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Hi krish Anna, Your handsome and I like to your voice. I'm tour big fan also........

Thnursha, Sri Lanka on 21-02-2018

Enter your comments hereHi..i am a biggg fan of u.......

Shamli, Chidambaram on 07-12-2016

Hello Krish You are very handsome and you got very good voice. I love your voice and your singing. I really love to watch you on sun singer with the children. I love to see more of you Love you and your family Sivagamy Pillay

Sivagamy Pillay , South Africa on 22-07-2016

Hi anaaa.i like u r voice .And im big fan of u .nalaaa padunga.

prasad, Namakkal on 21-06-2016

im big fan of u

Dhanusha, on 07-05-2016

Hi krish, Your voice is really amazing am addicted your voice...June ponal s my your big fan...ur looking so handsome...Lov u krish :)

Shivaprakash, Tiruvannamalai on 24-04-2016

Hi krish Anna .your voice is amazing. I love your singing.

Bithushan, srilanka on 15-03-2016

Your is a handsome, I like to your voice, your character is Avery beautiful, I am tour big fan also...........

nishar ahamed, mettupalayam on 14-03-2016

I Love You so much and also like your voice. You are looking handsome. I like your childish attitude.

Revathi, Madurai on 24-02-2016

Hay krish sir.....I'm a big fan of u ..your unale unale album is my fav album ......I have got a great appreciation from my judges for singing June pona July katru song for my school culturals ..........pls give us your best for us .......

Ameen , chennai on 02-01-2016

Hi Krish..... You've a wonderful, mesmerising voice and such an attitude..... You're just rocking!!!!!

Sowndy , Salem on 28-11-2015

Hi you sooooooooooo much.I'm a bigggggggggggg fan of you.

mohamed hifam, on 22-08-2015

You can be quite cocky though sometimes.

Krish, America on 21-04-2015

Hi anna.I am a big fan of u...I like ur voice,character etc....I like u so much....

Iyappa, Tirunelveli on 14-04-2015

Hi krish ..I like ur sweet voice n sweet talk in sun singer with the children .. Really u are great n I'm like to watch ur singing n also I'm like ur lovely family..

Manjula, Malaysia on 17-03-2015

hi im big fan of u

jameema, chennai on 02-03-2015

I like your sweet voice and smile.I am very very big crazy fan of u....I would like your every attitude.U are looking so handsome.I just want to speak to U....

Ambiga.S, Tiruvannamalai on 14-10-2014

Super singer of tamil industry

Madhesh, Coiambatore on 11-06-2013


safrina, on 07-12-2012

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