2022 and Nenevaru running time is 120 Min