Dhyanu Bhagat (1978) Movie Details

Dhyanu Bhagat
Dara Singh , Komilla Wirk & more
Rating: 5.3/10 from 194 users

Dhyanu Bhagat Movie Cast

Dara Singh
as Dhyanu Bhagat
Komilla Wirk as Paro
Satish Kaul
as Satish
Bharat Bhushan
as Trilochan
Om Shivpuri
as Jalalaudin Mohammad Akbar
Mehar Mittal
as Munshi

Dhyanu Bhagat Film Songs

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Shunned by his parents, brought up by a Poojary, nursed by a cow, Dhyanu Bhagat grows up performing miracles, curing the ill, and singing the praise of Devi Maa Durga. He faces many opponents, including Satish, who believes that Dhyanu is wooing his fiancée, Paro. After witnessing Mughal troops' desecration of the Devi's Mandir, Dhyanu's biggest challenge will come from none other than Shahenshah Akbar himself who will ask him to convert to Din-i-Ilahi.

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