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Killer Soup
Comedy Crime
Killer Soup
Abhishek Chaubey , P. Vamsi Krishna , Parag , Kush Patel , Neil Shah
Kunal Sharma
MacGuffin Pictures
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Killer Soup Movie Cast

Konkona Sen Sharma
as Swathi Shetty
Manoj Bajpayee
as Prabhakar Shetty
Kani Kasruti
Kani Kasruti
Anula Navlekar
Anula Navlekar
Anbu Thasan
Anbu Thasan
Vaishali Bisht
Vaishali Bisht

Killer Soup Crew List

Director :
Writer : Abhishek Chaubey , Unaiza Merchant , Harshad Nalawade
Producer : Chetana Kowshik , Honey Trehan
Executive Producer : Ravi Tiwari
Cinematography : Anuj Dhawan
Editor : Sanyukta Kaza
Casting Director : Varsha Varadharajan
Production Design : Tiya Tejpal
Costume Designer : Shivank Kapoor
Makeup Artist : Prafful Potle
Sound Designer : Kunal Sharma
Assistant Director : P. Vamsi Krishna
Second Assistant Director : Parag , Kush Patel
First Assistant Director : Neil Shah
Writer : Anant Tripathy

Killer Soup International Release Dates

Country Release Date
India 11-01-2024

Killer Soup Webseries Episodes

Killer Soup Killer Soup


01-01-1970 • 1 Episodes

Killer Soup Killer Soup

Episode-1  Episode 1

01-01-1970 •

Killer Soup Overview

Swathi is an unskilled cook who wants to open a restaurant of her own someday. Prabhakar is her doubtful husband who won't help with her dreams and has doubts of his own. Soon fate gives her an occasion and she starts to cook up a master plan.

Killer Soup Movie Critic Reviews

Investigation Caper Series Story


A just-deceased man's phone rings. The caller is another dead man. That aptly signals the end of the opening episode of Killer Soup, a deliciously off-the-wall crime series created and directed by Abhishek Chaubey.

The owners of the phones are dead but the warped connection lingers on and impacts the course of the insanely twisted eight-episode Netflix series. The freakish is par for the course here. As more people die, each life lost casts a shadow, literally and figuratively, on those that survive.

A Latin sign outside a mortuary in the fictional Tamil Nadu hill town that Killer Soup is set in reads "Mortui vivos docent" ("the dead teach the living"). The living learn little in this neck of the woods. They frantically try - and fail - to shrug off the burden of the departed.

Killer Soup, a deftly crafted crime and investigation caper marked by whip-smart writing and unerring acting, is quirky, sly and hugely entertaining. One of its two principal characters is Swathi Shetty (Konkona Sen Sharma), an inept cook who hopes to start a restaurant of her own.

Her self-absorbed husband, Prabhakar 'Prabhu' Shetty (Manoj Bajpayee), promises to help her but is more interested in pulling himself out of a hole after having botched up several business projects. Their marriage is a recipe for disaster.

Prabhu's foulmouthed elder brother, Arvind Shetty (Sayaji Shinde), wavers between fraternal affection and corrosive candour. He loses no opportunity to tick Prabhu off for his profligacies. Prabhu shamelessly leeches off his big brother. The latter, too, has skeletons aplenty in the closet.

Swathi, disgruntled as much with what she lacks as with what she possesses, has an affair with a masseur, Umesh Pillai (Bajpayee in a dual role), who serves the Shetty brothers and knows a great deal about their shady business practices.

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Killer Soup

Killer Soup is a 2024 Hindi Film stars Konkona Sen Sharma , Abhishek Chaubey , Abhishek Chaubey , Unaiza Merchant , Harshad Nalawade , Chetana Kowshik , Honey Trehan , Ravi Tiwari , Anuj Dhawan , Sanyukta Kaza , Varsha Varadharajan , Tiya Tejpal , Shivank Kapoor , Prafful Potle , Kunal Sharma , P. Vamsi Krishna , Parag , Kush Patel , Neil Shah , Anant Tripathy , Manoj Bajpayee , Nassar , Sayaji Shinde , Lal , Kani Kasruti , Anula Navlekar , Anbu Thasan , Vaishali Bisht , directed by Neil Shah & music by Kunal Sharma. Killer Soup Release Date is 11-01-2024