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After Sirish loses his major client, Aditya gets into a messier spot in his relationship. On the other hand, Nikhil’s dad gives him 6 months of time to find a better job. Will Nikhil keep up his father s trust?
At the party, Nikhil gets introduced to Neha and gets smitten by her beauty. Popz, a slightly older and mischievous person, gets weed cookies to the party that puts everyone in trouble. Aditya hooks up with a girl at the party and ends up cheating on Shalini.
After the party, Sirish and Nikhil get into a heated argument regarding Neha. Later, Nikhil accepts his mistake to Sirish, who then decides to educate Nikhil with his unconventional methods. Then, Neha calls Nikhil to apologise and in turn Nikhil gets a pitch meeting fixed at Renuka Constructions. On the other hand, after the incident at the party, Aditya starts to avoid Shalini.
While Nikhil and Sirish have a Dry Pitch Presentation Day at the house, Aditya and Shalini begin to have an awkward conversation with each other. In the meanwhile, Sirish gives Shalini’s number to Priya for an official reason but little does she know that Priya is the girl with whom Aditya hooked up at the party. On the other hand, Nikhil and Neha enjoy a date together, while Sirish goes out to meet his cousins.
Sirish and Nikhil have a good presentation with Neha’s dad, and surprisingly, Nikhil manages to impress the client. Neha admits that she likes Nikhil, and playfully asks him if he s got any secrets. On the other hand, Shalini prepares to leave for Mumbai.
After Neha confronts Nikhil about borrowing a huge sum of money, he lies to her and gets into trouble. Upset, Nikhil confronts Sirish and gets into a physical fight. Later, Nikhil meets Umar to buy his fake degree and decides to resign from the company. On the other hand, Aditya goes to attend a stand-up comedy show and gets targeted by the comedian for showing up late.
Through a conversation with Popz, Sirish realises he s becoming like his father, something he had always resisted. Sirish decides to have an honest conversation with his dad after many years. On the other hand, Aditya and Shalini sit down for a serious talk, and Shalini reveals that she knows about Priya. After thinking through, Nikhil resigns from the company.

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Three Half Bottles

Three Half Bottles is a Hindi Film stars Hriday Bharadwaj , Sai Ketan Rao , Aditya Pamnani , directed by & music by .