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¡Canta! ( English )
Artist: Garth Jennings , Jessica Rau , Garth Jennings , Mickael Carreira , Deolinda Kinzimba
Director: Adam Buxton , Rhea Perlman , Mickie McGowan , Luke Dunn Gielmuda
Music Director: Alexandra Maria Lara
Release date: 30-12-2016
Rise of the Guardians
Rise of the Guardians ( English )
Director: David Lindsay-Abaire , Chris Appelhans
Music Director: Leslee Feldman , Brandon Holmes
Release date: 21-11-2012
Happy Feet Two
Happy Feet Two ( English )
Artist: Elijah Wood , Pink , E.G. Daily , Johnny A. Sanchez , Lombardo Boyar
Director: George Miller , Eddie Prickett
Music Director: Kristy Carlson
Release date: 17-11-2011
Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur
Director: Doug Langdale
Release date: 06-09-2011
12 Rounds
12 Rounds ( English )
Director: Daniel Kunka , Billy Slaughter , Regina Robb , Robert Thayer , Lauren Leach
Music Director: Brian Berdan
Release date: 19-03-2009
원더풀 데이즈
원더풀 데이즈 ( English )
Artist: Joon-ho Chung , Marc Worden , David Naughton , Bob Papenbrook , Jamie Simone
Director: Kim Moon-saeng , Lee Seok-yeon
Music Director: Jun-Young Park , Jeong Yun-cheol , Lee Seok-yeon , Kim Moon-saeng
Release date: 25-04-2003
The Powerpuff Girls: 'Twas the Fight Before Christ
Artist: Tara Strong , E.G. Daily , Tom Kane , Mike Bell , Jeff Bennett
Release date: 07-10-2002
The Powerpuff Girls Movie
Director: Lauren Faust , Nikki Vanzo , Chul-ho Kim
Music Director: Donna Castricone
Release date: 03-07-2002
Showing 1 to 10 of 15 movies


Catherine Janet Cavadini (born April 21, 1961) is an American voice actress. She is most well known as the original voice of Blossom on Cartoon Network's animated television series The Powerpuff Girls and Tanya Mousekewitz in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West and in the subsequent TV series, Fievel's American Tails. In 2003, Catherine was honored with a White House Project Epic Award (which gives recognition to projects that promote women leadership) for her work in The Powerpuff Girls Movie as Blossom.[1] In 1998, Cavadini was nominated for an Annie Award for "Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting by a Female Performer in an Animated Feature Production" for performing the voice and singing for the role of Mary in the animated movie Babes in Toyland. She also sang Dreams to Dream as the character Tanya Mousekewitz in the animated movie An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, which was nominated for Best Song at the 49th Golden Globe Awards. In addition, she has received 2 Emmy Award Certificates for contributing to Outstanding Sound on the TV series, The X-Files.

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