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Mystery Sci-Fi & Fantasy Action & Adventure
Dev , Sampath Ram & more
Lakshmi Narayana Raju
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PUBGOA Movie Cast

Dev as Varun
Sampath Ram
as Ayyanar
Vimala Raman
as Adhira

PUBGOA Crew List

Director : Lakshmi Narayana Raju

PUBGOA International Release Dates

Release Date

PUBGOA Webseries Episodes

Season 1 | Episodes 8 | 27-11-2020
Season 1
1 Sun, Beach, Drugs, and Crime
A rave party, shootout, and a politician's conspiracy send Adira on a guilt trip from the past, as the Siolim drug party case continues to haunt her. Can Varun and Kavya help Adira on the road to redemption?
2 Two Bullets, One Lie and A Mask
Adira has to believe in her instinct, and this makes her suspicious of everyone around. Varun and Kavya are both haunted by their past. Meanwhile, a familiar stranger visits Varun and an uninvited guest visits Kavya.
3 When Desperation turns Unlucky!
Kavya tries her best to bury the past, even as it keeps simmering. Varun finds a key which can open his memory vault. On the other hand, Adira is desperate and gets closer to a vital piece of the puzzle, but her luck runs out.
4 Maya and Murphy's law
Regardless of Adira's deception tactics, the odds are against her. Kavya runs away from the clutches of death, but Hades follows her. On the other hand, Varun's odyssey to find Maya leads him into a death trap.
5 A Key to the Puzzle?
Starting with Kavya, Adira begins to solve the puzzle. On the other hand, Varun is trapped between the four walls and his lost memory. He uses a secret key to open the memory vault. The beast is caught in Adira's booby trap.
6 Love, Sex, and Games
Varun recollects that Maya was more than just a game for him. Adira ducks the bullet, but her target is spot on. The game intensifies, and the real players are finally revealed.
7 The Game Begins
Varun learns the game and starts to play. Adira puts all the missing pieces together but fails to solve the puzzle. On the other hand, Maya opens a Pandora's box of unpleasant memories for Varun.
8 Game Over
The monster is unleashed once again. Adira and Varun have to play the game not to win but to survive. Will the monster spare them, or is there a twist to the tale?


A New Year's rave party in Goa turns deadly for a bunch of video game developers who get killed in a shootout. Only two survive. What happens next?

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PUBGOA is a 2020 Tamil Film stars Lakshmi Narayana Raju , Dev , Sampath Ram , Vimala Raman , Lizzie Antony , directed by Lakshmi Narayana Raju & music by . PUBGOA Release Date is 27-11-2020