Dehati Disco (2022) Movie Details

Dehati Disco
Manoj Sharma
Drums Shivamani
2 hr 3 mins

Dehati Disco Crew List

Original Music Composer :
Director :
Singer : Nakul Abhyankar
Lyricist : Pranav Vatsa
Singer : Bhanu Pandit , Divya Kumar

Dehati Disco International Release Dates

Country Released Date
India 27-05-2022

Dehati Disco Film Songs

Singers: Nakul Abhyankar
Lyricist: Pranav Vatsa
Duration: 02:28 Minutes
Singers: Nakul Abhyankar
Lyricist: Pranav Vatsa
Duration: 02:32 Minutes
Singers: Bhanu Pandit
Lyricist: Pranav Vatsa
Duration: 02:47 Minutes
Singers: Nakul Abhyankar
Lyricist: Pranav Vatsa
Duration: 02:34 Minutes
Singers: Divya Kumar
Lyricist: Pranav Vatsa
Duration: 02:01 Minutes

Dehati Disco Movie Critic Reviews

An Entertainer As Indians Love To Dance Movie

The film Dehati Disco tells the story of Bhola played by Ganesh Acharya and Bheema played by Saksham Sharma as they attempt to establish the importance of dance in their village Shivpur where dance is considered to be a curse. As the teaser of the film premieres, it is attracting a lot of interest from spectators, especially those who like to dance. The film, directed by Manoj Sharma, has many notable personalities attached to it, including Ganesh Acharya and Ravi Kishan. Sharing his thoughts, ...
Published by Hindustan Times on: 27-05-2022. Originally published here

A Village Boy Academy A Dance Film

A local politician and his dancer son want Shivpurs community temple demolished to build a dance academy. Bhola and his son Bheema challenge him to a dance-off. If they win, the temple will stay. A village boy from Shivpur, Bhola, loves dancing but his father, the head priest, thinks its a dishonourable thing to do. Burning the kids leg to dissuade him doesnt help, so he disowns the young boy. Bhola grows up and has a son, Bheema, who inherits his talent and love for dance. Enter a wannabe dan ...
Published by Times of India on: 27-05-2022. Originally published here

Dehati Disco

Dehati Disco is a 2022 Hindi Film stars Ganesh Acharya , Ravi Kishan , Manoj Joshi , Rajesh Sharma , Drums Shivamani , Manoj Sharma , Mahesh Chandra Deva , Shovon Jaman , Sunil Pal , Saksham Sharma , Remo D Souza , Sahil Khan , Master Saksham , Hemant Bharati , Nakul Abhyankar , Pranav Vatsa , Bhanu Pandit , Divya Kumar , directed by Manoj Sharma & music by Drums Shivamani. Dehati Disco Release Date is 27-05-2022 and Dehati Disco running time is 123 Min