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The Spanish Princess
The Spanish Princess
Charlotte Hope , Stephanie Levi-John & more
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The Spanish Princess Movie Cast

Charlotte Hope
as Princess Catherine of Aragon
Stephanie Levi-John
Stephanie Levi-John as Lina de Cardonnes
Nadia Parkes
Nadia Parkes as Rosa
Aaron Cobham
Aaron Cobham as Oviedo
Harriet Walter
as Margaret Beaufort
Laura Carmichael
as Maggie Pole
as Prince Harry Tudor
Elliot Cowan
as King Henry Tudor
Oliver Rix
Oliver Rix as Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham

The Spanish Princess Crew List

Hair Designer : Linda Boije af Gennäs
Makeup Designer : Linda Boije af Gennäs
Costume Designer : Phoebe De Gaye
Production Designer : Will Hughes-Jones
Executive Producer : Charlie Hampton , Willow Grylls , Elaine Pyke
Producer : Andrea Dewsbery
Associate Producer : Elyse Dolbec
Executive Producer : Colin Callender , Scott Huff , Charlie Pattinson
Novel : Philippa Gregory
Executive Producer : Emma Frost , Matthew Graham

The Spanish Princess International Release Dates

Release Date

The Spanish Princess Webseries Episodes

The Spanish Princess
Season 2 | Episodes 8 | 11-10-2020
Part II
Presiding over the most glamorous court in Europe and beloved by their people, Queen Catherine and Henry VIII together create an England that is proud, confident and strong enough to withstand threat from abroad. Catherine’s struggle to produce an heir places her marriage and position in the court at risk, and she is haunted by her choices from the past. Despite proving herself a politician, a diplomat, a national inspiration and even a military commander, Catherine must battle to save her love with the King, and to preserve the peace and prosperity of their reign.
1 Camelot
With a powerful alliance with Spain and an heir sleeping in his crib, what could go wrong for glamorous royal couple Catherine and Henry?
2 Flodden
Henry invades France, leaving a pregnant Catherine to defend England from Scottish king, James IV. Let the Battle of Flodden commence…
3 Grief
As Catherine fights to restore her marriage after another tragedy, so too Meg must find a way to pull Scotland together after the bloody battle of Flodden.
4 The Other Woman
While meg risks all for love, a pregnant Katherine struggles with the nauseating possibility Henry is cheating on her.
5 Plague
When the plague hits London, the court flees to Hampton court, but Maggie and Thomas remain in an empty and surprisingly romantic palace.

5/1 Users
6 The Field of Cloth of Gold
A great gathering in France is the backdrop to a political stand off between Katherine and Wosley, while in London, riots.
7 Faith
A new religion is rising, as is tension in court. Katherine must stop Henry's dangerous paranoia from turning friends into enemies.
8 Peace
As Henry loses himself to madness, the stakes have never been higher for Katherine - her husband has become a threat to her life.
The Spanish Princess
Season 1 | Episodes 8 | 05-05-2019
Part I
Catherine of Aragon is the Princess of Spain, who has been promised the English throne all her life. She arrives in a rain-lashed England with her glorious and diverse court including her ladies-in-waiting Lina and Rosa. When her husband dies suddenly, the throne seems lost to Catherine until she sets her sights on the new heir, the future King Henry VIII.
1 The New World
Catherine of Aragon arrives in England to wed Prince Arthur, heir to the English throne, in a marriage contract intended to forge an alliance between the two nations.

8/2 Users
2 Fever Dream
Catherine is one step closer to the English throne with her marriage to Arthur but must navigate the challenges of a new relationship and a new court.

8.5/2 Users
3 An Audacious Plan
Catherine remains determined to become England's future Queen and makes plans to marry Prince Harry. Lizzie has a troubling premonition following a complicated labor.

8.5/2 Users
4 The Battle for Harry
As the nation mourns Lizzie's passing and Catherine works to secure her marriage to Harry, Henry shocks the family by announcing his intention to honor his wife's dying wish.

8.5/2 Users
5 Heart Versus Duty
Catherine is faced with a dilemma - marry King Henry Tudor and immediately become Queen of England - or find a way to refuse and hold out for Harry.

8.5/2 Users
6 A Polite Kidnapping
The English throne seems within Catherine's reach, but an unfortunate twist of fate means that her future now lies in the hands of her unstable older sister.

8/2 Users
7 All is Lost
The whole country is suffering - Catherine is barely recognizable as the 'Spanish Princess' and Maggie is destitute, but Catherine is determined not to abandon her destiny.

8/2 Users
8 Destiny
The fate of England hangs in the balance when the Tudor family is rocked by tragedy. Catherine risks everything to find out if Harry still loves her.

8/2 Users

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The beautiful Spanish princess, Catherine of Aragon, navigates the royal lineage of England with an eye on the throne.

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The Spanish Princess

The Spanish Princess is a 2019 English Film stars Charlotte Hope , Linda Boije af Gennäs , Linda Boije af Gennäs , Phoebe De Gaye , Will Hughes-Jones , Charlie Hampton , Willow Grylls , Elaine Pyke , Andrea Dewsbery , Elyse Dolbec , Colin Callender , Scott Huff , Charlie Pattinson , Philippa Gregory , Emma Frost , Matthew Graham , Stephanie Levi-John , Nadia Parkes , Aaron Cobham , Harriet Walter , Laura Carmichael , , Elliot Cowan , Oliver Rix , directed by & music by . The Spanish Princess Release Date is 05-05-2019