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Nila Nila Odi Vaa
Season 1 | Episodes 13 | 24-07-2018
Season 1
What happens when a boy finds out the girl of his dream is a vampire? Will he give up love for life or life for the love?
1 Episode #1.1
Om Prakash, a tattoo artist, sets up his own tattoo studio along with his assistants Thomas and Poonkodi in an eerie old house. And at that night, Om is attacked by a Vampire who happens to be his college mate, Nila.
2 Episode #1.2
More trouble mounts for Om, as he is stuck between running his studio and his new found friendly neighbor Vampire ‘Nila’. Meanwhile, there are other dangerous vampires creating havoc in town. Who’ll keep them at bay?
3 Episode #1.3
A group of Slayers take on the evil vampires and spoil their plans. Meanwhile, Om visits his family and is troubled by a manipulative loan shark.
4 Episode #1.4
Nila shares her back-story with Om and reveals that she is being ordered by a super-vampire, Alex to carry out his dirty work. Om tries to cheer Nila by taking her to their college reunion.
5 Episode #1.5
Om reveals to Nila that he has feelings for her. Does she feel the same way about him? Meanwhile, slayers catch a vampire alive. What do they plan to do with him?
6 Episode #1.6
Om gets mad at Nila for hypnotizing random people and sending them to his studio as customers. Nila gets a surprise gift from Om on her birthday but things go wrong.
7 Episode #1.7
Love is in the air. Om get a business proposal from his wealthy college mate Yamuna. Nila smells some foul play. Is she correct in judging Yamuna?
8 Episode #1.8
Love is in the air. Om get a business proposal from his wealthy college mate Yamuna. Nila smells some foul play. Is she correct in judging Yamuna?
9 Episode #1.9
Slayers face a casualty and are taken aback. Jamal reminds his team about their purpose. Meanwhile, Om decides to find a way to change Nila back to a human. Will he succeed in his attempts?
10 Episode #1.10
Om runs from pillar to post, trying to find a way to cure Nila off her Vampirism, along with Thomas and Poonkodi. Meanwhile, Jamal and the slayers find out that Nila was working for Alex.
11 Episode #1.11
Om tries to seek help of Devi, a tantrik to help him cure Nila. Does she have what it takes to help him? Meanwhile, trouble starts brewing between Nila and Om.
12 Episode #1.12
Nila and Om are miserable without each other. Nila realises that the world she lives in will not allow her to be with Om. Will they be able to find a way out?
13 Episode #1.13
Slayers try to kill Nila, but Om will not let that happen. Will Om succeed in protecting Nila? Or is there something more to the story?


What happens when the girl of your dreams turns out to be a vampire? Do you give up your love for your life or your life for the love of your life? We follow Om and Nila on a 13 episode rollercoaster of love, romance, action and a whole lot of vampires - as they try to convert each other into human and vampire.

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