Back from the Front (1943) Movie Details

Back from the Front
Columbia Pictures Corporation
0 hr 19 mins
Rating: 6.2/10 from 69 users

Back from the Front Movie Cast

Curly Howard
as Curly
Larry Fine
as Larry
Moe Howard
as Moe

Back from the Front Film Songs

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Back from the Front Crew List

Jules White Director
Ewart Adamson Story
Jack White Story

Back from the Front International Release Dates

CountryReleased Date
United States 28-05-1943
India 28-05-1943

The Stooges join the war effort by enlisting at Merchant Marines. While aboard, they have a brief run-in with (a secret German Nazi officer) Lt. Dungen (Vernon Dent), and then mistake a torpedo for a beached whale. Moe says they have to kill it, and it promptly explodes. After being lost at sea for several days, they come across the SS Schicklgruber and climb aboard. Now with fully grown beards, they come across Lt. Dungen again, who does not recognize them. After realizing they are in with a nest of German sailors, they eventually overtake the crew and toss them overboard.

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