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Sivaji Ganesan
Sivaji Ganesan
Villuppuram, Tamil Nadu, India

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      Viluppuram Chinnaiahpillai Ganesan Mandrayar, popularly known as Sivaji Ganesan was a Tamil stage and film actor who was considered to be among the first and finest method actors in India. His fame came from his versatility and expressive prowess in Tamil cinema. He was the first Indian film actor who won a best actor award in an international film festival, the Afro-Asian Film Festival held in Cairo, Egypt in 1959 and the first Indian actor to be made a Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

      Sivaji Ganesan was born on 01.10.1927 to Chinayya Mandrayar and Rajamani Ammal, in a Tamil middle class Kallar family. That day was a Monday, and on that day his father Chinnaiya mandrayar was arrested for taking part as a freedom fighter in an anti-British campaign in Villupuram.

      Sivaji Ganesans acting career runs to more than 6 decades. He came to cinema from Stage. Apart from his immense success and reception in Tamil cinema, he has also acted in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada-language films. Ganesans first film was the Tamil film Parasakthi in 1952, co-starring actress Pandari Bai. The script for the film was written and directed by the now-Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M. Karunanidhi. Periyar E.V. Ramasamy, a torch bearer for Dravidian Movement, freedom fighter and atheist, was very much impressed by Ganesans performance as the Maratha warrior Sivaji in the Play "Sivaji Kannda Hindu Raajiyam" and called him as Sivaji.Incidentally the role should have been played by M.G. Ramachandran.

      In his career spanning 6 decades, Sivaji Ganesan has donned innumerable characters. Right from the first film Parasakthi, he has covered almost all characters of the society as well as puranic, historic and the like. In puranic epic stories, his performance as Bharatha in Sampoorna Ramayanam was outstanding and the accolade came from none other than Chakkaravarthi Rajagopalachariar. In Karnan, based on Mahabharatha, his performance as Karna, stands evergreen even today. In historic roles too, his performances as Raja Raja Sozhan, Samrat Asokan, have won him laurels throughout the world. And his performance as Appar in Thiruvarut Selvar, received appreciation from the Saint Maha Periyaval, Jagat Guru Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi. His performance as Lord shiva in the movie Thiruvilayaadal is a classic and is the first to be bought one intends to collect movies for personal use. In the film Navarathiri (1964), Ganesan donned nine different roles that represented the nine emotional states of a person. His role in the film Veerapaandiya Kattabomman won him the Best Actor Award at the Afro-Asian Film Festival held in March 1960 at Cairo. Sivaji Ganesan was the first Indian actor to get an award for Best Actor abroad. His roles included V.O.C., Vanchinathan, Thiruppur Kumaran, Bhagat Singh (freedom fighters), Karnan, Bharathan (epic characters), Naradhar, Appar, Aazhvar (puranic characters), lepor, doctor, judge, advocate, rickshaw puller, etc. in real life characters. This is only a sample and this page would be insufficient to describe the versatile and variety of roles he has played. More information available in the website.

      Nadigar Thilagam, as fondly remembred by his fans the world over, struck on success note from his very first film Parasakthi, which was a Silver Jubilee Hit (25 weeks run). He was the darling of the producers throughout his career and was a Directors actor. His films Veerapandiya Kattabomman, Bhaga Pirivinai, School Master (Kannada), Paava Mannippu, Paasa Malar, Thiruvilaiyadal, Dharti (Hindi), Pattikkada Pattanama, Vasantha Maligai, Thanga Padhakkam, Uthaman, Thiyagam, Thirisulam, Theerppu, Needhipadhi, Sandhippu, Mudhal Mariyadhai, Padikkadhavan, Dhevar Magan, Padaiyappa, were all Silver Jubilee Hit Films. Nearly 100 of his films saw more than 25 weeks run.

      After a brief respiratory problems, Sivaji Ganesan, breathed his last on Juy 21, 2001 at around 7.45 pm (IST) the Apollo Hospital in Chennai. A documentary, Parasakthi Muthal Padayappa Varai was made to commemorate Sivaji Ganesans legacy. His funeral was attended by millions of people including politicians and personalities from the South Indian film fraternity.

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      Sivaji Ganesan Fans Reviews (57)

      The victory of Sivaji is his facial expression and immediate change according to the situations.He has acted in films suited to all ages..His dressing code as police ocfficer in Thanga Padakam ,close hair cut reminds me of a real police officer. In double/multiple roles films, his mannerism itself depicts the different persons(giving little room for facial make up.Lot to speak about.... P.Baskaran,Thanjavur 28/03/2020

      P.Baskaran, Thanjavur on 28-03-2020

      Sivaji was a great Tamil actor, better than many Hollywood actors of his times. Many veteran Hindi actors like Sanjiv Kumar failed to perform like Sivaji in the remakes of Sivaji films. He used to convert the characters very real on the screen. He has portrayed the freedom fighters, leaders, even Hindu Gods on the screen. Unfortunately, only a few directors, dialogue writers, lyrists could use his full potential. He even portrayed Shakespeare's heroes like Othello, Ceaser, Hamlet and so on perfectly well, better than the Hollywood actors themselves. Tamil audience knew about Socrates only through Sivaji. The Oscar selection committee miserably failed to take pride by awarding Sivaji with its award. Sivaji will be remembered by the Tamil audience forever and many of his films are worthy of showing as model films to the young actors.

      Dr Rajendran T, Dindigul on 16-09-2019

      Every actor has taken more time to reach super actor status but Sri SivajiGanesan reached top in his first movie itself. Long live his fame.

      G.R.VENKATARAMAN, Chennai - Tamilnadu on 23-07-2018

      Super good actor. Siva ji is world marakamutiy mudii suda man nan.

      M.velusamy. D.T . TECH , Melaneelitha Nallur on 16-07-2018

      What a great actor he is? I was thoroughly weeping when I was 10 years old, I saw the PASAMALAR climax scene, not only me, the most of the audience of the theatre was weeping because of the touching dialogue and acting of Sivaji and Savithiri. Evergreen memories

      Sivagurunathan, http://lightersidelife.blogspo on 28-07-2017

      He was born for acting no doubt the great Hollywood actor morlon Brando him self admitted that he was a great actor very unfortunate that he did not get a Oscar award he is a legend and till the world exist his name will be there valga tamila.

      M.G.RAJA RAJAN, BANGALORE on 16-03-2017

      the greatest actor in the world

      stephendeivanayagampillai, nagercoil on 04-02-2016

      I like Shivaji ganesan movies very much. I loved tosee shivaji and padmi movies more times.

      Savithri subramani, Usa on 17-01-2016

      Mr.venkatesh (triplicane) ungal muyarchikku ennudaiya vazhthukkal . Aiyya pugazh menmelum uyara padupaduvom.

      AKNathan, Chennai on 12-10-2015

      There can be no doubt that Sivaji Ganesan is one of the finest actors that the country has ever seen. I recently saw "Uthamaputhiran" in which he played a double role. One of the roles was a negative character and the style that he played it with was incredible. The swagger that Johny Depp showed in Pirates of the Caribbean was done by Sivaji in "Uthamaputhiran" several decades ago. Hats off to you Sivaji SIr. There can never be any other like you.

      Bhima Shanker, Hyderabad on 25-08-2015

      Right now I'm working to prove why nadigar tilagam is so great in acting. It will take few months to finish this work.

      Venkatesh, triplicane on 08-05-2015

      Nadigar tilagam is the sun of Indian cinima world. Other actors are like stars. When the sun is bright no stars are visible.

      venkatesh, triplicane chennai on 11-04-2015

      anaithu kadavulkal, suthanthira poratta thiyagikal,samaya thalaivarkal anaivaraiyum SIVAJI mugathil than kanden HE IS REALY GREAT By CR

      C.RAMANATHAN, valayathur,Arcot Tk 632504 on 04-03-2015

      one of the best actor of South India.

      SUNIL K.R, KOCHI on 05-02-2015

      sivaji ganesan was an incomparable actor.Hewill be remembered as long as cinema is there

      krishnamoorthi, on 29-01-2015

      SIvaji Gasnesan is a Legend of Indian Cinemas. I Never Seen Like SIvaji Ganesan. He is Best Actor of Ever in Indian Cinema.

      RAMAKRISHNAN SOMANCHI, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. on 04-01-2015

      The only actor to have essayed multiple roles encompassing mythological, historical and social themes with elan and panache. He is numero ono, non-pareil and peerless in the histrionics of celluloid world. His acting skill is sui generis and no one but him has drafted the grammar of emoting neither in the past nor in the future. He is acting -personified and kudos and encomiums for his mastery over acting skill. delivery of flowery dialogues and the great synchronising of lips with songs.

      R. Kesavan, Chennai on 28-12-2014

      I always love to watch his movies.

      Rangini, Canada on 22-12-2014

      Tamil cinema emperor. He was courage to release 2 movies in the same day, both of them run 100 days. The man who did not know to act in his real life and politics. However still he is emperor ,won all of tamilans heart. vazga sivajiganesan namam,

      kalathiyan, uae on 16-12-2014

      The true champion actor who gave definition to one can ever match his are the best ..

      dr anandan, chennai on 02-12-2014

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