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Ashish R. Shukla
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Undekhi Movie Cast

Dibyendu Bhattacharya
as DCP Ghosh
Harsh Chhaya
as Papa
Anchal Singh
as Teji Grewal
Sayandeep Sengupta
Sayandeep Sengupta as Shashwat
Abhishek Chauhan
Abhishek Chauhan as Rishi
Surya Sharma
Surya Sharma as Rinku
Ankur Rathee
Ankur Rathee as Daman Atwal
Ayn Zoya
Ayn Zoya as Saloni
Apeksha Porwal
Apeksha Porwal as Koyal
Varun Bhagat
Varun Bhagat as Lucky

Undekhi Crew List

Writer : Varun Badola
Director : Ashish R. Shukla
Casting : Kavish Sinha
Writer : Mohinder Pratap Singh , Siddharth Sengupta , Umesh Padalkar
Editor : Rajesh Pandey
Cinematography : Murzy Pagdiwala

Undekhi International Release Dates

Release Date

Undekhi Webseries Episodes

Season 2 | Episodes 10 | 04-03-2022
Season 2
1 The Wild Goose Chase
Rinku continues his search for Koyal as Ghosh and Teji conspire to take her to safety. While Saloni and the team are on their way out of Manali, Rinku has other plans for them.
2 Needle In A Haystack
Ghosh gives Teji a hint which might help her bring down the Atwals. Lucky finds himself in a pickle when his targets make a run for their lives and escape.
3 Might Of The Atwal Empire
A new player comes in as a roadblock to Atwal’s plans of business expansion. Daman and Teji are determined to save their friends and make inroads into the family business.
4 True Lies
As the Atwal's prepare to welcome their new bride, Rinku doesn’t have a moment to breathe. In the meantime, new secrets about the business are revealed to Samarth.
5 Wedding Bells Make A Loud Sound
Rinku finds out who the real culprit is behind the missing truck while getting married to Muskaan. Daman-Teji gets in touch with their old friends, this may give them an advantage over Rinku!
6 Revenge Is Best Served Cold
An intruder breaks into the Atwal resort and attacks one of the Atwals. Abhaya finds out he has more in common with Koyal than he thought. Daman-Teji makes headway into their plan of becoming business partners with Samarth, while some friends turn into foes.
7 The Girl And The Cop
Rinku presses on with his plans of expanding into a new business territory, while those against him have different agendas. Ghosh makes progress in his investigation to find Koyal and take her to safety.
8 Goons, Guns And Bombs
The sound of the explosive is heard across the valley and the tremors are felt within the Atwal empire itself. Rinku decides to take charge of the operation but there’s another surprise in store for him.
9 The Hunter Is Now The Hunted
Rinku sets a plan in motion with Arjan Singh and executes immaculately. Samarth pulls in all his resources and announces a face-off with the mighty Atwals.
10 That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles
Old players reappear as do some new ones in this game of Russian roulette, where the stakes are higher than life itself. Each one has a motive to take down the other – driven by their thirst for power, revenge and love.
Season 1 | Episodes 10 | 10-07-2020
Season 1
1 The Things That Men Do
Rishi and Saloni, two filmmakers travel to Manali to shoot a friend’s wedding. Rishi accidentally records the murder of a ‘dancing girl’ by the groom’s father and struggles with his conscience. As he tries to find out what happened, DSP Ghosh, a cop from West Bengal arrives in Manali, who is looking out for the same ‘dancing girl’ in a murder case.
2 Is This For Real?
Rishi makes a horrific discovery in the doghouse next to the resort. Saloni tries to get him to focus on the work but Rinku and his cousins are onto Rishi. He must come up with a Plan B. DSP Ghosh, senses a cover-up, heads to the resort.
3 For Cash Only
Ghosh interrogates Saloni and team to Rinku’s chagrin and finds discrepancies in their stories. Meanwhile, the wedding festivities continue. Teji confronts Daman about the shooting. Saloni cracks a deal with Rinku in exchange for Rishi’s silence.
4 Double Shuffle
Ghosh arrives with a search warrant on the wedding day. Lucky manages to get Rishi, Koyal, and Praful out of the doghouse just in time. But, someone is on their trail. An angry Teji lashes out at Daman and the wedding comes to an abrupt halt.
5 Catch The Tiger By The Tail
Rishi, Koyal, and Praful give Ghosh and the others a tough chase as they track them in the jungle. Saloni tells Teji about the murder and their predicament. Rinku lays a trap for Rishi and pins murder on him.
6 The Can Of Worms
Rishi manages to contact Saloni at the resort. Pressure mounts on DSP Ghosh and he has a chance encounter with Teji. Daman tells Teji the truth and she has a tough decision to make. Meanwhile, Lucky is in for a surprise.
7 You Have It Coming
Rinku is onto the fugitive’s whereabouts as the wedding ceremony starts again. Shashwat tries to contact Rishi. Teji surprises everyone with a change in stance. DSP Ghosh has a showdown with Rinku and Papaji.
8 We Have Got Ourselves A Deal
Rinku gets the better of DSP Ghosh. Shashwat and Alice arrive in Manali and are sucked into the desperate situation immediately. Rinku receives a package and realises that the power is shifting away from him. He makes a cunning move.
9 You Are Safe When Dead
Lucky manages to find Rishi and gang but they escape again. Timma finds the murder video on Rishi’s phone. The video now becomes Rishi’s last line of defense. Rinku decides to sort this out himself.
10 An Ace In My Hand
As the dust settles after the killing, Rinku and Papaji plan to get rid of Teji. DSP Ghosh is visited by Koyal and he now has all the pieces of the Sundarban puzzle. Rinku and Ghosh try to outwit each other with the cops being on Rinku’s side and an unlikely ally on Ghosh’s.


When Rishi, an amateur filmmaker from the big city, decides to do the right thing, he ends up in the crosshairs of the Atwals, a dangerous and powerful family from the rustic Heartland.

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Undekhi is a 2022 Tamil Film stars Dibyendu Bhattacharya , Varun Badola , Harsh Chhaya , Ashish R. Shukla , Anchal Singh , Kavish Sinha , Mohinder Pratap Singh , Siddharth Sengupta , Umesh Padalkar , Sayandeep Sengupta , Rajesh Pandey , Abhishek Chauhan , Surya Sharma , Ankur Rathee , Ayn Zoya , Apeksha Porwal , Varun Bhagat , Murzy Pagdiwala , directed by Ashish R. Shukla & music by . Undekhi Release Date is 04-03-2022