The Raikar Case (2020) Webseries Details

The Raikar Case
The Raikar Case
Atul Kulkarni , Parul Gulati & more
Aditya Sarpotdar
Bodhi Tree Multimedia

The Raikar Case Movie Cast

Atul Kulkarni
as Yashwant Naik Raikar
Parul Gulati
Parul Gulati as Etasha Naik Raikar
Neil Bhoopalam
as John Pereira
Ashwini Bhave
as Sakshi Naik Raikar
Vaishnavi Kadam
Vaishnavi Kadam as Manika Apte
Rushad Rana
as Hansal Mehra

The Raikar Case Crew List

Director : Aditya Sarpotdar

The Raikar Case International Release Dates

Release Date

The Raikar Case Webseries Episodes

The Raikar Case
Season 1 | Episodes 7 | 09-04-2020
Season 1
1 Suicide or a Murderer
Is it a Suicide or work done by a Murderer.
2 Hunt for the killer
As the investigation turns murky, the cracks in the Naik Raikar family begin to surface. Adding insult to injury, a prominent family member is accused of Tarun's murder. Who amongst them is the killer?
3 The evidence doesn't lie
Etasha's 'perfect' family is crumbling before her eyes, revealing how dysfunctional it is at its core. As new evidence comes to light, SP John Pereira asks Etasha to do the unthinkable.
4 Hidden secrets, buried truth
At Tarun's funeral, secrets that were buried deep are unearthed. With each family member now revealing where their allegiance lie, Etasha is left devastated and completely alone. Until she finds an unlikely ally, but can he be trusted?
5 Raikars vs. Raikars
All bets are off as Etasha's search for the truth leads her down a dangerous path. Desperate to know who killed her brother, Etasha won't budge… even if that means taking her own family head-on.
6 Truth over family?
How long can Etasha run away from the truth that has been staring her right in the face? Beaten but not broken, Etasha is about to take a drastic step that might destroy the Naik Raikars forever.
7 Whodunnit?
The betrayal, the deceit, and the secrets - all these have left the Naik Raikars completely exposed! With the entire family under the spotlight, will Tarun's killer finally be caught?


An edge-of-the-seat thriller about family, love, deceit, and the secrets that wrench us apart. It grapples with the dilemma of 'Will You Choose Truth Over Family?', and if trust can ever really be absolute.

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The Raikar Case

The Raikar Case is a 2020 Hindi Film stars Aditya Sarpotdar , Atul Kulkarni , Parul Gulati , Neil Bhoopalam , Ashwini Bhave , Vaishnavi Kadam , Rushad Rana , directed by Aditya Sarpotdar & music by . The Raikar Case Release Date is 09-04-2020