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Drama Crime Mystery
Amitabha Bhattacharya , Esha Gupta & more
Soumik Sen
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Amitabha Bhattacharya
Amitabha Bhattacharya
Ankita Chakraborty
Ankita Chakraborty

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Season 1 | Episodes 8 | 14-09-2021
Season 1
1 Murder or Suicide
The famous actress Vibha Dutta has died under mysterious circumstances, and the case for investigation has fallen under Aditi Amre and Pawan Bisht. As they begin the investigation of the death of the celebrity, the case has already become a media sensation. Everybody wants to know what led to the death of the actress Vibha Dutta. But not everything that meets the eye is true. Who is the culprit?
2 Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
Aditi Amre, an honest police officer is leading the investigation with true intentions to nab the murderer. Some shocking facts await her about Vibha’s life which may turn the whole investigation around. Meanwhile, Pawan also investigates the case in his own way and gets some leads. Zohra, the film producer, is trying hard to hide something from the police investigation. What is she hiding?
3 #JusticeForVibha
The police follow Vibha’s case but then close the file when they find nothing new. The case gets shut and the investigation stops, but the media is not ready to stop. They dig up some dirty and lost secrets from Vibha’s life and put her case on trial in the media. While Vibha’s case is getting discussed ferociously in the media, Aditi and Zohra decide to set up a meeting. But Pawan doesn’t let them have the meeting and interrupts it. What are his intentions?
4 The Search For Truth
Aditi wants to solve the case of the mysterious death of Vibha Dutta and is not ready to give up just yet. Pawan joins hands with her and vows to help her to crack the case. As they begin their investigation once again off the records, they learn that Vibha might be part of an underground syndicate. What would they do with this information? Can this lead them to the murderer?
5 Exxtacy
Aditi and Pawan decide to attend an event of the underground syndicate and find out the secrets. But things get very messy there and they both run for their lives before something worse happens. However, they do find out that the underground syndicate is run by Zohra and Vardhe. They are the leaders of that group. Could they have anything to do with Vibha’s death?
6 Will She Or Will She Not?
Aditi and Pawan get involved in an argument as they learn some deep secrets about the underground syndicate. Aditi wants to reveal to the media the real reason behind Vibha’s death but Pawan advises her against it. He asks her to wait and come up with a plan to take down the whole nexus now that they have the inside information. What decision would Aditi take? What would she do with the information about the underground syndicate?
7 Two Lies & A Truth
Moving further ahead into the investigation, Aditi learns some more shocking secrets about Vibha. This might lead to the real murderer and the case might be solved. But then Aditi is reported and police come to her house with a search warrant. The police raid her house to find the evidence she is withholding about Vibha Duttá’s case. Pawan and Aditi experience a dead end in the case. Who made a complaint about Aditi? Was it Pawan?
8 A New Beginning
Some shocking information about Vibha’s death has come up and reaches Aditi. Zohra approaches Aditi and offers to help her find a new direction in life. What will Aditi do? Will she still hang on to Vibha’s death case or accept Zohra’s help or move on?

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When Aditi Amre becomes involved in the high-profile death case of actress Vibha Dutta, she discovers the horrible secrets that Vibha has been keeping hidden underneath her public persona. Is it a Murder or a Suicide?

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Nakaab is a 2021 Hindi Film stars Soumik Sen , Amitabha Bhattacharya , Esha Gupta , Mallika Sherawat , Gautam Rode , Ankita Chakraborty , directed by Soumik Sen & music by . Nakaab Release Date is 14-09-2021