Around the World in Eighty Days (1997) Movie Details

Around the World in Eighty Days (G)
Michael Anderson , John Farrow , Ivan Volkman , John Franco
Victor Young , Sidney Cutner , Leo Shuken
Michael Todd Company
2 hr 55 mins

Around the World in Eighty Days Movie Cast

David Niven
as Phileas Fogg
Finlay Currie
as Whist Partner
Robert Morley
as Ralph
Cantinflas as Passepartout
Charles Boyer
as Monsieur Gasse
Robert Newton
as Mr. Fix
Gilbert Roland
as Achmed Abdullah
Marlene Dietrich
as Saloon Hostess
Frank Sinatra
as Saloon Pianist
Buster Keaton
as Train Conductor
John Carradine
John Carradine as Col. Proctor Stamp
Peter Lorre
as Steward
George Raft
as Saloon Bouncer
Tim McCoy
as Colonel
Joe E. Brown
as Stationmaster
Shirley MacLaine
as Princess Aouda
Melville Cooper
as Mr. Talley
Reginald Denny
as Police Chief
Ronald Colman
as Railway Official
Trevor Howard
as Denis Fallentin
Harcourt Williams
as Hinshaw
Martine Carol
as Tourist
Cedric Hardwicke
as Sir Francis Cromarty
Noël Coward
as Roland Hesketh-Baggott
John Gielgud
as Foster
as French Coachman
Evelyn Keyes
as Paris Tart
José Greco
as Flamenco Dancer
Cesar Romero
as Achmed Abdullah's Henchman
Alan Mowbray
as British Consul - Suez
Charles Coburn
as Steamship Company Hong Kong Clerk
Red Skelton
as Drunk in Barbary Coast Saloon
Andy Devine
as First Mate of the S.S. Henrietta
Edmund Lowe
as Engineer of the S.S. Henrietta
Victor McLaglen
as Helmsman of the S.S. Henrietta
John Mills
as London Carriage Driver
Glynis Johns
as Sporting Lady's Companion
Hermione Gingold
as Sporting Lady
Edward R. Murrow
as Prologue Narrator
Mike Mazurki
as Drunk in Hong Kong Dive
Ronald Squire
as Reform Club Member
Basil Sydney
as Reform Club Member
Luis Miguel Dominguín
Luis Miguel Dominguín as Bullfighter
Robert Cabal
Robert Cabal as Elephant Driver-Guide
Jack Oakie
as Captain of the 'S. S. Henrietta'
Beatrice Lillie
as Leader of London Revivalist Group
A.E. Matthews
A.E. Matthews as Club Member
Walter Fitzgerald
as Club Member
Ronald Adam
as Club Steward
Frank Royde
Frank Royde as Clergyman
Abdullah Abbas
Abdullah Abbas as Extra (uncredited)
Jesse Adams
Jesse Adams as Extra (uncredited)
Fred Aldrich
as Extra (uncredited)
Ray Armstrong
as Extra (uncredited)
Gertrude Astor
as Extra (uncredited)
Walter Bacon
Walter Bacon as Extra (uncredited)
Rama Bai
Rama Bai as Extra (uncredited)
Leah Baird
as Extra (uncredited)
Brandon Beach
as Extra (uncredited)
Eugene Beday
as Extra (uncredited)
Helena Benda
Helena Benda as Extra (uncredited)
Audrey Betz
Audrey Betz as Extra (uncredited)
George Blagoi
George Blagoi as Extra (uncredited)
Eumenio Blanco
as Extra (uncredited)
Nina Borget
Nina Borget as Extra (uncredited)
Danny Borzage
Danny Borzage as Extra (uncredited)
Hazel Boyne
as Extra (uncredited)
George Bruggeman
George Bruggeman as Extra (uncredited)
Bob Burrows
as Extra (uncredited)
Paul Busch
Paul Busch as Extra (uncredited)
Patrick Cargill
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Gordon Carveth
Gordon Carveth as Extra (uncredited)
Spencer Chan
Spencer Chan as Extra (uncredited)
Jack Chefe
as Extra (uncredited)
Sing Chen
as Extra (uncredited)
Dick Cherney
Dick Cherney as Extra (uncredited)
Bud Cokes
Bud Cokes as Extra (uncredited)
Louise Colombet
Louise Colombet as Extra (uncredited)
Bill Couch
as Extra (uncredited)
Paul Cristo
Paul Cristo as Extra (uncredited)
Roy Damron
Roy Damron as Extra (uncredited)
Eddie Das
Eddie Das as Extra (uncredited)
John Davidson
as Extra (uncredited)
Jack Davies
as Extra (uncredited)
Jack Davis
Jack Davis as Extra (uncredited)
Anna De Linsky
Anna De Linsky as Extra (uncredited)
Gloria Dea
Gloria Dea as Extra (uncredited)
John Deauville
John Deauville as Extra (uncredited)
Harry Denny
Harry Denny as Extra (uncredited)
James Dime
as Extra (uncredited)
Joe Dougherty
as Extra (uncredited)
Dan Dowling
Dan Dowling as Extra (uncredited)
Harry Duff
Harry Duff as Extra (uncredited)
Arthur Dulac
as Extra (uncredited)
Charles Dunbar
Charles Dunbar as Extra (uncredited)
Renald Dupont
Renald Dupont as Extra (uncredited)
Larry Duran
as Extra (uncredited)
Minta Durfee
as Extra (uncredited)
Jack Ellis
Jack Ellis as Extra (uncredited)
Richard Elmore
Richard Elmore as Extra (uncredited)
Frank Erickson
Frank Erickson as Extra (uncredited)
Bob Evans
as Extra (uncredited)
Harry Evans
Harry Evans as Extra (uncredited)
Franklyn Farnum
as Extra (uncredited)
Art Felix
as Extra (uncredited)
Grace Field
Grace Field as Extra (uncredited)
Sam Finn
as Extra (uncredited)
Bess Flowers
as Extra (uncredited)
Frances Fong
as Extra (uncredited)
Frances Fong
as Featured Player (uncredited)
Otto Forrest
Otto Forrest as Extra (uncredited)
Helen Foster
as Extra (uncredited)
Jesus Franco
Jesus Franco as Extra (uncredited)
Ben Frommer
as Extra (uncredited)
Curt Furburg
Curt Furburg as Extra (uncredited)
Joe Garcio
as Extra (uncredited)
Joe Gilbert
Joe Gilbert as Extra (uncredited)
Mary Ellen Gleason
Mary Ellen Gleason as Extra (uncredited)
June Glory
June Glory as Extra (uncredited)
Albert Godderis
Albert Godderis as Extra (uncredited)
James Gonzalez
James Gonzalez as Extra (uncredited)
Carmelita González
Carmelita González as Extra (uncredited)
Dick Gordon
as Extra (uncredited)
Bernie Gozier
Bernie Gozier as Extra (uncredited)
William Graeff Jr.
William Graeff Jr. as Extra (uncredited)
Herschel Graham
Herschel Graham as Extra (uncredited)
Donald Gray
as Extra (uncredited)
Kit Guard
as Extra (uncredited)
Paul Gustine
Paul Gustine as Extra (uncredited)
Herman Hack
as Extra (uncredited)
Robert Haines
Robert Haines as Extra (uncredited)
Stuart Hall
as Extra (uncredited)
Chick Hannan
as Extra (uncredited)
Silver Harr
Silver Harr as Extra (uncredited)
Sam Harris
as Extra (uncredited)
Clarence Hennecke
as Extra (uncredited)
Lars Hensen
Lars Hensen as Extra (uncredited)
George Hickman
George Hickman as Extra (uncredited)
Chuck Hicks
as Extra (uncredited)
Stuart Holmes
as Extra (uncredited)
Hans Hopf
Hans Hopf as Extra (uncredited)
Jimmie Horan
Jimmie Horan as Extra (uncredited)
Yoneo Iguchi
Yoneo Iguchi as Extra (uncredited)
Allen Jaffe
as Extra (uncredited)
Robert James
as Extra (uncredited)
Dolly Jarvis
Dolly Jarvis as Extra (uncredited)
Michael Jeffers
Michael Jeffers as Extra (uncredited)
Leroy Johnson
as Extra (uncredited)
Dick Johnstone
Dick Johnstone as Extra (uncredited)
Harvey Karels
Harvey Karels as Extra (uncredited)
Willie Keeler
as Extra (uncredited)
Jack Kenny
as Extra (uncredited)
Al Kikume
as Extra (uncredited)
Max Kleven
as Extra (uncredited)
Paul Kruger
as Extra (uncredited)
Ann Kunde
as Extra (uncredited)
Jeanne Lafayette
as Extra (uncredited)
Richard LaMarr
Richard LaMarr as Extra (uncredited)
Alfredo Landa
as Extra (uncredited)
Jack Lee
Jack Lee as Extra (uncredited)
Virginia Ann Lee
as Dancer (uncredited)
Harry Leroy
Harry Leroy as Extra (uncredited)
Carl M. Leviness
Carl M. Leviness as Extra (uncredited)
Shirley Lew
Shirley Lew as Extra (uncredited)
Tien-Lang Li
Tien-Lang Li as Extra (uncredited)
Baron James Lichter
Baron James Lichter as Extra (uncredited)
Marco López
Marco López as Extra (uncredited)
Casey MacGregor
as Train Fireman (uncredited)
Joseph Marievsky
as Extra (uncredited)
Johnny Marlin
Johnny Marlin as Extra (uncredited)
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin as Extra (uncredited)
Frank McClure
as Extra (uncredited)
Marie Melesh
Marie Melesh as Extra (uncredited)
Harold Miller
as Extra (uncredited)
Gordon Mitchell
as Extra (uncredited)
King Mojave
King Mojave as Extra (uncredited)
Joe Molina
as Extra (uncredited)
Ernesto Molinari
Ernesto Molinari as Extra (uncredited)
Ralph Moratz
Ralph Moratz as Extra (uncredited)
Clive Morgan
as Extra (uncredited)
Charles Morton
as Extra (uncredited)
Sol Murgi
Sol Murgi as Extra (uncredited)
 Frank Nagai
as Extra (uncredited)
George Nardelli
as Extra (uncredited)
Barry Norton
as Extra (uncredited)
Faye Michael Nuell
Faye Michael Nuell as Extra (uncredited)
Daniel Nunez
Daniel Nunez as Extra (uncredited)
William H. O'Brien
as Extra (uncredited)
Monty O'Grady
Monty O'Grady as Extra (uncredited)
Lillian O'Malley
Lillian O'Malley as Extra (uncredited)
Kent Odell
Kent Odell as Extra (uncredited)
Yasuzô Ogawa
as Extra (uncredited)
Bob Okazaki
Bob Okazaki as Extra (uncredited)
Victor Paul
as Extra (uncredited)
Charles Pendelton
Charles Pendelton as Extra (uncredited)
Elsa Peterson
Elsa Peterson as Extra (uncredited)
Joe Ploski
as Extra (uncredited)
Byron Poindexter
Byron Poindexter as Extra (uncredited)
Lucille Porcett
Lucille Porcett as Extra (uncredited)
Don Pulford
Don Pulford as Extra (uncredited)
Bill Raisch
as Extra (uncredited)
Fred Rapport
Fred Rapport as Extra (uncredited)
Bob Reeves
as Extra (uncredited)
Max Reid
Max Reid as Extra (uncredited)
Waclaw Rekwart
Waclaw Rekwart as Extra (uncredited)
Peggy Remington
Peggy Remington as Extra (uncredited)
David Richardson
David Richardson as Extra (uncredited)
Buddy Roosevelt
as Extra (uncredited)
George Ross
George Ross as Extra (uncredited)
Joe E. Ross
as Extra (uncredited)
Marion Ross
as Extra (uncredited)
Tony Roux
as Extra (uncredited)
John Roy
John Roy as Extra (uncredited)
Dick Ryan
as Extra (uncredited)
Loulette Sablon
Loulette Sablon as Extra (uncredited)
Danny Sands
Danny Sands as Extra (uncredited)
Cosmo Sardo
Cosmo Sardo as Extra (uncredited)
Sam Savitsky
as Extra (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre
as Extra (uncredited)
Charles Schaeffer
Charles Schaeffer as Extra (uncredited)
Fred Scheiwiller
Fred Scheiwiller as Extra (uncredited)
Eddie Searles
Eddie Searles as Extra (uncredited)
Scott Seaton
Scott Seaton as Extra (uncredited)
Bernard Sell
Bernard Sell as Extra (uncredited)
Sammy Shack
Sammy Shack as Extra (uncredited)
Leslie Sketchley
Leslie Sketchley as Extra (uncredited)
June Smaney
June Smaney as Extra (uncredited)
Mabel Smaney
Mabel Smaney as Extra (uncredited)
J. Lewis Smith
J. Lewis Smith as Extra (uncredited)
Charles Soldani
Charles Soldani as Extra (uncredited)
Stephen Soldi
Stephen Soldi as Extra (uncredited)
Kalu K. Sonkur
Kalu K. Sonkur as Extra (uncredited)
Hayward Soo Hoo
Hayward Soo Hoo as Extra (uncredited)
Walter Soo Hoo
as Extra (uncredited)
Ray Spiker
as Extra (uncredited)
Robert St. Angelo
as Extra (uncredited)
John Starck
John Starck as Extra (uncredited)
Norman Stevans
as Extra (uncredited)
Bert Stevens
as Extra (uncredited)
Jack Stoney
as Extra (uncredited)
Ramón Sánchez
Ramón Sánchez as Extra (uncredited)
Mike Tellegen
as Extra (uncredited)
Lillian Ten Eyck
Lillian Ten Eyck as Extra (uncredited)
Jack Tornek
Jack Tornek as Extra (uncredited)
Arthur Tovey
as Extra (uncredited)
Michael Trubshawe
as Extra (uncredited)
Tony Urchel
Tony Urchel as Extra (uncredited)
Sailor Vincent
as Extra (uncredited)
Sally Yarnell
Sally Yarnell as Extra (uncredited)
William Yokota
William Yokota as Extra (uncredited)
Mary Young
as Extra (uncredited)
Richard Aherne
Richard Aherne as Minor Role (uncredited)
Frank Baker
as Minor Role (uncredited)
John Benson
John Benson as Minor Role (uncredited)
Albert Cavens
Albert Cavens as Minor Role (uncredited)
Fred Cavens
Fred Cavens as Minor Role (uncredited)
Cecil Combs
Cecil Combs as Minor Role (uncredited)
Ashley Cowan
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Roy Darmour
Roy Darmour as Minor Role (uncredited)
Leslie Denison
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Carli Elinor
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Raoul Freeman
Raoul Freeman as Minor Role (uncredited)
Rudy Germane
Rudy Germane as Minor Role (uncredited)
Arthur Gould-Porter
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Cameron Hall
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Chuck Hamilton
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Roddy Hughes
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Joanna Marie Jones
Joanna Marie Jones as Minor Role (uncredited)
Weaver Levy
Weaver Levy as Minor Role (uncredited)
Fateh Lohani
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Joan Lora
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Manuel López
as Minor Role (uncredited)
William Meader
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Jack Mulhall
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Satini Pualoa
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Bill Shine
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Bhogwan Singh
Bhogwan Singh as Minor Role (uncredited)
Cap Somers
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Philip Van Zandt
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Carol White
as Minor Role (uncredited)
Bob Whitney
Bob Whitney as Minor Role (uncredited)
Philip Ahn
as Hong Kong Citizen (uncredited)
Al Bain
Al Bain as Saloon Patron (uncredited)
Chet Brandenburg
as Seaman (uncredited)
Noble Chissell
Noble Chissell as Saloon Patron (uncredited)
Martin Cichy
as Bartender (uncredited)
Campbell Cotts
as Reform Club Member (uncredited)
Alphonso DuBois
Alphonso DuBois as Saloon Patron (uncredited)
Adolph Faylauer
as Parade Onlooker (uncredited)
Felix Felton
Felix Felton as Reform Club Member (uncredited)
Duke Fishman
Duke Fishman as Marcher in Parade (uncredited)
John George
as Marcher in Parade (uncredited)
Al Haskell
as Fireman in Parade (uncredited)
Tex Holden
Tex Holden as One-Legged Sailor (uncredited)
Charles Horvath
as Stoker (uncredited)
Shep Houghton
Shep Houghton as Specialty Dancer (uncredited)
Walter Kingsford
as Captain of the 'Mongolia' (uncredited)
Frederick Leister
as Reform Club Member (uncredited)
Richard Loo
as Hong Kong Saloon Manager (uncredited)
Keye Luke
as Old Man at Yokohama Travel Office (uncredited)
Norman Macowan
as Reform Club Member (uncredited)
Russell Meeker
Russell Meeker as Parade Onlooker (uncredited)
Frank Mills
as Barfly (uncredited)
Boyd 'Red' Morgan
as Stoker (uncredited)
Manuel París
as Spanish Townsman (uncredited)
Jack Perrin
as Man on Sidewalk (uncredited)
Suzanne Ridgway
Suzanne Ridgway as Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Robert Robinson
as Political Backer (uncredited)
Edwin Rochelle
Edwin Rochelle as Waiter (uncredited)
Phil Schumacher
Phil Schumacher as Horseman in Parade (uncredited)
Dick Wessel
as Train Engineer (uncredited)
Zamba The Lion
Zamba The Lion as Lion (uncredited)
Suzanne Ridgeway
Suzanne Ridgeway as Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Winona Smith
Winona Smith as Extra

Around the World in Eighty Days Crew List

Novel : Jules Verne
Director :
Screenplay : James Poe , Jules Verne , John Farrow
Associate Producer : Kevin McClory
Stunts : Max Kleven
Screenplay : S.J. Perelman
Special Guest Director : John Farrow
Associate Producer : William Cameron Menzies
Original Music Composer :
Director of Photography : Lionel Lindon
Editor : Howard Epstein , Gene Ruggiero , Paul Weatherwax
Casting : Frank Leyva
Production Design : Ken Adam
Art Direction : James W. Sullivan
Set Decoration : Ross Dowd
Hairstylist : Edith Keon
Makeup Artist : Gary Morris
Unit Production Manager : Tadeo Villalba
Assistant Director : Ivan Volkman
Visual Effects Supervisor : Fred Sersen
Animation : Seamus Culhane
Editorial Services : Asa Boyd Clark
Editorial Coordinator : I.J. Wilkinson
Title Graphics : Saul Bass
Unit Publicist : Art Cohn
Script Supervisor : John Franco
Orchestrator : Sidney Cutner , Leo Shuken
Camera Operator : Manuel Berenguer
Still Photographer : Don Christie

Around the World in Eighty Days International Release Dates

Released Date
Released Date
United States

Around the World in Eighty Days Film Songs

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영국 빅토리아 여왕 시기, 모험을 즐기며 꼼꼼하고 감정을 잘 드러내지 않는 성격의 거부 필리스 포그(데이빗 니븐)는 자기가 속한 클럽의 친구들과 내기를 한다. 80일 동안에 지구를 한 바퀴 돌 수 있느냐는 논쟁을 벌인 끝에 그의 전 재산 2만 파운드를 건 것이다. 새로 일을 시작한 그의 충실한 집사 빠스빠르뚜(캔틴플라스)와 함께 그는 곧바로 세계일주 여행을 떠난다. 그러나 그들은 여행 시작부터 마르세이유행 열차를 놓치고, 여행사 직원으로부터 기구를 구입하여 여행을 계속하나 목적지가 아닌 스페인에 도착하게 되는 등 어려움을 겪게 된다. 빠스빠르뚜의 코믹한 투우 덕에 배를 얻어 타고 스페인에서 벗어난 그들은 계획된 여행경로를 따라 여행을 계속한다. 마지막까지 자신을 방해하며 뒤쫓는 탐정을 따돌리며 세계일주에 성공하지만, 결국 그는 기한보다 하루가 지나서 영국에 도착한다. 그러나 지구 반대편의 시차로 인한 착오였음이 밝혀지고 그는 내기에서 이긴다.

Around the World in Eighty Days

Around the World in Eighty Days is a 1997 English Film stars David Niven , Jules Verne , Michael Anderson , James Poe , Jules Verne , John Farrow , Finlay Currie , Robert Morley , Cantinflas , Charles Boyer , Robert Newton , Gilbert Roland , Marlene Dietrich , Frank Sinatra , Buster Keaton , John Carradine , Peter Lorre , George Raft , Tim McCoy , Joe E. Brown , Shirley MacLaine , Melville Cooper , Reginald Denny , Ronald Colman , Trevor Howard , Harcourt Williams , Martine Carol , Cedric Hardwicke , Noël Coward , John Gielgud , Fernandel , Evelyn Keyes , José Greco , Cesar Romero , Alan Mowbray , Charles Coburn , Red Skelton , Andy Devine , Edmund Lowe , Victor McLaglen , John Mills , Glynis Johns , Hermione Gingold , Edward R. Murrow , Mike Mazurki , Ronald Squire , Basil Sydney , Luis Miguel Dominguín , Robert Cabal , Jack Oakie , Beatrice Lillie , A.E. Matthews , Walter Fitzgerald , Ronald Adam , Frank Royde , Abdullah Abbas , Jesse Adams , Fred Aldrich , Ray Armstrong , Gertrude Astor , Walter Bacon , Rama Bai , Leah Baird , Brandon Beach , Eugene Beday , Helena Benda , Audrey Betz , George Blagoi , Eumenio Blanco , Nina Borget , Danny Borzage , Hazel Boyne , George Bruggeman , Bob Burrows , Paul Busch , Patrick Cargill , Gordon Carveth , Spencer Chan , Jack Chefe , Sing Chen , Dick Cherney , Bud Cokes , Louise Colombet , Bill Couch , Paul Cristo , Roy Damron , Eddie Das , John Davidson , Jack Davies , Jack Davis , Anna De Linsky , Gloria Dea , John Deauville , Harry Denny , James Dime , Joe Dougherty , Dan Dowling , Harry Duff , Arthur Dulac , Charles Dunbar , Renald Dupont , Larry Duran , Minta Durfee , Jack Ellis , Richard Elmore , Frank Erickson , Bob Evans , Harry Evans , Franklyn Farnum , Art Felix , Grace Field , Sam Finn , Bess Flowers , Frances Fong , Frances Fong , Otto Forrest , Helen Foster , Jesus Franco , Ben Frommer , Curt Furburg , Joe Garcio , Joe Gilbert , Mary Ellen Gleason , June Glory , Albert Godderis , James Gonzalez , Carmelita González , Dick Gordon , Bernie Gozier , William Graeff Jr. , Herschel Graham , Donald Gray , Kit Guard , Paul Gustine , Herman Hack , Robert Haines , Stuart Hall , Chick Hannan , Silver Harr , Sam Harris , Clarence Hennecke , Lars Hensen , George Hickman , Chuck Hicks , Stuart Holmes , Hans Hopf , Jimmie Horan , Yoneo Iguchi , Allen Jaffe , Robert James , Dolly Jarvis , Michael Jeffers , Leroy Johnson , Dick Johnstone , Harvey Karels , Willie Keeler , Jack Kenny , Al Kikume , Max Kleven , Paul Kruger , Ann Kunde , Jeanne Lafayette , Richard LaMarr , Alfredo Landa , Jack Lee , Virginia Ann Lee , Harry Leroy , Carl M. Leviness , Shirley Lew , Tien-Lang Li , Baron James Lichter , Marco López , Casey MacGregor , Joseph Marievsky , Johnny Marlin , Thomas Martin , Frank McClure , Marie Melesh , Harold Miller , Gordon Mitchell , King Mojave , Joe Molina , Ernesto Molinari , Ralph Moratz , Clive Morgan , Charles Morton , Sol Murgi , Frank Nagai , George Nardelli , Barry Norton , Faye Michael Nuell , Daniel Nunez , William H. O'Brien , Monty O'Grady , Lillian O'Malley , Kent Odell , Yasuzô Ogawa , Bob Okazaki , Victor Paul , Charles Pendelton , Elsa Peterson , Joe Ploski , Byron Poindexter , Lucille Porcett , Don Pulford , Bill Raisch , Fred Rapport , Bob Reeves , Max Reid , Waclaw Rekwart , Peggy Remington , David Richardson , Buddy Roosevelt , George Ross , Joe E. Ross , Marion Ross , Tony Roux , John Roy , Dick Ryan , Loulette Sablon , Danny Sands , Cosmo Sardo , Sam Savitsky , Jeffrey Sayre , Charles Schaeffer , Fred Scheiwiller , Eddie Searles , Scott Seaton , Bernard Sell , Sammy Shack , Leslie Sketchley , June Smaney , Mabel Smaney , J. Lewis Smith , Charles Soldani , Stephen Soldi , Kalu K. Sonkur , Hayward Soo Hoo , Walter Soo Hoo , Ray Spiker , Robert St. Angelo , John Starck , Norman Stevans , Bert Stevens , Jack Stoney , Ramón Sánchez , Mike Tellegen , Lillian Ten Eyck , Jack Tornek , Arthur Tovey , Michael Trubshawe , Tony Urchel , Sailor Vincent , Sally Yarnell , William Yokota , Mary Young , Richard Aherne , Frank Baker , John Benson , Albert Cavens , Fred Cavens , Cecil Combs , Ashley Cowan , Roy Darmour , Leslie Denison , Carli Elinor , Raoul Freeman , Rudy Germane , Arthur Gould-Porter , Cameron Hall , Chuck Hamilton , Roddy Hughes , Joanna Marie Jones , Weaver Levy , Fateh Lohani , Joan Lora , Manuel López , William Meader , Jack Mulhall , Satini Pualoa , Bill Shine , Bhogwan Singh , Cap Somers , Philip Van Zandt , Carol White , Bob Whitney , Philip Ahn , Al Bain , Chet Brandenburg , Noble Chissell , Martin Cichy , Campbell Cotts , Alphonso DuBois , Adolph Faylauer , Felix Felton , Duke Fishman , John George , Al Haskell , Tex Holden , Charles Horvath , Shep Houghton , Walter Kingsford , Frederick Leister , Richard Loo , Keye Luke , Norman Macowan , Russell Meeker , Frank Mills , Boyd 'Red' Morgan , Manuel París , Jack Perrin , Suzanne Ridgway , Robert Robinson , Edwin Rochelle , Phil Schumacher , Dick Wessel , Zamba The Lion , Suzanne Ridgeway , Winona Smith , Kevin McClory , Max Kleven , S.J. Perelman , John Farrow , William Cameron Menzies , Victor Young , Lionel Lindon , Howard Epstein , Gene Ruggiero , Paul Weatherwax , Frank Leyva , Ken Adam , James W. Sullivan , Ross Dowd , Edith Keon , Gary Morris , Tadeo Villalba , Ivan Volkman , Fred Sersen , Seamus Culhane , Asa Boyd Clark , I.J. Wilkinson , Saul Bass , Art Cohn , John Franco , Sidney Cutner , Leo Shuken , Manuel Berenguer , Don Christie , directed by John Franco & music by Leo Shuken.