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Hasvanth is a depressed, orphaned techie living in a metropolitan city who dreams of leading a happy life. When he accidentally meets four different women, he gets excited. As he meet them regularly, his bond with the women grows stronger and he finds an interesting change in himself. How has meeting these women changed him?
As two new girls enter Hasvanth s life, two of his old female friends go missing. While Hasvanth wonders about what happened to them, he continues his journey of meeting other women and strengthening his relationship with them. In the meanwhile, the police investigate the missing cases.
When the women in Hasvanth s life go missing one by one, Hasvanth s quest to know the reason behind their disappearance becomes stronger. Unable to find a solution, he decides to stay away from the last woman he knows. However, the woman gets initimate with him and later, she too goes missing. The police suspect Hasvanth in all the six missing cases and arrest him.
During the investigation, Hasvanth tries to prove his innocence. Upon further interrogation, he finally reveals that he had a physical relationship with the women. He also reveals that because of a medical disease he suffers from, the women die after getting close to him. He agrees to show the police the spot where he buried the women.
The police arrive at the place where Hasvanth claimed to have buried the six women. When they find no trace of the bodies, they take him into custody. At the station, a lady CP makes out with Hasvanth and dies. He buries her body in the police station but finds her to be alive the next day. When Hasvanth sees the previous night s CCTV footage, he goes in to a state of shock. The police take him to a psychiatrist where the doctor reveals the truth about the disease he suffers from. In the meanwhile, the cops gets to know that the fingerprints and belongings found at the missing women s location belong to a person from Hasvanth s work place.
Upon investigation, the police zero in on Hasvanth s colleague and begin to interrogate him. They finally come to the conclusion that Hasvanth s colleague is the real culprit. They kill him and declare Hasvanth as innocent. Hasvanth gets released from the custody.
Who is Hasvanth? Is he really innocent and unrelated to the death of the women he knew? Were the police able to draw up the series of events that took place correctly? What s the truth and what actually happened? Watch the lines between reality and imagination blur in this gripping finale.

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NERD - Neither Either Really Dead

NERD - Neither Either Really Dead is a Malayalam Film stars Naveen Abhi , Arjun Ambati , Nikita Bisht , Hasvanth , directed by & music by .