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Writer : Vibha Singh
Since her arrival in Qatar Ananya has been missing Rohit. Rohit fails to understand Ananya’s sudden decision of leaving him. He contemplates visiting Qatar. When he finally meets Ananya, he expects her to return to Delhi immediately. But Ananya has other ideas.
As Rohit waits for Ananya in Qatar, he meets Sheena. She has some bitter advice for him. Ananya patiently waits to talk to Rohit all day. But when Harry invites him to an after-work party, he rejects the invitation. At a supermarket, Poonam bumps into a charming young man.
Rohit and Ananya spend some quality time together. Later, they also go sightseeing with Harry. As Bani is beginning to question the purpose of marriage, she meets her ex at a party. Poonam and Abhimanyu exchange friendly texts.
Rohit leaves for Delhi. Ananya’s work requires her to remain in Qatar for another three months. Rohit patiently waits for Ananya’s pregnancy test results. He thinks the baby will be good for their marriage. Poonam reluctantly meets Abhimanyu at a coffee shop.
Ananya feels relieved and guilty learning the pregnancy test results. When Ananya returns from Qatar Rohit is not there to welcome her. Vandy and Cherry cannot understand the reason behind the visible tension behind Harry and Ananya.
Rohit and Poonam question their involvement as parents on Nikki s dismissal from college. Ananya and Poonam bond over drinks as Rohit tries to find the reason behind Nikki s withdrawal.
Ananya is annoyed that Rohit told Poonam about her failed pregnancy. She decides to speak with Rohit. Vandy and Cherry finally learn what happened that one night between Harry and Ananya.
Rohit is unsuccessful in getting the truth out of Nikki. But when Ananya catches Nikki stealing wads of cash, she is forced to confess. Nikki begs Ananya to keep it a secret. Later Rohit is upset to learn Ananya lying about Harry.
Poonam is displeased with Ananya for meddling into Nikki’s problems. But Rohit thinks Ananya handled the situation well. Both Bani and Ananya separately plan a grand birthday party for Rohit. Who will manage to surprise Rohit first, Bani or Ananya?
Poonam feels sad and lonely seeing Ananya and Rohit enjoy each other’s company. Later, she goes on a coffee date with Abhimanyu. Harry finally arrives at the party with Rohit’s birthday gift. Over drinks, Harry talks about his idea of a perfect life-partner.
Ananya sees Poonam with Abhimanyu at a cafe. Poonam requests Ananya to keep it a secret. Rohit considers his thought about Ananya and Harry and concludes that the problem is with Harry and not with Ananya.
Rohit is beginning to wonder what Poonam is up to these days. Poonam is spending more and more time with Abhimanyu. Ananya gives Cherry and Vandy a miss to hang out with Rohit’s married friends. Soon she leaves the party mid-way to attend to Harry.
Rohit and Ananya gather with family and friends on the occasion of Karva Chauth. Ananya has no regrets over not observing a fast and enjoys the food instead. Bani reluctantly manages to fast for Arya. Rohit is simply unsure about the significance of this tradition.
Ananya finds it hard to appease Vandy and Cherry. Vandy thinks Ananya likes Harry’s attention and doesn’t want to share it with anyone. Later, Ananya asks Rohit if he is okay with her working alongside Harry. Bani and Arya have a big fight and, she considers taking a break from the relationship.
Poonam and Rohit stand divided on Bani’s marital problems. Bani leaves Arya’s house to stay with Rohit and Ananya. Ananya sets Cherry up on a date with Harry, while firmly highlighting her discomfort to Harry.
When Rohit faces a dire financial crisis, he confides in Poonam rather than Ananya. Poonam offers tough advice to his problem. Bani and Nikki find out that Ananya is trying to get pregnant.
Ananya receives an expensive designer dress from Harry. Rohit doesn’t appreciate when she chooses to wear it for her award ceremony. He skips the event, upsetting Ananya. Later, he sees Poonam with Abhimanyu and feels guilty for practically ruining her life.
Rohit probes Poonam about the new man in her life. Poonam is furious as she is convinced that Ananya has spilled the beans. Ananya finds it unsettling that Rohit continues to meet Poonam secretly.
Abhimanyu is starting to feel more than an attraction for Poonam. Ananya is excited for her trip with Rohit to Paris, even as Rohit struggles with his financial crisis. Poonam blames Ananya for planning an extravagant trip despite financial troubles.
Ananya and Rohit have a big fight over money. But soon she comes around with a plan to help Rohit. She seeks Harry s help. Poonam is nervous yet excited about her weekend trip with Abhimanyu.
Rohit misunderstands Harry s help, blaming Ananya for unwarranted disclosure. Poonam parts ways with Abhimanyu as she grapples with life s reality.
Ananya fixes a lunch meeting with Bani and Arya. Arya announces his decision to go back to the USA. Rohit consoles a devasted and lonely Poonam.
Poonam and Rohit regret whatever happened between them. Poonam is unable to deal with her emotional and physical needs. Rohit lies to Ananya about his whereabouts of the previous night. He also painfully recalls the days when he began cheating on Poonam.
Burdened with guilt, Rohit considers telling everything to Ananya. But Poonam and Guri advise him against it. Ananya can’t wait for her pregnancy test results. She plans to surprise Rohit on the New Year with the good news.
Friends and family of Mehras come together to bring in the new year. Under the happy faces, everyone is hiding something. As Ananya waits for her pregnancy result, she accidentally learns that Abhimanyu is not responsible for Poonam’s love bites.
While Ananya is excited to share the good news with Rohit, she suspects that something is not right between Rohit and Poonam. Her faith in Rohit is put to test as her doubt is proven right.

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Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is a Hindi Film stars Gurdeep Kohli , Ronit Roy , Mona Singh , Preeti Gupta , Preeti Gupta , Vibha Singh , directed by & music by .