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Montu Pilot
Montu Pilot
Subrat Dutta , Chandrayee Ghosh & more
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Montu Pilot Movie Cast

Chandrayee Ghosh
Chandrayee Ghosh
Saurav Das
Saurav Das as Montu
Kanchan Mullick
Kanchan Mullick
Solanki Roy
Solanki Roy as Bhromor

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Montu Pilot
Season 2 | Episodes 10 | 29-04-2022
Season 2
Montu Pilot is back in Neelkuthi as a man who has nothing to lose. He pawns the unwitting Bonhi in a bid to avenge his fate. Will Neelkuthi survive the wrath of an enraged Montu?
1 Neelkuthir Rajkumar
Montu Pilot returns to Neelkuthi. He brings a young woman called Bonhi to the dismay of all the people there.
2 Chokher Bodole Chokh
As Montu’s past comes alive, he is blinded by rage. Why is he back in the ghetto called Neelkuthi?
3 Neelkuthir Pari
Bibijaan tries to help Bonhi flee, but Montu is on guard. Bonhi is named Pari, the fairy. The women of Neelkuthi get her ready for her first client.
4 Ekta Chilo Jonaki
Montu sees Bhromor in Pari and saves her from the lust of her first client. Montu shares his secret with her.
5 Ekta Jonakir Mrityu
Bonhi turns out to be the Doctor’s daughter. The link between Montu's past and Bonhi gets revealed.
6 Rawkter Shohor
A monster haunts Bonhi in her dreams. While the doctor wants his daughter back, Bonhi finds her mother in Neelkuthi.
7 Bidaay Pareshbabu
Montu and Bonhi connect through their grief. The celebrations of Kartik Puja at Neelkuthi are marred by a murder.
8 Ekta Rakkhosher Golpo
The Doctor and Bonhi face each other with a new reality. Montu gets a call from the supposedly dead Taufiq Riaz.
9 Mayur Singhashon
Taufiq Riaz conspires with Shoroma to get back the throne of Neelkuthi. Bibijaan wants to meet Bonhi for the last time. Montu keeps looking for a chance to exact his revenge.
10 Koborer Golpo
The truth behind Jonaki’s death finally gets revealed. The culprit gets his due.
Montu Pilot
Season 1 | Episodes 9 | 13-12-2019
Season 1
Trapped in the forbidden alleys of the city - is a broken man. Can he find love in the dark world of flesh trade?
1 Ghoretey Bhromor Elo
Bhromor, a young woman, ends up in a motel room where her life is about to change. Will Montu be able to save her - or ruin her life forever?
2 Welcome to Neelkuthi
Bhromor takes her first step into the dark world of Neelkuthi where everyone is busy in their own struggles. Is the daredevil Montu hiding his pain, too?
3 Kothae Montu Pilot
The police, while searching for Montu, reaches Neelkuthi, and notice Bhromor. But, what does fate have in store for the devastated Bhromor?
4 Bhromor O Badal
Montu finds Badal, the man whom Bhromor used to love. But, does Badal really love her enough to give her a good life?
5 Noroker Khojey
Montu is finally forced to give in to the pressures of his business in Neelkuthi. Will his decision force Bhromor to go deeper into the hell of flesh trade?
6 Rakta Bonya
Montu crosses the boundaries of Neelkuthi and takes Bhromor away from the Doctor. But will he find freedom for Bhromor - and himself?
7 Daktaar Babu
The Doctor finally shows his true colours. Meanwhile, will the pain in the lives of Montu and Bhromor create a special bond between them?
8 Shukhi Poribar
Montu and Bhromor weave new dreams of a happy life together. But will these dreams be torn apart by the demons of Neel Kuthi?
9 Mrityu Pothey
Montu comes back to Neelkuthi for the final showdown. Will he be able to bring Bhromor out from the depths of darkness?

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Trapped in the forbidden alleys of the city - is a broken man. Can he find love in the dark world of flesh trade?

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Montu Pilot

Montu Pilot is a 2019 Hindi Film stars Subrat Dutta , Chandrayee Ghosh , Saurav Das , Kanchan Mullick , Solanki Roy , directed by & music by . Montu Pilot Release Date is 13-12-2019