Lovefully Yours Veda (2023) Movie Details

Lovefully Yours Veda
Praghesh Sukumaran
Rahul Raj
R2 Entertainment
2 hr 15 mins

Lovefully Yours Veda Crew List

Original Music Composer :
Lyricist : Rafeeq Ahammed
Costume Design : Arun Manohar
Public Relations : A S Dinesh
Lyricist : Dhanya Suresh
Production Executive : Vinosh Kaimal
Makeup Artist : R G Wayanadan
Line Producer : Harris Desom
Director of Photography : Tobin Thomas
Production Controller : Rinny Diwakar
Dialogue : Babu Vailathuran
Writer : Babu Vailathuran
Producer : Radhakrishnan Khalayil , Ruvin Vishwasam
Co-Producer : Vibishi Vijayan
Still Photographer : Rishaj Mohammad
Editor : Sobin K Soman
Lyricist : Rethi Sivaraman
Colorist : Liju Prabhakar
Director :
Singer : Gowri Lekshmy
Lyricist : Rafeeq Ahamed

Lovefully Yours Veda International Release Dates

Released Date

Lovefully Yours Veda Film Songs

Bhoomi Rock
Singers: Gowri Lekshmy
Lyricist: Rafeeq Ahamed
Duration: 04:25 Minutes

Lovefully Yours Veda Movie Critic Reviews

An eternal love story Film


I dont think theres any other industry in Indian cinema that produces as many campus films as Malayalam cinema. From the times of Sarvakalashala to Classmates to Poomaram, several memorable films captured the essence of college life in Kerala. Over the years, it has become a sub-genre of sorts, with its own set of templates and formulas. But lately, there has been a clear dearth of such films. Praghesh Sukumarans Lovefully Yours Veda (LYV) is a lacklustre attempt to take us back to that bygon ...

Published by Others on: 03-03-2023. Originally published here

Political Climate Story Film


Lovefully Yours Veda belongs to the list of movies where after hearing the dialogues, I wondered when was the last time the writer and director went to see a film in theaters. Written by Babu Vylathur and directed by Praghesh Sukumaran, Lovefully Yours Veda is a movie that tries to narrate the campus story in the 90s with the same sensibility of the films released in that era. With a generic story and an utterly unbearable set of stage drama-like dialogues, the Rajisha Vijayan starrer tests y ...

Published by Others on: 03-03-2023. Originally published here

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Lovefully Yours Veda

Lovefully Yours Veda is a 2023 Malayalam Film stars Rahul Raj , Rafeeq Ahammed , Arun Manohar , A S Dinesh , Dhanya Suresh , Vinosh Kaimal , R G Wayanadan , Harris Desom , Tobin Thomas , Rinny Diwakar , Babu Vailathuran , Babu Vailathuran , Radhakrishnan Khalayil , Ruvin Vishwasam , Vibishi Vijayan , Rishaj Mohammad , Sobin K Soman , Rethi Sivaraman , Liju Prabhakar , Gautham Vasudev Menon , Sreenath Bhasi , Shine Tom Chacko , I. M. Vijayan , Praghesh Sukumaran , Rajisha Vijayan , Venkitesh VP , Anikha Surendran , Sruthi Jayan , Nilja K Baby , Sarath Kumar , Shaju Sreedhar , Gowri Lekshmy , Rafeeq Ahamed , directed by Praghesh Sukumaran & music by Rahul Raj. Lovefully Yours Veda Release Date is 03-03-2023 and Lovefully Yours Veda running time is 135 Min