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What the Folks
Drama Comedy
What the Folks
Deepika Amin , Eisha Chopra & more
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What the Folks Movie Cast

Deepika Amin
Deepika Amin as Sudha
Eisha Chopra
Eisha Chopra as Anita
Vipin Sharma
as Prakash
Veer Rajwant Singh
Veer Rajwant Singh as Nikhil
Dhruv Sehgal
Dhruv Sehgal as Rohan
Anula Navlekar
Anula Navlekar as Akshata
Renuka Shahane
as Vandu
Shishir Sharma
as Kiran
Kriti Vij
Kriti Vij as Shreya

What the Folks Crew List

What the Folks International Release Dates

Release Date

What the Folks Webseries Episodes

What the Folks
Season 4 | Episodes 1 | 22-01-2022
Season 4
1 Episode 1
What the Folks
Season 3 | Episodes 6 | 05-10-2019
Season 3
1 Circle Of Life
The Solankis and Sharmas are back to navigate new milestones in the journey that is life.
2 Not Kidding
Nikhil and Anita continue their journey towards what might or might not be parenthood. Vandana becomes aware of some hard decisions that Kiran wants to take. Shreya and Sudha discover different flavours and facets of solitude.
3 Here We Go Again
A day out to the arcade sees the folks bond together on the topic of Nikhil and Anita's 'future', leaving them cornered. Meanwhile, Shreya sets out to sort her personal and professional life...to interesting results.
4 Zor Se Bolo
An old acquaintance surprises Nikhil and Anita, who find themselves babysitting an adult. Vandana and Kiran discuss the repercussions of the family dinner as Sudha asserts her dominance on the road.
5 That's All Folks
The folks come back together for Shreya's house-warming party. Shreya and Balan sense what was in front of them for a while. We arrive at yet another milestone in their lives, but do they know, what is about to come their way?
6 Diwali Special - Ghar Wali Diwali
Sudha finds herself alone on Diwali before she is greeted by a surprise visitor: Anita. The mother and daughter duo spends the festival of lights like it's meant to be: with a healthy serving of food, gossip, and rangoli.
What the Folks
Season 2 | Episodes 6 | 17-10-2018
Season 2
1 Welcome Home
Nikhil and Anita are settled in Mumbai. Nikhil's parents decide to pay them a short visit. This triggers Anita to make sure everything is in order. Will Anita be able to warm up to her in-laws in the same way Nikhil did to her parents?
2 Surprise, Surprise!
Anita's awkwardness escalates when the parents accompany them to a standup comedy event, which is known to be overly profane. While the event goes better than she imagined, a new surprise awaits the Solanki family when they return home.
3 Spilling the Beans
Anita's awkwardness is laid to rest by her mum-in-law. Meanwhile, the family plans to go to Alibaug. Upon Anita's insistence, Nikhil voices his inhibitions with his sister, Shreya, who reveals to the family about her personal life.
4 Something's Missing
After Shreya's rather disconcerting revelation, the entire family is on tenterhooks while traveling to Hasmukhbhai's 80th birthday party. As the entire Solanki family revels in the celebrations, a surprise guest arrives to shake things up.
5 House of Cards
With the unexpected arrival of Jason at the party, Shreya is caught completely unawares. As rumour mills at the Solanki household start to churn, the party has only just begun.
6 Home
After the bitter public spat at the party, the Solankis are back in Mumbai. As the days pass by and anger gradually metamorphoses into guilt and pain, the family realizes that everything can be made alright if you're with your loved ones.
What the Folks
Season 1 | Episodes 5 | 16-08-2017
Season 1
1 Arranged Family
Everything that Nikhil does from the moment he enters his in-laws' house, goes wrong. A huge blunder greatly upsets his father-in-law. He is really sorry about it, but both of them are unable to have an honest conversation about it.
2 The Mad House
Prakash simply refuses to acknowledge the fact that Nikhil damaged his car and blames the children in the housing society instead. In an attempt to make things right, Nikhil over compensates and makes things even worse.
3 Conditions Apply
Anita has come home for Sudha and Prakash's anniversary and the family spends a fun day together. However, during the anniversary party, several relatives ask umpteen uncomfortable questions. Will Nikhil be able to control himself ?
4 Stuck in the middle
A heated argument between Anita and her parents ends up with her not talking to them for days. Sudha and Prakash are left feeling embarrassed and end up over compensating. Nikhil is caught in the cold war between his wife and her parents.
5 Home
Nikhil tells his in-laws everything that has been bothering him so far and how he feels like an outsider in the family even now. How will they take it? Will they be able to resolve their issues?


What The Folks' is a journey of how modern families are breaking stereotypes, overcoming generation gaps, and growing to love one another, despite having starkly different world views.

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What the Folks

What the Folks is a 2017 Hindi Film stars Deepika Amin , Eisha Chopra , Vipin Sharma , Veer Rajwant Singh , Dhruv Sehgal , Anula Navlekar , Renuka Shahane , Shishir Sharma , Kriti Vij , dhruv-sehgal , directed by & music by . What the Folks Release Date is 16-08-2017