Banaras (2022) Movie Details

B Ajaneesh Loknath
National Khans Production
2 hr 30 mins

Banaras Crew List

Costume Designer : Priyanka Mundada
Choreographer : .
Editor : K. M. Prakash
Director of Photography : Advaitha Gurumurthy
Choreographer : Jayathirtha
Writer : Jayathirtha
Lyricist : V. Nagendra Prasad
Dialogue : Raghu Niduvalli
Executive Producer : Y B Reddy
Co-Producer : Muzammil Ahmed Khan
Singer : Arman Mallik
Lyricist : V Nagendra Prasad
Director : , ,
Original Music Composer :
Singer : Harshika Devanathan
Lyricist : janapada
Singer : B Ajaneesh Loknath , Sanjith Hegde , Sangeetha Ravindranath
Lyricist : V Nagendraprasadh

Banaras International Release Dates

Country Released Date
India 04-11-2022

Banaras Film Songs

Singers: Arman Mallik
Lyricist: V Nagendra Prasad
Duration: 04:45 Minutes
Lyricist: janapada
Duration: 04:08 Minutes
Lyricist: V Nagendra Prasad
Duration: 03:20 Minutes
Lyricist: V Nagendraprasadh
Duration: 03:39 Minutes

Banaras Movie Critic Reviews

The romantic fantasy story

The story is set in Varanasi. Siddharth (Zaid Khan) is an astronaut who claims to have come from the future. He crosses paths with Dhani (Sonal Monteiro), whom he tells is her future husband. But there is a twist in the tale. A midget named Peter enters the screen and messes up with Siddharth. Meanwhile, a selfie Sid had with Dhani goes viral on the Internet. How are the two threads connected? Why does Sid want to redeem himself in Varanasi? Who is the midget who seems to have an ulterior motiv ...
Published by Others on: 04-11-2022. Originally published here

The Love Story Drama Film

Prominently, the film revolves around the love story between Sidharth Simha( Zaid Khan) and Dhani ( Sonal Monteiro). Set in Banaras backdrop, how time loop concept plays a key role in Sidharths story? Is there anyone behind the twists and turns in his life? Despite multiple problems, how Sidharth able to win Dhanis love? To know that, you have to catch the film in the cinemas near you. As a pair Zaid Khan and Sonal Monteiro are adorable together on the screen. The chemistry between them makes t ...
Published by Others on: 04-11-2022. Originally published here

Banaras Overview

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Banaras is a 2022 Kannada Film stars Priyanka Mundada , . , K. M. Prakash , Advaitha Gurumurthy , Jayathirtha , Jayathirtha , V. Nagendra Prasad , Raghu Niduvalli , Y B Reddy , Muzammil Ahmed Khan , Zaid Ali Khan , Sonal Monteiro , Achyuth Kumar , Arman Mallik , V Nagendra Prasad , Jayathirtha , Vijay Patkar , Different Danny , B Ajaneesh Loknath , sujay shastry , Devaraj , Sapna Raj , Barkath Ali , Harshika Devanathan , janapada , B Ajaneesh Loknath , Sanjith Hegde , Sangeetha Ravindranath , V Nagendraprasadh , directed by Different Danny & music by B Ajaneesh Loknath. Banaras Release Date is 04-11-2022 and Banaras running time is 150 Min