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Bipul Patra
Bipul Patra as Rishi

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Season 2 | Episodes 5 | 21-05-2021
Season 2
Rishi is back in his cage of illusions but not as a guest anymore. Will he ever be able to break away from his past? And for how long will Aruna remain captive to Rishi's violent expressions of love?
1 Nirbak
Aruna finds solace in Rishi despite Suranjan’s apprehension. What fate awaits Baishali as she tries to uncover Rishi’s truth?
2 Khorosrota
Aruna is stunned by Mimo’s shocking revelation. Her anguish threatens to drive Rishi over the edge as memories of his mother’s death start to haunt him.  
3 Aalta
Aruna doesn’t let Suranjan look for Baishali to keep Rishi out of trouble. When the tension between Rishi and Mimo comes to a head, Rishi ends up causing irrevocable damage.
4 Pother Kaanta
Mimo’s death places Aruna in a limbo. Suranjan leaves the house with Mithi. Will Aruna be able to recognise Rishi for who he is?
5 Shesh Drishyo
As Aruna remains numb with pain, Rishi keeps destroying the last threads of her family. Will Aruna ever break free from the confines of Rishi’s violent love? And what does Miki’s arrival mean for Rishi’s world of illusions? 
Season 1 | Episodes 5 | 26-03-2021
Season 1
1 Toe ring
As Miki leaves for Canada, he requests Aruna to accommodate Rishi, his childhood friend, as a paying guest. Although hesitant at first, Aruna agrees after meeting Rishi, impressed by his respectable behaviour.
2 Bhogoban kotha sone na
Rishi becomes an inseparable part of Aruna's household. Rishi's past is a deep ocean of secrets, and he finds a motherly solace in Aruna.
3 Jhumjhumi
Aruna's husband Suranjan becomes wary of this unconventional bond between Aruna and Rishi. Strange accidents start to happen in the household, putting Mithi at stake.
4 Mrito Jonaki
Faced with questions, Rishi decides to leave Suranjan's house. But Aruna's growing dependency on him doesn't let him leave. Miki's girlfriend Baishali visits Suranjan, and devises a ploy to find out more about Rishi.
5 Achin Pakhi
Rishi takes over the household. Suranjan becomes even more doubtful about Rishi's motive, but Aruna has blind faith in Rishi. On the other hand, Baishali finds out about Rishi's obsessive fixation with his mother Maya.

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Rishi comes to live as a paying guest in his childhood friend Miki's house. Rishi soon forms a bond with Aruna who he starts seeing as his mother. But Rishi's obsession eventually pushes him towards a past he always wanted to escape from.

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Mohomaya is a 2021 Bengali Film stars Swastika Mukherjee , Ananya Chatterjee , Bipul Patra , directed by & music by . Mohomaya Release Date is 26-03-2021