Dolittle (2020) Movie Details

Stephen Gaghan , William M. Connor , Tom Rye , Teresa Orlando , John Beckett , Joey Coughlin , Simon Crane , Mark Johnstone , Sandrine Loisy , Marlon Beyer Rieger
Linda Brenon , Chris Munro , Danny Elfman
Universal Pictures , Perfect World Pictures , Team Downey
1 hr 42 mins

Dolittle Movie Cast

Robert Downey Jr.
as Dr. John Dolittle
Robert Downey Jr.
as Dr. Dolittle
Tom Holland
as Jip (voice)
Ralph Fiennes
as (voice)
Emma Thompson
as (voice)
Tom Holland
as (voice)
Emma Thompson
as Polynesia (voice)
Michael Sheen
as (voice)
Selena Gomez
as (voice)
Antonio Banderas
as Rassouli
Selena Gomez
as Betsy (voice)
Ralph Fiennes
as Barry (voice)
Harry Collett
Harry Collett
Rami Malek
as Chee-Chee (voice)
Craig Robinson
as Fleming (voice)
Carmen Ejogo
as Regine (voice)
Octavia Spencer
as Dab-Dab (voice)
Marion Cotillard
as Tutu (voice)
Kumail Nanjiani
as Plimpton (voice)
John Cena
as Yoshi (voice)
Frances de la Tour
as Ginko-Who-Soars (voice)
Frances de la Tour
as Ginko-Who-Soars
Jessie Buckley
Jessie Buckley
Jessie Buckley
Jessie Buckley as Queen Victoria
Michael Sheen
as Mudfly (voice)
Harry Collett
Harry Collett as Tommy Stubbins
Ralph Ineson
as Arnall Stubbins
Michael Sheen
as Mudfly
Tonya Cornelisse
Tonya Cornelisse as The Island Milkmaid
Chris Brazier
Chris Brazier as Pirate Messenger
Zak Holland
Zak Holland as Palace Guard
Elliot Barnes-Worrell
Elliot Barnes-Worrell as Captain Derrick
Daniel Hoffmann-Gill
Daniel Hoffmann-Gill as Prisoner
Nasir Jama
Nasir Jama as Prisoner
Carmel Laniado
Carmel Laniado as Lady Rose
Stephen Samson
Stephen Samson as Palace Guard
Clive Brunt
Clive Brunt as Peeler #3
Joseph Balderrama
Joseph Balderrama as Prisoner
Joseph Segal
Joseph Segal as Palace Guard
Tarik Mesfun
Tarik Mesfun as Prisoner
Shane Rawlings
Shane Rawlings as Palace Guard
David Cradduck
David Cradduck as Beefeater
Michael Herne
Michael Herne as Rassouli Guard
Andrew G. Ogleby
Andrew G. Ogleby as Queen's Valet

Dolittle Crew List

Screenplay : Stephen Gaghan , Chris McKay
Characters : Hugh Lofting
Screenplay : Thomas Shepherd
Director :
Producer : Joe Roth , Jeff Kirschenbaum , Susan Downey
Script : Stephen Gaghan
Character Designer : Hugh Lofting
Associate Producer : Sarah Bradshaw
Executive Producer : Jon Mone
Cinematography : Guillermo Navarro
Editor : Craig Alpert , Nick Moore
Casting : Lucy Bevan
Production Design : Dominic Watkins
Supervising Art Director : Matthew Gray
Art Direction : Oliver Roberts , Gary Tomkins
Costume Design : Jenny Beavan
Hairstylist : Zoe Tahir
Production Manager : Frank Cuomo
First Assistant Director : William M. Connor
Second Assistant Director : Tom Rye
Third Assistant Director : Teresa Orlando
Storyboard : David Allcock
Conceptual Design : Tim Browning
Draughtsman : Alison Clements
Original Music Composer :
Sound Mixer : Chris Munro
Special Effects : Darren Shearwood
Art Department Assistant : Martin Bell
Visual Effects Producer : Bryce Nielsen
Stunts : James Bomalick
First Assistant Camera : Julian Bucknall
Second Unit Director of Photography : Alex Bender
Lighting Technician : Ross Grimshaw
Still Photographer : Jay Maidment
Casting Associate : Emily Brockmann
Location Manager : Duncan Broadfoot
Transportation Captain : Dew John
Script Supervisor : John Beckett
Assistant Set Dresser : Jimmy Rich
Director of Photography : Guillermo Navarro
Music : Danny Elfman
Writer : Stephen Gaghan , Thomas Shepherd
Art Direction : Will Coubrough , Peter Dorme , Tom Weaving , Tom Whitehead
Hair Setup : Joseph Koniak
Concept Artist : Sebastian Lochmann
Special Effects Makeup Artist : Chris Lyons
Makeup & Hair : Daniel Phillips
Post Production Supervisor : Frank Cuomo
Unit Production Manager : Simone Goodridge
Production Supervisor : Mark Layton
Unit Manager : Richard Ruck
Second Assistant Director : Joey Coughlin
Second Unit Director : Simon Crane
Third Assistant Director : Mark Johnstone
Crowd Assistant Director : Sandrine Loisy
Third Assistant Director : Marlon Beyer Rieger

Dolittle International Release Dates

Released Date
Released Date
United States

Dolittle Film Songs

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Le médecin John Dolittle possède le don de communiquer avec les animaux.


Dolittle is a 2020 English Film stars Robert Downey Jr. , Stephen Gaghan , Chris McKay , Hugh Lofting , Thomas Shepherd , Robert Downey Jr. , Tom Holland , Ralph Fiennes , Emma Thompson , Tom Holland , Emma Thompson , Michael Sheen , Selena Gomez , Antonio Banderas , Selena Gomez , Jim Broadbent , Ralph Fiennes , Harry Collett , Rami Malek , Craig Robinson , Carmen Ejogo , Octavia Spencer , Marion Cotillard , Kumail Nanjiani , John Cena , Frances de la Tour , Frances de la Tour , Jessie Buckley , Jessie Buckley , Michael Sheen , Harry Collett , Ralph Ineson , Adele , Michael Sheen , Tonya Cornelisse , Chris Brazier , Zak Holland , Elliot Barnes-Worrell , Daniel Hoffmann-Gill , Nasir Jama , Carmel Laniado , Stephen Samson , Clive Brunt , Joseph Balderrama , Joseph Segal , Tarik Mesfun , Shane Rawlings , David Cradduck , Michael Herne , Andrew G. Ogleby , Stephen Gaghan , Joe Roth , Jeff Kirschenbaum , Susan Downey , Stephen Gaghan , Hugh Lofting , Sarah Bradshaw , Jon Mone , Guillermo Navarro , Craig Alpert , Nick Moore , Lucy Bevan , Dominic Watkins , Matthew Gray , Oliver Roberts , Gary Tomkins , Jenny Beavan , Zoe Tahir , Frank Cuomo , William M. Connor , Tom Rye , Teresa Orlando , David Allcock , Tim Browning , Alison Clements , Linda Brenon , Chris Munro , Darren Shearwood , Martin Bell , Bryce Nielsen , James Bomalick , Julian Bucknall , Alex Bender , Ross Grimshaw , Jay Maidment , Emily Brockmann , Duncan Broadfoot , Dew John , John Beckett , Jimmy Rich , Guillermo Navarro , Danny Elfman , Stephen Gaghan , Thomas Shepherd , Will Coubrough , Peter Dorme , Tom Weaving , Tom Whitehead , Joseph Koniak , Sebastian Lochmann , Chris Lyons , Daniel Phillips , Frank Cuomo , Simone Goodridge , Mark Layton , Richard Ruck , Joey Coughlin , Simon Crane , Mark Johnstone , Sandrine Loisy , Marlon Beyer Rieger , directed by Marlon Beyer Rieger & music by Danny Elfman. Dolittle Release Date is 17-01-2020 and Dolittle running time is 102 Min