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Save The Tigers
Drama Comedy
Save The Tigers
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Save The Tigers Movie Cast

Priyadarshi Pullikonda
as Ghanta Ravi
Chaitanya Krishna
as Vikram
Abhinav Gomatam
Abhinav Gomatam as Rahul
Pavani Gangireddy
Pavani Gangireddy as Madhuri
Jordaar Sujatha
Jordaar Sujatha as Hymavathi
Devayani Morales
Devayani Morales as Rekha
as Ram Mohan
Gangavva as Poshavva
Venu (Tillu)
Venu (Tillu) as Vijaykanth
as Lakshmi
Saddam as Yakub
Jayasri Rachakonda
Jayasri Rachakonda as Arundhati

Save The Tigers Crew List

Costume Designer : Hyndavi Suda
Public Relations : GSK Media

Save The Tigers International Release Dates

Country Release Date
India 27-04-2023

Save The Tigers Webseries Episodes

Save The Tigers Save The Tigers


27-04-2023 • 6 Episodes

Save The Tigers Save The Tigers

Episode-1  Mother's Day

27-04-2023 • 31

Caught in a drink-and-drive case, three frustrated men spill their marital woes at the police station. The catalyst to their problems: a video shot in their kids' school.

Save The Tigers Save The Tigers

Episode-2  Tiger Meet

27-04-2023 • 28

As the troubled trio continues to share the problems that led them to the bar, a famous actress, Hamsa Lekha, goes missing.

Save The Tigers Save The Tigers

Episode-3  Tigers on TV

27-04-2023 • 25

At the beauty salon, the wives of the trio meet coincidentally. How will they react when they see a video on TV of their husbands wreaking havoc in a bar?

Save The Tigers Save The Tigers

Episode-4  Dikky Dikky

27-04-2023 • 26

While Ganta Ravi has an eventful day at the shoot of an underwear ad and his daughter's school, Vikram is forced onto a psychologist's couch and Rahul tries to "help" his wife.

Save The Tigers Save The Tigers

Episode-5  No Pain No Gain

27-04-2023 • 25

Vikram and Rekha visit the psychologist again. Fuelled by Madhuri's criticism of his generous paunch, Rahul attempts to work out.

Save The Tigers Save The Tigers

Episode-6  Rise of the Tigers

27-04-2023 • 28

Everything comes full circle that lead the trio to get caught in a drink-and-drive case. Finally, the police let them go. However, they get arrested again!

Save The Tigers Overview

Revolves around three frustrated husbands who meet by chance and how their rants over their marital problems set off a series of crazy events.

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Save The Tigers

Save The Tigers is a 2023 Telugu Film stars Priyadarshi Pullikonda , Hyndavi Suda , GSK Media , Chaitanya Krishna , Abhinav Gomatam , Pavani Gangireddy , Jordaar Sujatha , Devayani Morales , Harshavardhan , Gangavva , Venu (Tillu) , Rohini , Saddam , Satya Krishnan , Jayasri Rachakonda , directed by & music by . Save The Tigers Release Date is 27-04-2023