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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
, Daveed Diggs & more
Sandra Montgomery
James Fonnyadt , Bear McCreary , Brian Lyster , Natasha Duprey , Bobby Krlic
CJ Entertainment , Studio T , Tomorrow Studios
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Snowpiercer Movie Cast

as Melanie Cavill
Daveed Diggs
Daveed Diggs as Andre Layton
Mickey Sumner
as Bess Till
Alison Wright
Alison Wright as Ruth Wardell
Susan Park
as Jinju Seong
Lena Hall
Lena Hall as Miss Audrey
Iddo Goldberg
as Bennett Knox
Rowan Blanchard
as Alexandra Cavill
Sean Bean
as Joseph Wilford
Annalise Basso
as LJ Folger

Snowpiercer Crew List

Executive Producer : James Hawes , Jeong Tae-sung
Producer : MacKenzie Donaldson
Production Design : Barry Robison
Set Decoration : Louise Roper
Production Manager : Sean Seguin
Sound Designer : James Fonnyadt
Art Direction : Thomas P. Wilkins
Script Supervisor : Sandra Montgomery
Supervising Producer : Hiram Martinez
Consulting Producer : Semi Chellas
Co-Executive Producer : Lizzie Mickery , Ben Rosenblatt
Co-Producer : Scott Watson
Production Consultant : Cosima Herter
Executive Story Editor : Donald Joh
Original Music Composer :
Executive Producer : Marty Adelstein , Becky Clements , Bong Joon-ho , Park Chan-wook , Tae-hun Lee , , Graeme Manson , , Miky Lee
Original Story : Benjamin Legrand , Jacques Lob , Jean-Marc Rochette
Executive Producer : Matthew O'Connor
Producer : Jiwon Park
Casting : Wittney Horton , Jackie Lind
Property Master : Jim LeBlanc
Makeup Artist : Rosalina Da Silva
Hairstylist : Robert A. Pandini
Production Sound Mixer : Brian Lyster
Producer : Alissa Bachner , Holly Redford
Co-Executive Producer : Aubrey Nealon
Original Story : Kelly Masterson , Bong Joon-ho
Music Supervisor : Natasha Duprey
Co-Producer : Jay Prychidny , Donald Joh
Producer : Bill Balas
Co-Executive Producer : Zak Schwartz , Kiersten Van Horne , Christoph Schrewe
Executive Producer : Jinnie Choi , Ben Rosenblatt
Production Design : Stephen Geaghan
Production Manager : Tia Buhl
Original Music Composer : Bobby Krlic
Set Decoration : Bobbi Allyn

Snowpiercer International Release Dates

Release Date

Snowpiercer Webseries Episodes

Season 2 | Episodes 10 | 25-01-2021
Season 2
In season two, an entirely new power struggle emerges, causing a dangerous rift as people are divided between their loyalty to Layton and to Mr. Wilford, who has a new train, new technology and a game plan that keeps everyone guessing. While Layton battles Wilford for the soul of Snowpiercer, Melanie leads the charge on a shocking new discovery that could change the fate of humanity.
1 The Time of Two Engines
Mr. Wilford arrives and threatens Snowpiercer, so Melanie makes a move that can't be undone.

7.3/6 Users
2 Smolder to Life
An exchange is made between the two trains, but a far greater revelation might be just over the horizon.

7/6 Users
3 A Great Odyssey
Melanie embarks on her most dangerous mission yet, while Layton reckons with his personal choices.

7/6 Users
4 A Single Trade
As the Big Alice crew are granted shore leave on Snowpiercer, Layton and Wilford have differing opinions on the future.

8/4 Users
5 Keep Hope Alive
Layton and Miss Audrey make a risky play for Big Alice, but Wilford has his own plans.

8.3/3 Users
6 Many Miles From Snowpiercer
Melanie fights for survival in treacherous conditions, vying to do what others before her could not.

8.7/3 Users
7 Our Answer for Everything
Layton and Till investigate the murders. Wilford leads Miss Audrey down a dark path.

7.5/2 Users
8 The Eternal Engineer
An engineering catastrophe on Snowpiercer forces Layton to make a difficult choice, one that might cost him everything.
9 The Show Must Go On
Wilford presses forward on his endgame, as Layton sinks to new lows.
10 Into The White
Hope is a powerful motivator. As things hit their darkest point, Layton hatches a plan.
Season 1 | Episodes 10 | 17-05-2020
Season 1
1 First, the Weather Changed
A grisly murder stokes class division on Snowpiercer, the Great Ark Train. Melanie Cavill, the powerful head of hospitality, deputizes a dangerous rebel to help solve the killing -- Andre Layton, the world's only surviving homicide detective.

6.8/17 Users
2 Prepare to Brace
Layton uses his new position as train detective to investigate the murder while gathering intel for the revolution on the side. Meanwhile, Melanie faces a resource crisis, with potentially drastic consequences for the entire train.

6.4/16 Users
3 Access Is Power
Layton descends into the black market with Till, searching for both the killer and a valuable commodity for his revolution. Melanie stages a prize fight to distract the passengers from mounting class tension.

6.4/9 Users
4 Without Their Maker
A shocking twist in the murder investigation brings Layton and Till's manhunt to a cat-and-mouse climax. But Layton is getting too close to Melanie's big secret, which may prove the most dangerous game of all.

6.6/9 Users
5 Justice Never Boarded
Tensions between Third Class and First Class are boiling as Melanie stages the trial of the Snowpiercer killer. Third Class threatens a work stoppage, demanding representation on the jury, and Melanie makes a fateful decision about which side to favor.

6.6/8 Users
6 Trouble Comes Sideways
Hiding out with help from his allies, Layton lays track for revolution and an engineering emergency threatens every soul on Snowpiercer.

6.3/7 Users
7 The Universe Is Indifferent
On a divided Snowpiercer, Melanie intensifies her search for Layton while Layton is weaponizing her secret. Third Class faces a reckoning when he presents them with a choice.

6.2/8 Users
8 These Are His Revolutions
Revolution has finally come. As Layton leads the lower classes forward in armed rebellion, Melanie's house of cards collapses.

5.7/7 Users
9 The Train Demanded Blood
The rebel forces are on their heels when a dangerous foe joins them. A plan is hatched to take the train, but it may destroy them all.

6.4/7 Users
10 994 Cars Long
In the revolution's aftermath, Layton and Melanie realize the greatest threat to their survival is right over their shoulder.

6.4/7 Users

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Set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, the remnants of humanity inhabit a gigantic, perpetually-moving train that circles the globe as class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival play out.

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Snowpiercer is a 2020 English Film stars , James Hawes , Jeong Tae-sung , MacKenzie Donaldson , Barry Robison , Louise Roper , Sean Seguin , James Fonnyadt , Thomas P. Wilkins , Sandra Montgomery , Hiram Martinez , Semi Chellas , Lizzie Mickery , Ben Rosenblatt , Scott Watson , Cosima Herter , Donald Joh , Bear McCreary , Marty Adelstein , Becky Clements , Bong Joon-ho , Park Chan-wook , Tae-hun Lee , , Graeme Manson , , Miky Lee , Benjamin Legrand , Jacques Lob , Jean-Marc Rochette , Matthew O'Connor , Jiwon Park , Wittney Horton , Jackie Lind , Jim LeBlanc , Rosalina Da Silva , Robert A. Pandini , Brian Lyster , Alissa Bachner , Holly Redford , Aubrey Nealon , Kelly Masterson , Bong Joon-ho , Natasha Duprey , Jay Prychidny , Donald Joh , Bill Balas , Zak Schwartz , Kiersten Van Horne , Christoph Schrewe , Jinnie Choi , Ben Rosenblatt , Stephen Geaghan , Tia Buhl , Bobby Krlic , Bobbi Allyn , Daveed Diggs , Mickey Sumner , Alison Wright , Susan Park , Lena Hall , Iddo Goldberg , Rowan Blanchard , Sean Bean , Annalise Basso , directed by Sandra Montgomery & music by Bobby Krlic. Snowpiercer Release Date is 17-05-2020