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Jabbar Khan
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Writer : Jabbar Khan

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Abdul Jabbar Khan directed this trailblazer in the history of our cinema. In 1953, at a cultural programme, a non-Bangalee movie producer remarked, "The climate of this land is not fit for making movies." A worked up Jabbar decided to make a movie based on his play Dakaat right away. Making the movie was a challenge itself. The actors and most of the crewmembers had no experience in film; the shooting came to a standstill more than once due to floods. It took two years to wrap up the whole shooting process. The negative was then taken to Lahore for editing and printing and Jabbar was given a hard time there regarding the processing and bringing the final prints home. Eventually the movie starring Purnima, Ali Mansoor, Najma and others, saw the light of day on August 3, 1956 and we got our first "talkie."


Mukh-O-Mukhosh is a 1956 Bengali Film stars Inam Ahmed , Jabbar Khan , Jabbar Khan , Zahrat Azra , Bilquis Bad , Fafiq , Kazi Khaliq , Jabbar Khan , Narul Anarn Khan , Ali Mansoor , Najma , Purnima , Saifuddin , directed by Jabbar Khan & music by .