Mission to Sydney lyrics

Si 3
Harris Jeyaraj
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Mission to Sydney Song lyrics in English

ena gana gana
smack up
ini avan avan
match up
eva thava thava
trap hop

ema gama gama
got up

roaring lion
daring lion
soaring lion
rocking lion

wann wanna higher
gonna gonna fire
gotta gotta near
never never fear

sydney mission
own decision
has the vision
for the nation

kadal thaandi vandhaaney
kattraaga sendraaney
gana neram nindraale
confirm-aai velvaaney

ena gana gana
roaring lion
ini nava nava
daring lion
eva thava thava
soaring lion
yema gama gama
rocking lion (2)

re re re reloading
big badder boss
boom bullet on a zoom
into sydney
a new direction

got it all lock down
none to question
dig deeper
if yo know who
he could so it solo
what it takes two

gonna leave a trial in
new south wales
kangaroo kick

this man's so flee

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