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Anisha Victor
Anisha Victor

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Writer : Goldie Behl
As the RejctX get ready for their performance at a music competition, they realise that Aarav, their lead singer, hasnt turned up. They decide to go ahead without him. However, their gig is disrupted when a body suddenly hangs loose right in the middle of the stage creating chaos at the venue. Meanwhile, a flashback gives a sneak peek into the complicated lives of the youngsters.
Disturbed by Aarav’s disappearance, Kiara meets Hussain and is surprised when he mentions that Aarav has gone to India to meet his mother. A flashback to the past reveals why Parnomitra seeks revenge on him. Meanwhile, Kiara thinks Steve might have something to do with Aarav’s disappearance.
When Kiara and Sehmat see Steve and Parnomitra together, they decide to spy on her and come up with a plan to get access to the messages on her phone. In the past, during the trials for cheerleaders, Parnomitra insults the girls which irks Kiara. Meanwhile, Aarav and Maddy fight for a place in the basketball team. Later, when Aarav sees Anushka making out with her coach, he gets furious and vents out his anger in the form of a rap and records it.
During the basketball match, Maddy gets a porn clip, featuring his mother, which disturbs him. This clip also results into a fight between him and Aarav. However, Maddy overcomes his problems and helps his team win the match. Later, Harry and Anushka encourage Aarav to take part in an underground rap battle but he fails miserably.
Misha fails to remember the previous nights incidents the morning after she makes out with Sehmat. When Kiara confronts Sehmat, she reveals her story including her sexual orientation. An incident from past reveals how Aarav finds a great song written by Sehmat and how his performance turns into a hit. This gives him the confidence to build a band called RejctX.
Aarav is shocked to know that Harry is responsible for his situation. A peek into the past reveals how Hussain was desperate to uncover RejctX. Harry finds out about a competition and the RejctX decide to participate in it. Trouble begins when Hussain lands up at the competition and almost uncovers the identity of the bands members. Later, Kiara and Aarav have a heartfelt discussion and resolve their differences.
When Kiara visits Anushka’s house to know about her discussion with Hussain, she sees Harry and gets suspicious about him. Meanwhile, Aarav tries to find some help to rescue him, but his efforts go in vain. The story moves back in time to show how Anushka lured Aarav and distracted him from studies, friends, and music. Later, when Kiara’s old picture is leaked in the college and she is body shamed, she blames Aarav for the mess.
Once Kiara finds out about Aarav’s kidnapping, she informs the gang who then decide to inform Anushka, the senior most, trustworthy person of the group. It is revealed how Aarav learnt about Anushka’s affair with his father and he began avoiding her. Later, when RejctX gets a wild card entry into a competition, the members realise that they would need Aarav in the band. Kiara tries to resolve her differences with Aarav and convince him to join the band.
The RejctX go behind Harry who narrates his story of how a mysterious woman lured him into doing things. Aarav is finally rescued and taken to the hospital where the band meets him and thanks Hussain for his help. Hussain calls the cops to arrest Anushka, but she manages to save herself. Aarav struggles with withdrawal symptoms and finds a gun.
Aarav is back with RejctX but is struggling to deal with his withdrawal symptoms. He confronts Anushka who discloses the truth behind her relationship with his father. Later, when RejctX get ready for the final performance, they find Aarav missing and decide to perform without him. Later, Aarav gets furious and storms towards the school with the gun after his father confesses his crime.

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