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Wicked Tuna
Season 10 | Episodes 20 | 21-02-2021
Season 10
1 Keep the Tradition Alive
It’s opening day of the Gloucester bluefin season, and the captains face new challenges and navigate uncertain waters due to the coronavirus pandemic.
2 Back in the Game
One veteran captain hits his stride; the fleet faces low demand in an uncertain market.
3 Bank on It
In a season of uncertainty, the captains fight for glory, and the newcomers are especially determined to prove their worth.
4 Best Laid Plans
The captains work to find a strategy that will maximize catches, and profits, in an attempt to play it smart during uncertain times.
5 Tuna Master
Faced with intense challenges like never before, Captain Spurge motivates the fleet to work hard, fish smart and push their limits.
6 Middlebank Monster
As the season heats up, young newcomers Time Flies fights to catch bluefin and prove they have what it takes to keep up with the rest of the fleet.
7 Payday Baby
The fleet sees a bump in prices, pushing everyone to fish even harder for a paycheck, but Wicked Pissah got a big reason to stay in their groove.
8 Hold Fast
Rough seas, high winds and fast tides make for tough fishing, but when captains help each other, the bluefins start biting.
9 Can't Stop, Won't Stop
10 The Next Generation
11 Bad Fish Good Blood
Hot Tuna gets help from Bad Fish to help increase profits by catching Bluefin for their family business and move out of the middle of the pack.
12 Strength in Numbers
13 Chasin' the Bite
Everyone is desperate for a paycheck as the warm summer water creates a lull in fishing like never before, and keeping the fleet on the hunt.
14 Real Heroes
15 Rogue One
Captain Dave Marciano defies the fleet by fishing in a secret location on his own, alienating him from the others but helping his boat stay on top.
16 Cursed
The buyer breaks wreak havoc on fishermen’s strategies and five-time champion Captain Dave Carraro suffers the longest cold streak of his career.
17 Quota Killers
With the quota running out and the end in sight, the captains race to catch monster high quality bluefin but they can’t control what bites the hook.
18 Make or Break
The fleet tries to capitalize on Wicked Pissah's time off the water after a mechanical issue, and Hard Merchandise improvises to fix the boat. 
19 Hot or Not
As time runs out, the Hard Merchandise fights to hold onto the top spot while the Wicked Pissah follows hot on their heels.
20 End of the Line
Wicked Tuna
Season 9 | Episodes 15 | 01-03-2020
Season 9
1 The Enemy Among Us
2 War on the Water
The competition heats up when the original captains see the newcomers mean business.
3 Band of Brothers
Spooked by the sudden success of the new captains, the Gloucester veterans take drastic measures and band together to form an unlikely alliance.
4 Follow the Leaders
Tensions run high with a new limited quota; the competition gets personal for two rivals.
5 Blood Lines
Competition between the OGs and the tourists heats up; Gloucester captains rely on family ties.
6 Kraken the Code
The Gloucester captains are used to dominating their home turf and will do whatever it takes to protect their waters from the imposing newcomers.
7 While the Getting is Good
The bluefin markets are oversaturated, threatening to shut down the fishery. For each captain, their next fish could be their last.
8 Bluefin Shutdown
The bluefin market shuts down in 48 hours, and tensions among the captains run high.
9 Back to Business
Though the bluefin market is open again, it hasn’t fully recovered, leaving everyone disappointed when giant catches result in meager payouts.
10 Mate Debate
With the markets reopened, the mates step up to help out and prove their worth.
11 Angry Waters
Extreme weather and high seas force the captains to decide between fight or flight.
12 Pineapple Mafia
As the competition heats up, the captains will try anything to appease the tuna gods.
13 Crunch Time
As the bluefin quota quickly diminishes, the competition hits its fiercest point yet. With the time left in the season ticking down, the captains are tested — who can withstand the pressure, and who will crack?
14 Brawlin for Bluefin
As the captains fight for what could be their last bluefin, the battle between the Pinwheel and the Kraken turns into an all-out war.
15 All Out of Tomorrows
The fleet battles extreme weather, monster bluefin and uncertain profits as the captains fight to land their last catches — and the No. 1 spot.
Wicked Tuna
Season 8 | Episodes 15 | 10-03-2019
Season 8
1 Battle Cry
It's opening day of the bluefin tuna season; after a mediocre performance in the Outer Banks, Capt. Dave Marciano is ready for his first season aboard his new boat, the Falcon; Capt. Tyler McLaughlin copes with the unexpected loss of his mate.
2 Game of Fins
It is the second week of the bluefin tuna season; a familiar boat enters the fleet, igniting old rivalries; Pinwheel's crew members continue to mourn for Nick; the Wicked Pissah crew struggles to maintain its lead.
3 Wreck It Ralph
A familiar face returns to GloucesterP to compete for the title of top bluefin fisherman
4 Gods and Monstahs
Bad luck strikes the fleet, and the captains struggle to turn their fortunes around.
5 Relative Madness
Capts. Dave Marciano and TJ Ott struggle near the bottom of the leader board; Capt. Dave Marciano's nephew, Jay, brings a shot of energy to the Falcon; Capt. Tyler McLaughlin strives to pull ahead; all three captains turn to family members for help.
6 Attack of the Pack
An unexpected crowd of boats challenges the captains to find new spots for bluefin.
7 Double Team
It's almost the midpoint of bluefin fishing season, so the clock is ticking; new alliances are built and battles continue in the race for a payday.
8 Wicked Waves
Stormy weather hits, and one captain brings in a payday that shakes up the leader board.
9 One for the Money
As the season reaches a turning point, a change in the quota forces boats to push their limits, creating tension on the water.
10 Blood in the Water
It's a game changer going into week 10 of bluefin season when the quota drops from three fish to one fish per day, making the pressure mount; the quota also makes fishing far offshore a gamble because of the travel time and extra fuel costs.
11 Thick as Thieves
Mechanical troubles plague the Falcon and a new boat of young fishermen joins the fleet.
12 The Sherman Tank
The captain must decide whether to risk making their way further out to sea 170 miles away from Gloucester, Mass., where the fish promise to be big.
13 Coming for the Crown
Capt. Dave Carraro commands the top-earning boat on the leader board, but nothing will stop the rest of the captains from pushing against all odds to take down the king.
14 Pulling Out All the Stops
With the untimely death of Pinwheel first mate Nicholas "Duffy" Fudge, defending champion Capt. Tyler McLaughlin questions whether he will be able to defend his title.
15 The Final Tail
Pinwheel and Dot Com battle for the top prize but dark horse Hot Tuna upsets their equilibrium and turns this competition into a three-way contest.
Wicked Tuna
Season 7 | Episodes 16 | 11-03-2018
Season 7
1 Worst to First
It’s opening day of the bluefin tuna season, and the first fish can bring big money. With a payday at stake, every captain is fighting to land a tuna.
2 Fish or Famine
Defending champion Dave Carraro struggles to land a fish, while the other captains try to get ahead.
3 Merch Madness
Marciano feels the pressure to land his first fish of the season and garner a paycheck.
4 Don't Quit Your Day Job
Inexperienced fishermen crowd the water, forcing the fleet to fish through obstacles.
5 Smoke On The Water
The captains team up to double their chances of catching fish, but forming an alliance with a competitor proves to be risky.
6 Two For The Money
The alliance between Captains Dave Marciano and Dave Carraro is in jeopardy after the Hard Merchandise suffers a breakdown at sea.
7 The Fleet Strikes Back
Defending champion Captain Dave Carraro takes the lead.
8 Ride The Lightning
As a massive storm front slams the fishing grounds, the fleet takes big risks to catch the elusive bluefin.
9 Fishin' Friction
Extended trips out into the fishing waters begins to take a greater toll on the fleet of sailors as they continue to compete for the position of number one, but the lack of rest among crew members begin to cause increasing strain.
10 Mutiny on the Water
Captain Herbert's constant negative attitude creates escalating tensions with the crew of his boat, and one of his mates, Rick, finally reaches his limit, so their interactions and conflicts begin to cause problems for the operation of the ship.
11 Road to Redemption
Captain Brad Krasowski is ready to make good on his promise to improve.
12 Point Break
On the Hard Merchandise, the past few weeks filled with bad luck and few fish push Captain Dave Marciano to his breaking point.
13 A Fin and a Prayer
Southern boats Reels of Fortune, Fishin Frenzy and Doghouse have emerged as the frontrunners this season. Fishin' Frenzy has the Doghouse hot on their trail both on sea and on the Leaderboard. With only five days left to fish, the pressure is palpable, pitting boat against boat.
14 Shock and Awe
Captain Brad Krasowski is just one big catch away from completing his “worst to first” comeback over last year’s performance.
15 Changing the Tide
The fleet competes for final paychecks, and the two top boats are forced off the water.
16 Fight To the Finish
With less than four days left in the season and two captains sidelined, it’s anyone’s game.
Wicked Tuna
Season 6 | Episodes 12 | 12-03-2017
Season 6
1 The First Fish is the Hardest
On the Season 6 premiere, the quest to land the first fish of the season is underway and it could bring serious money to a captain
2 Trials & Tunalations
The pressure is on for Captain Paul Hebert to land his first tuna. As the captains choose sides, Paul vows to prove his critics wrong.
3 Bluefin Brotherhood
A good deed by Captain Tyler McLaughlin earns him some positive karma. Captain Dave Carraro, frustrated with his dry spell, resorts to shady tactics.
4 Who Needs a Captain?
After a month of fishing, the mates of the fleet prove their worth, and one boat makes a historic haul that could change the outcome of the season.
5 The Ego Has Landed
After his mates succeed without him, Captain Dave Carraro is desperate to redeem himself in the eyes of the fleet, his crew and himself.
6 Doldrums and Dog Days
It's the midpoint of the season, and Captain Tyler McLaughlin is determined to stay out as long as necessary in order to best his rival, Dave Carraro.
7 Captain Money Bags
The competition heats up as the captains become desperate to land a paycheck.
8 Hickory Dickory Docked
When Captain Dave Carraro opts to dock his boat for a few days, the other captains pounce on the chance to take the lead away from him.
9 Hissy Fit
Nick "Duffy” Fudge makes a mistake that could destroy the Pinwheel's chances of catching a fish, causing tempers to flare and tensions to boil over.
10 Purple Rain
A treacherous storm descends on Gloucester, forcing captains to choose between risking their lives battling the elements or missing out on a catch.
11 The End Is Nigh
An injury threatens to end Capt. Paul Hebert’s season.
12 The Time is Now
Captain Tyler McLaughlin is within striking distance of becoming this year's champion, but will a sudden setback at sea derail his chances?
Wicked Tuna
Season 5 | Episodes 15 | 01-02-2016
Season 5
1 Something to Prove
The best fishermen from Gloucester, Massachusetts, set out on the first day of the North Atlantic Bluefin Tuna season, each with something to prove to the rest of the fleet, but this year they will face a formidable new opponent from northern waters.
2 Tuna and Tequila
Captain Paul Hebert triumphantly helms his own boat, the Wicked Pissah. TJ Ott and Dave Carraro bury the hatchet after a disagreement last season.
3 May the Fish Be with You
Captain Carraro’s alliance with Captain Ott is put to the test. Captain Speeches heads to Maine. Things start to pick up for Captain Marciano.
4 Pissed Off on Pissah
FV-Tuna.com catches up to last season’s champion, Hard Merchandise. Tensions amongst the crewmen on the Wicked Pissah reach a boiling point.
5 Big Hauls and Downfalls
Marciano finds himself in front of Dave. On the Wicked Pissah, turmoil between Paul and his crew threatens to end it for all of them.
6 Help Wanted
After his mates call it quits, Paul is forced to accept a helping hand from Dave, a person who is supposed to be his competition.
7 Snitches Get Fishes
Paul’s team tries again. Pete notices that Erin is not pulling her weight. Dave and Tyler argue, ending in someone breaking a golden rule in fishing.
8 Opposites Distract
9 Take it to the Bank
10 Doubling Down
Two captains head out for a huge haul offshore on Georges Bank.
11 Riders in the Storm
12 Comeback Kid
13 Tuna Invaders
14 The Thin Bluefin Line
15 The Final Fishdown
Wicked Tuna
Season 4 | Episodes 15 | 15-02-2015
Season 4
1 First Blood
The captains set out to catch the first fish of the tuna season in the Series 4 premiere.
2 Anchor Anger
A careless prank leads to a feud between two of the veteran captains.
3 Bluefin Beatdown
A mechanical issue keeps TJ from fishing and he must rely on his brother's skills to get the boat up and running again.
4 Harpoon Hellraising
It's week four of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna season and Captain Paul Hebert fights for his first tuna of the season. After days of nothing to show but pulled hooks and sharks, tension mounts on the Kelly Ann. Captain Greg Chorebanian and first mate Greg Gibbs of the harpoon boat Kristiana steam into Gloucester on a mission: to kick rival Captain Hollywood's butt. But they're at a disadvantage without a pilot to guide them to the tuna like Hollywood has. Yet, Hollywood's pilot, Mark Brochu, can't help him throw the harpoon and land a fish.
5 Go Hard or Go Home
It's week five of Gloucester's bluefin tuna fishing season, and when a sudden storm engulfs the fleet, each captain must decide if the risk of staying out on the water is worth the reward of catching more bluefin tuna. For Captain TJ Ott, of Hot Tuna, the storm is unwelcome as he pushes to maintain his lead over Captain Dave Carraro, of FV-Tuna.com, and Tyler McLaughlin, of Pin Wheel. Meanwhile, Captain Dave Marciano, of Hard Merchandise, and Paul Hebert, of Kelly Ann, look to salvage their seasons before they find themselves out of contention and money.
6 Bent Rods and Broken Hearts
It's week six, and Pin Wheel has a narrow lead over last season's champion fishing vessel Tuna.com, while Hot Tuna, Hard Merchandise and Kelly Ann are lagging behind. Now, Captain Paul Cheney and his crew are about to enter the scene and shake things up, with the smallest boat in the fleet — the fishing vessel Drama. They have a lot of catching up to do, with six weeks of the fishing season gone and no tuna. Meanwhile, the crew of the FV-Tuna.com will have to start their trip without a captain, and Dave Marciano gets frustrated as Hard Merchandise keeps hooking and losing bluefin. With each vessel struggling to put meat on the deck, anyone could end up on top this week.
7 The Maine Event
It's week seven of the North Atlantic Bluefin tuna fishing season and the Gloucester captains must decide to make the long steam to where the fish are biting or take their chances fishing closer to shore. Captain Tyler McLaughlin of the Pin Wheel lands the biggest fish of the season in waters off of Maine and the other captains head north to cash in on his hot spot. When Captain T.J. Ott of the Hot Tuna sets up on his former deckhand Tyler's spot, it's a boat-to-boat face-off for who can put meat on the deck.
8 Battle at Midway
It's week eight of the Atlantic bluefin tuna season, and as the season ticks past the halfway point, the Gloucester captains are determined to work harder than ever to put tuna on their decks and charge into the rest of the season as strong as possible. But being on the water for the past two months is taking a toll on crew members and one mate faces a dilemma — keep fishing or quit so he can spend more time with his wife and kids. Last season's champion, Captain Dave Carraro of FV-tuna.com, charges into the week atop the leaderboard, but by only a slim margin. If Dave's biggest rival, Captain Tyler McLaughlin of Pin Wheel, lands a fish this week, it could bump Dave out of the coveted first place, so Dave and his mates Sandro and Geordie are not taking any chances and are fishing as hard as ever.
9 Wicked Pissed
It's week nine of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna season, and Captain Paul Hebert of the troubled Kelly Ann struggles to prove his worth to his crew — and keep his job — after catching only three tuna in the first two months of fishing. Captain Tyler McLaughlin of the Pin Wheel is currently leading the fleet, but his first mate quit last week. Rival Captain Dave Carraro of FV-Tuna.com is determined to capitalize on the loss and get back into the top spot. Meanwhile, Captain Dave Marciano of Hard Merchandise is eager to take advantage of his last week with his son Joe on the boat. They'll try to catch more than one fish to establish themselves as one of the top boats in the fleet.
10 When Push Comes to Shove
It's the beginning of week 10 of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna season in Gloucester, Massachusetts. With only six weeks of fishing left, the competition is heating up, driving captains to push themselves and their crews to the brink. On Kelly Ann, the future of Captain Paul Hebert's tuna season hangs in the balance, and on Pin Wheel, Captain Tyler McLaughlin's aggressive behavior may cost him his one remaining mate. The FV-Tuna.com crew fights to hold on to their No. 1 position on the leaderboard, and on Hard Merchandise, after hooking a shark, Captain Dave Marciano must dive under the boat to fix a problem. Meanwhile, beleaguered boat Drama is so far in the red that this week is their final chance to catch their first bluefin; otherwise, they'll have to call their season quits.
11 Three's a Charm
It's week 11 of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna season, and bad luck, bait problems and big egos plague the Gloucester fleet. With only five weeks of fishing left before the season closes, hardworking Captain Dave Marciano of Hard Merchandise has defied popular belief by rising to the top of the leaderboard for the first time this season. Last year's champion, Captain Dave Carraro of FV-Tuna.com, is determined to regain the top spot, but an epic week of catching by another boat may threaten that goal. Meanwhile, Captain Tyler McLaughlin of Pin Wheel has a lot of work to do to mend his relationship with his one and only crewmember, Travis Brown, after shoving him to the deck the week before.
12 Triple Crossed
It's week 12 of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna season and, after catching no fish last week, last season's champion Captain Dave Carraro, of FV-Tuna.com, has sought help from his ally, Captain TJ Ott, of Hot Tuna. TJ directed Dave to the spot where he just caught three tuna and now Dave is desperate to capitalize on the information. TJ expects that, in return, Dave will alert him if the fish are still biting in his hot spot, but Dave hasn't earned the nickname "Tricky Dave" for nothing. Will Dave put fishing ahead of friendship and fracture ties with an important ally?
13 Tuna Trifecta
It's week 13 of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna season, and with only three weeks left to fish and the No. 1 position on the line, every Gloucester captain is desperate to stack the deck with bluefin and earn some final paychecks before the season closes. Last season's top-earning captain, Dave Carraro of FV-Tuna.com, is leading the fleet, and he and his crew are determined to stop at nothing to repeat last year's success. But Dave's treatment of other boats in the fleet has not earned him any friends this season, and the other captains each have a few reasons to beat him. With the end in sight, it's the closest race in Wicked Tuna history and a new frontrunner threatens to emerge with each bluefin caught.
14 Knock Out Punch
It's week 14 of the bluefin tuna season and with less than two weeks of fishing left, the top four crews are locked in a tight race to be Gloucester's best bluefin boat. Though Captain Dave Marciano of Hard Merchandise has the slowest and most rundown boat, he and nephew Jay Muenzner are currently leading the fleet. But with huge paychecks and pride on the line, Captains Dave Carraro of FV-Tuna.com, TJ Ott of Hot Tuna and Tyler McLaughlin of Pin Wheel won't go down without a fight.
15 Bait and Switch
It's the final week of the season and Hard Merchandise holds a narrow lead over the fleet with fifteen fish. Hard Merchandise's closest rivals FV–Tuna.com, Pin Wheel, and Hot Tuna are all within striking distance of the lead and when a single tuna can be worth upwards of $20,000 the battle for the top spot will go down to the final day. Will Marciano be able to hold onto his lead? Will Dot Com reclaim their title for the second year in a row? Will Paul Hebert make enough money to be able to support his family through the winter? Will Tyler reclaim former glory or will TJ win the title for the first time?
Wicked Tuna
Season 3 | Episodes 15 | 16-02-2014
Season 3
1 The Wicked Return
A rivalry between Tyler and TJ heats up in the Season 3 opener.
2 Checkmate
Tyler has second thoughts about hiring his friends. Elsewhere, Bill attempts to catch tuna by using tactical maneuvers and harpooning.
3 Into the Storm
A storm threatens the fishing fleet, impairing harpooning operations and forcing one captain to switch boats.
4 Operation T.U.N.A.
TJ is tracked by a competitor looking to get in on his action. Elsewhere, two captains decide to work together to increase their tuna intake.
5 Bite Fight
Boat crews battle each other for the hot fishing zones during the fifth week of tuna season.
6 Mission: Fishin!
The fleet battle to take leadership of the scoreboard away from TJ Ott and his crew.
7 Bad Latitude
A lull in catches has the captains anxious to meet their quota and pay the crews. Also: A crew attempt a trip further out of the fishing area; a captain's abilities are questioned.
8 Battle Royale
A tuna shortage brings tension to the fleet as they pass the midway point of the season. The FV-Tuna.com continues to hold a tentative lead over the scoreboard, while the Bounty Hunter and Hard Merchandise bring up the rear.
9 Brotherly Shove
Captains get creative as new techniques help boat crews bring in more tuna. Elsewhere, tensions rise between the Hebert brothers aboard the Miss Sambvca.
10 Blue Grit
Tyler McLaughlin has trouble paying his crew; a truce is made between the Hebert brothers; and Dave Marciano attempts another trip in order to make more money.
11 Tuna Beta Kappa
The crew of the FV-Tuna.com assist the Coast Guard in a rescue mission. Later, a joint venture takes a turn for the worse when slow fishing creates tension between two captains.
12 Bad Blood
Old rivalries ignite between captains with four weeks remaining in the fishing season. Later, Dave Marciano attempts a risky trip far offshore.
13 Sharks and Recreation
Captains struggle to dominate the scoreboard as only three weeks remain in the fishing season.
14 The Mighty Bite
A streak of good fishing puts Paul Hebert in the running for second place along with TJ Ott and Dave Marciano. Later, Dave Carraro worries his lead might be compromised by the actions of another boat.
15 The Reckoning
One week remains in the fishing season, leaving Tyler with his last chance to make a big catch and save his standings on the scoreboard.
Wicked Tuna
Season 2 | Episodes 15 | 13-01-2013
Season 2
1 Back in the Hunt
The second season begins with Dave Carraro encountering an unwelcome visitor in his first fishing spot of the season. Meanwhile, a New Hampshire fisherman heads south to compete with Dave.
2 Go Fish
Tyler takes a risk by going to Georges Bank. Elsewhere, Kevin enjoys harpooning.
3 The Numbers War
The fishermen search for locations where bluefin tuna are known to congregate and feed. Meanwhile, Captain Tyler begins a search for new hot spots.
4 Fish Fight
A fishing tournament in Gloucester kicks off; and the crew of the Pin Wheel play a prank on the Odysea's Captain Ralph.
5 Shark Attack
The fishing teams are threatened by great white sharks. Included: A shark slams into the Christina; Tyler must risk life and limb to untangle a harpoon line from the Pin Wheel's propeller in the shark-infested waters.
6 Sweet Smell of Revenge
The crew of the FV-Tuna.com relocate when amateur boats start creeping in on their territory; a weekend warrior runs over Kevin's anchor line; Tyler ventures out on his own after giving his crew the week off.
7 Storm Warning
The fishermen work during a major storm.
8 Hell on the High Seas
At the season's midpoint, the captains deal with increasing pressure to bring home a paycheck.
9 Meltdown
The Tuna.com takes the lead in Week 9 of the fishing season. Meanwhile, the crew of the Bounty Hunter deal with tension; and Tyler reaches a breaking point with his shipmates.
10 Captain Carnage
Dave and Paul enter into an intense competition to see who can catch the most fish.
11 All Hands on Deck
Paul's newfound confidence is shaken by his inexperienced deckhand; Dave Carraro works with a new recruit; and Tyler learns to cooperate with his Pin Wheel crew.
12 Uncharted Territory
The last weeks of the season are a struggle as the bluefin tuna begin to migrate south.
13 Twice Bitten
The young crew of the Pin Wheel close in on the FV-Tuna.com's lead; Paul needs a win.
14 Money on the Line
Capt. Dave Carraro begins the last week of the season well ahead of the Pin Wheel crew. Meanwhile, Capt. Tyler works to prove himself; Capt. Paul Hebert wants to reach his goal; and Capt. Marciano tries to recover from a rough season.
15 Endgame
The second season ends with a storm brewing as the crews battle to finish on top.
Wicked Tuna
Season 1 | Episodes 10 | 01-04-2012
Season 1
1 The Bite Is On
Meet the fleet, as peak season begins and the adrenaline rush of “monstah” hunting hits Gloucester. We enter mid-season, but this is when the money is made and tempers run hot. Each captain loads his boat with three thousand dollars worth of fuel, bait, and ice, and heads off for open water where the blue gold is waiting. But it doesn’t take long for things to sour when there’s cash on the line.
2 Payback's a Fish
After going bust on his last trip, Marciano of Hard Merchandise wrestles with the trials of being an absentee father when he comes home empty-handed. Though they'd prefer a paycheck to a three-thousand-dollar loss, his family misses him and shows their love and support while his mind remains on chasing tuna. The next day, he repays their devotion when he comes home with a $10,000 fish.
3 Weekend Warriors
Tuna.com continues its winning streak, catching two fish in one day while the rest of the fleet struggles to even find a spot to fish in between the flocks of “googans”—the weekend recreational boaters who seem to make every bite go wrong. Desperate for a catch, Bill of Bounty Hunter starts doing some sleuthing, trying to crack Dave’s code in search of the secret that will bring him the fish—and the money.
4 Size Matters
Meet Kevin and the Christina, a boat that gets its own real life fish story when it snags an eleven-hundred-pound “monstah” right out of the gate. The story of Kevin’s catch, by far the biggest of the season, is the talk of the town and no one takes it harder than Dave on Tuna.com. Dave puts his boat on overdrive to catch up, while Marciano is forced to sit on the sidelines with a charter tour so he can pay off debts.
5 Greed, Ego & Jealousy
After watching the Christina catch the biggest tuna of the season, the uber-competitive Captain Dave of the Tuna.com is obsessed with beating the record, and catching a fish bigger than 1,075 lbs!
6 Man v. Storm
An intense storm slams into the shores of Massachusetts, and meteorologists are calling for winds up to 20 to 30 knots and 4- to 6-foot-high waves. Most wouldn’t dream of steaming out into conditions like these, but a few are brave enough to dare risk their lives — the fishermen of Gloucester.
7 Mutiny at Sea
A mixture of bad luck and mutiny brews in this tumultuous episode of Wicked Tuna. Tensions erupt on New England’s top tuna boat, Tuna.Com, when Captain Dave and Paul get into a heated confrontation that causes Paul to quit!
8 Grudge Match
With just two weeks left until the end of tuna fishing season, Bounty Hunter gains a new deckhand. Paul, formerly of Tuna.com, joins the crew, and Captain Bill hopes he will help turn the boat's luck around. But tensions flare when Paul tries to teach a few things to First Mate Scott leaving questions about whether the new arrangement will work. On the Hard Merchandise, First Mate Jay struggles to prove to his uncle and Captain that he's worth keeping on next season.
9 Pirate Problems
A hard season with little money to show has taken its toll on the crew of the Odysea, leading Captain Ralph to lash out at his first mate Pirate. The more Ralph yells, the more Pirate tunes him out, leading to more mistakes from Pirate.
10 Good to the Last Bite
As the final week of tuna fishing begins, the Hard Merchandise, the Bounty Hunter, the Tuna.Com and the Odysea steam out together, each captain vowing to catch the biggest tuna before the season ends.


Fishing is a hard life, and harder with bluefin stocks depleted. In Gloucester, Massachusetts, there's a special breed of fishermen. For generations they've used rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna. They depend on these fish for their livelihood, and the competition is brutal. Over the next 10 weeks, the most skilled fishermen will set out in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic in hopes of catching the valuable bluefin tuna. When one bluefin can bring in as much as $20,000—they'll do whatever it takes to hook up.

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