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Huma Qureshi , Inaamulhaq & more
Saurabh Bhave
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Maharani Movie Cast

Huma Qureshi
as Rani Bharti
Inaamulhaq as Parvez Aalam
Sohum Shah
as Bheema Bharti
Amit Sial
as Navin Kumar
Kani Kusruti
Kani Kusruti
Kani Kusruti
Kani Kusruti as Kaveri Sreedharan
Pramod Pathak
Pramod Pathak
Pramod Pathak
Pramod Pathak as Mishra Ji
Vineet Kumar
as Gauri Shankar Pandey
Anuja Sathe
Anuja Sathe as Kirti Singh
Sushil Pandey
Sushil Pandey
Kanan Arunachalam
Kanan Arunachalam as DGP Siddhant Gautam

Maharani Crew List

Writer : Subhash Kapoor
Director :
Writer : , Umashankar Singh
Producer : Naren Kumar , Dimple Kharbanda

Maharani International Release Dates

Country Release Date
India 28-05-2021

Maharani Webseries Episodes

Maharani Maharani


07-03-2024 • 1 Episodes

Maharani Maharani

Episode-1  Episode 1

07-03-2024 •

Maharani Maharani


25-08-2022 • 10 Episodes

Maharani Maharani

Episode-1  Jungleraj

25-08-2022 • 57

Eight months after Rani sent Bheema Bharti to jail from the Assembly floor and promised a fair and transparent administration to the people of Bihar, she is struggling on both personal and professional fronts. Bheema runs a proxy government from jail and there is lawlessness in Bihar. When a young girl is raped and murdered, the opposition dubs Rani's government as Jungle Raj and demands her resignation.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-2  Daagi Bane Baagi

25-08-2022 • 37

As Rani takes steps to get rid of the Jungle Raj in the state, her own party's MLAs rebel against her. Meanwhile, Naveen Kumar meets Govardhan Das to discuss their next move.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-3  Vibhajan

25-08-2022 • 48

RJSP, the ruling party, elects Musafir Baitha as the CM designate. Rani and Naveen eye Jharkhand Jan Party leader Ekkal Munda’s support to prove a majority. Bheema walks out of jail and asks Rani to resign. Rani’s political move stuns not only her husband but the opposition too.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-4  Ashirvaad

25-08-2022 • 44

Anti-reservation bill protests break out on the streets. Naveen plans to counter Rani’s political move. Bheema sees an opportunity in this political turmoil to gain political mileage in Bihar.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-5  Vinashkale Viprite Buddhi

25-08-2022 • 40

Violence erupts and spreads throughout Bihar. Rani imposes Section 144 in the state and orders Naveen’s arrest. Ex-Governor Govardhan Das returns to Bihar to investigate the violence. Prem Kumar, out on bail, makes a revelation, which breaks Rani’s heart.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-6  Pati Patni Aur Woh

25-08-2022 • 47

The word of Bheema’s love interest gets out to the media while Rani struggles to accept her new reality. Bheema launches a new political party as the elections are announced. Govardhan discloses the truth behind the Siwan violence and Bheema being bombed to Rani.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-7  Kingmaker

25-08-2022 • 41

People cast their votes in the elections. Who will Bihar choose as its next chief minister? Rani, Bheema or Naveen?

Maharani Maharani

Episode-8  Shah Aur Maat

25-08-2022 • 33

Suspense on the formation of the government continues while Naveen brings Bheema an exciting proposal. Bheema throws a Holi party and invites newly-elected MLAs from the RJSP and BVP parties to form a government.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-9  Hawamahal

25-08-2022 • 33

Martin Ekka is appointed as the head of a three-member committee to investigate Bheema Bharti’s unexplained death. President's rule is imposed on the state. Mishra decides to unravel the mystery by himself. A new light shines on the case when the committee investigates all the MLAs present at the Holi party.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-10  Mastermind

25-08-2022 • 61

Govardhan Das is reappointed as the Governor of Bihar and calls the single largest party, BPP, to form the government. Martin meets Rani to tell her the truth behind Bheema Bharti’s death.

Maharani Maharani


28-05-2021 • 10 Episodes

Maharani Maharani

Episode-1  Jaat Na Poocho Sadhu Ki

28-05-2021 • 46

1998 - Bihar is going through a financial crisis and caste wars are rampant throughout the state. Dileep Ram, a Dalit, is killed by Thakur Saheb, a landlord because Dileep refused to send his wife to work at Thakur’s mansion. In reprisal, Naxal leader Shankar Mahto kills Thakur along with eight of his men. This leads to political unrest in Bihar and brings the factionalism in the ruling party out in the open.

4/1 Users

Maharani Maharani

Episode-2  Dekh Tamasha Kursi Ka

28-05-2021 • 48

CM Bheema Bharti survives the fatal attack but is bedridden. RJSP central observer Ramjeevan Bohra informs Bheema that due to his ill health, the party has decided to elect a new CM. Bheema agrees to resign with a condition that if he gets maximum votes then he will announce his successor and Bohra agrees. A triangular fight ensues between Bheema Bharti, Naveen Kumar and Party President Gauri Shankar Pandey.

6/1 Users

Maharani Maharani

Episode-3  Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol Re

28-05-2021 • 58

Illiterate and shy Rani Bharti is completely out of depth while taking CM’s oath in cabinet meeting. She feels extremely humiliated as media roasts her and calls her rubber-stamp CM. She decides not to go to the office but when Bheema’s PA Mishra Ji reminds her that her reluctance to take charge as CM could lead to another murder attempt on Bheema, Rani gets the message. She orders DGP to find people who were behind murder attempt on Bheema.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-4  Sadho Yeh Murdon Ka Gaon

28-05-2021 • 44

CM Rani Bharti faces the first big crisis in the office when Veer Sena, an army of upper-caste people, massacred 37 lower caste people in Laxmanpur village. Rani Bharti gives a 13-day ultimatum to DGP to catch Mukhiya. DGP nabs Mukhiya’s right-hand man Kunwar Singh in a daring operation but he refuses to divulge Mukhiya's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Rani gets to know from Finance Secretary Parvez Alam that the state has no money to even pay its employees and all state treasuries are empty.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-5  Kaun Thagwa Nagariya Lootal Ho

28-05-2021 • 40

Ranchi DM Manak Gupta pays a visit to Machan Baba, a religious leader, and informs him about the Finance Secretary's visit to Ranchi treasury for audit. Machan baba asks him to be alert. Parvez Alam and his Deputy Anjani Srivastav visit the treasury office in the night and find suspicious bills. Parvez reports to CM Rani that Animal Husbandry Dept (AHD) has done fraudulent withdrawals in millions from Ranchi treasury. CM orders him to investigate AHD withdrawals from all 48 treasuries of Bihar.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-6  Na Kahu Se Dosti Na Kahu Se Bair

28-05-2021 • 48

Parvez Alam interrogates 4 AHD officials of Ranchi and gets to know withdrawals were done by submitting fake bills of supply of seeds, fodder, medical equipment by companies such as VC Foods. He also gets to know fraud was happening with AHD minister Prem Kumar’s approval. Rani confronts Prem and asks for his resignation. Prem reminds her that if he goes, her govt will fall too.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-7  Bahot Kathin Hai Dagar Panghat Ki

28-05-2021 • 50

Mukhiya with help of SP Nishikant traps and kills ASI Ranjana Kumari, a Naxal sympathizer, who had helped DGP to arrest Kunwar Singh. Shankar Mahto vows revenge. Rani Bharti dismisses Prem Kumar and orders CID investigation into the scam. Infuriated Prem Kumar, on the advice of Gauri Shankar Pandey, leaves RJS party and joins hands with Naveen Kumar along with 8 more MLAs from RJS on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. This brings Rani’s Govt into a minority.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-8  Maaya Maha Thagni Hum Jaani

28-05-2021 • 40

Bheema, who could now walk with the help of a stick, meets Governor and asks him why did he try to kill him? After all, Machan baba couldn’t do anything without Governor’s approval. Governor reminds him that he had gone back on his words. Bheema offers Governor a deal - that he won’t touch Machan Baba and in return, Governor won’t call Rani Govt, which was in minority, for floor test as demanded by Naveen. Bheema, true to his word, stops Rani from arresting Machan baba.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-9  Chah Gayi Chinta Miti Manua Beparwah

28-05-2021 • 40

Rani meets Governor at midnight and demands an explanation. Governor drops a bombshell, tells her Bheema Bharti too was part of the Seed Scam. In fact, 3 years ago, post elections, his party RJSP was short of a majority in the Assembly and Bheema became CM only after he agreed to make Virender Thakur, Governor Protégé, and Animal Husbandry Minister in the previous govt, as AHD minister in his government too.

Maharani Maharani

Episode-10  Jo Ghar Phoonke Apnau Chale Hamaare Saath

28-05-2021 • 48

Rani confronts Bheema about the scam, death of Virendra Thakur and his association with Naxal leader Shankar Mahto. Bheema says Virender had joined hands with Mukhiya to kill backward caste people and destabilize his govt, so he asked his college friend Shankar Mahto to kill him. Later he made Prem Kumar as AHD minister with approval from Governor. Bheema adds he did nothing wrong as these are small prices to pay for the social change he brought in Bihar.

Maharani Overview

A political drama set in Bihar of 1990's. With its caste arithmetic, traditional satraps and the emerging voice...will an illiterate woman Rani Bharti (Huma Qureshi) survive this? Rani Bharti (Huma Qureshi) is a homemaker and the wife of Bihar's chief minister Bheema (Sohum Shah). All she cares about is her house and her husband. She wants to pack her bags and go back to the village after her husband resigns from the post of Bihar's CM. But her life takes a turn when her husband and Bihar's CM is made to announce the name of his successor. While his party members look excited to hear who has been anointed, he makes Rani his successor, leaving everyone surprised.

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Maharani is a 2021 Hindi Film stars Huma Qureshi , Subhash Kapoor , Saurabh Bhave , , Umashankar Singh , Naren Kumar , Dimple Kharbanda , Inaamulhaq , Inaamulhaq , Sohum Shah , Amit Sial , Kani Kusruti , Kani Kusruti , Pramod Pathak , Pramod Pathak , Vineet Kumar , Vineet Kumar , Anuja Sathe , Sushil Pandey , Dibyendu Bhattacharya , Kanan Arunachalam , Inaamulhaq , directed by Saurabh Bhave & music by . Maharani Release Date is 28-05-2021