Dick Tracy's G-Men (1939) Movie Details

Dick Tracy's G-Men
Dick Tracy's G-Men
5 hr 2 mins
Rating: 5.4/10 from 163 users

Dick Tracy's G-Men Movie Cast

Ralph Byrd
as Dick Tracy
Irving Pichel
as Nicolas Zarnoff
Ted Pearson as Agent Steve Lockwood
Walter Miller
as Henchman Robal
George Douglas
as Henchman Sandoval
Kenneth Harlan
as FBI Chief Clive Anderson [Chs. 13-15]
Robert Carson
as Agent Scott
Julian Madison
as Agent Foster
Ted Mapes
as Agent Dan Murchison
Jennifer Jones
as Gwen Andrews
William Stahl as Agent Bruce
Robert Wayne
as Agent Wilbur
Joe McGuinn as Henchman Tom
Ken Terrell
as Henchman Ed
Harry Humphrey as Warden Stover
Harrison Greene
as Baron
Broderick O'Farrell
as Russell
George Allen
as Barge Crewman
Ed Brady
as Jonas
Robert Brister as Dr. Kranz
George Burton
as Henchman
Budd Buster
as Cappy
Louis Caits as Jerry the Human Fly
Ed Cassidy
as Yacht Captain
James Cassidy as Mr. Collins
Allan Cavan
as 2nd Warden
Eddie Cherkose
as Thug in Ghost Town
George Cleveland
as Gramps Williams
Edmund Cobb
as Lt. Reynolds
Tristram Coffin
as Emissary Zobar
Russell Collier as Police Dispatcher
Ken Cooper
as Gus
Alan Davis as Capt. Link
Charles Dorety
as Barge Thug
Curley Dresden
as Thug on Boat
James Fawcett
as Thug in House
Joseph Forte
as Stanton
Jerry Frank
as Jake
Charles K. French
as Doctor
Milton Frome
as Officer
Bud Geary
as Ben
Ray Harper as Martin
Robert Hartford as Gus
Barry Hays as Johnson
Edward Hearn
as Forest Ranger
Reed Howes
as Slim
Charles Hutchison
as Brandon
Lloyd Ingraham
as Judge Stoddard
Perry Ivins
as Emissary Telef
Bob Jamison as Thug at Truck
Ray Johnson as Phony Gas Station Attendant
Jack Kenney
as Ward
Ethan Laidlaw
as Pete
William Lally
as Thug in Ghost Town
Harry Lang
as Barossa
Raymond Largay
as FRussell
Bert LeBaron
as Thug at Lighthouse
John Locke as Newscaster
Carey Loftin
as Trooper on Foot
Merrill McCormick
as Green's Assistant
Millard McGowan as Thug at Hangar
Sammy McKim
as Sammy Williams
Frank Meredith
as Officer Duffy
Walter Merrill
as Junior Officer
Bruce Mitchell
as Prison Guard
John Moloney as Tim
John Moloney as Tim
Monte Montague
as Bayside Dock Thug
Charles Murphy
as Stopes
Bill Nestell
as Thug in Truck
Frank O'Connor
as Army Captain
Eddie Parker
as Bayside Dock Thug
Edward Peil Sr.
as Price
Charles Phillips as Thug on Barge
Allen Pomeroy
as Bayside Dock Thug
Stanley Price
as Dr. Shang
Jack Raymond
as Gus Fleming
Charles Regan
as Thug at Dam
Jack Roberts
as Lenny Slade
Dick Rush
as Police Sergeant
Bigelow Sayre as Davis
Fred Schaefer
as Bayside Dock Thug
Gilman Shelton as Joe
Charles Sherlock
as Car 14 Trooper
Lee Shumway
as Burke
Cy Slocum
as Thug in House
Tom Steele
as Lighthouse and House Thug
Charles Sullivan
as Brody
Bernard Suss as Emissary Lassen
Josef Swickard
as Presidente Huenemo Mendoza
Al Taylor
as Launch Henchman
Forrest Taylor
as Mr. Stevens
Bob Terry
as Benton
Sailor Vincent
as Intern
Peter von Ziegler as Green
Herman E. Webber
as James Robinson
Wally West
as Henchman in Office
Bill Wilkus as Thug at Hangar
Bud Wolfe
as Bill / 3rd Ghost Town Thug
Bill Yrigoyen
as Howard
Joe Yrigoyen
as Barge Crewman

Dick Tracy's G-Men Film Songs

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Dick Tracy's G-Men Crew List

William Nobles Director of Photography
William Nobles Cinematography
William Witney Director
John English Director
Bernard Loftus Editor
Paul Sawtell Original Music Composer
William Lava Original Music Composer
Barry Shipman Screenplay
Franklin Adreon Screenplay
Ronald Davidson Screenplay
Rex Taylor Screenplay
Sol Shor Screenplay

Dick Tracy's G-Men International Release Dates

CountryReleased Date
United States 02-09-1939
India 02-09-1939

A mad doctor named Zanoff uses a drug to bring himself back from the dead after his execution in prison. Dick Tracy sets out to capture Zanoff before he can put his criminal gang back together again.

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