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Jamai 2.0
Jamai 2.0
Shashant Shah
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Jamai 2.0 Movie Cast

Achint Kaur
as Durga Devi Patel
Nia Sharma
as Roshni
Ravi Dubey
Ravi Dubey as Siddharth
Ravi Dubey
Ravi Dubey

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Writer : Shashant Shah
Director :

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Jamai 2.0 Webseries Episodes

Jamai 2.0
Season 2 | Episodes 10 | 26-02-2021
Season 2
1 An Unexpected Death
Sid and Roshni are in a live-in relationship but DD is still sceptical about Sid. Pritam sends the picture of Ajit Patel, Reva Sharma’s killer, to Sid. Meanwhile, Cheeram interrogates Vaibhav and Madhav and blackmails DD for money. When Sid reaches the spot with the money, he finds Cheeram’s dead body.
2 Ghosts From the Past
Sid has an emotional outburst and he reveals about his relationship with Cheeram and his sister to Roshni. When Roshni finds Pritam’s text message, she plants a spy camera in his house to know about the plan he is making against Ajit. Meanwhile, Roshni gets a Spanish passport with her brother’s picture which confirms that he is alive.
3 Lie Spy
Roshni confronts DD about the passport and she calls it a prank and denies any involvement. At lunch, DD enquires about Sid’s family and he lies about being bought up in an orphanage. Roshni realizes he’s lying as she had checked about his family in the murder case reports. Meanwhile, Abeer gives Roshni an advice after which she installs a spyware app in Sid’s phone.
4 Lost and Found
Pritam finds an email in DD’s account and tries to trace the address. Sid reaches a location hoping to find Ajit Patel but instead ends up finding Roshni’s father, Ranjit Patel. Roshni reunites with her father who she believed was dead. Meanwhile, undercover cops, Abeer and Aahana make plans to create a rift between Sid and Roshni.
5 Date Night Gone Wrong
Sid and Roshni go on a date where Aahana and Abeer join them. Sid leaves the place and Roshni follows him, and secretly listens to his conversation with Pritam on the spyware app. When Sid realizes that Roshni is spying on him, they have a heated argument. Abeer and Aahana use this opportunity to win Sid and Roshni’s trust and get close to them. Meanwhile, Rosie breaks the news of DD’s arrest to Sid and Roshni.
6 Heart Over Mind or Mind Over Heart?
DD is arrested and Roshni breaks-up with Sid for involving her mother. It is revealed that Aahana instigated Pritam to leak Ajit’s information to the police, which led to DD’s arrest. Sid gets angry at Pritam and realizes that he’s losing his loved ones over revenge.
7 Now You See Me
Sid gets suspicious about Rosie and checks her room and finds joint buds, cigarettes, beer bottles and razors in her trash can. He also finds a Buddha statue and Rosie’s picture with turban clad man. On further investigation, he learns that the turban-clad man was Ajit’s driver Joginder. Abeer receives information about Joginder and rushes to his place to get his confession.
8 Mouse in the House
Sid gets Roshni to question Abeer and Aahana’s relationship. He checks DD’s property details and saves it in a pen drive but Roshni tricks Sid and escapes with the pen drive. Meanwhile, Rosie is attacked while buying weed and Sid and Pritam come to her rescue. Sid and Roshni discover Abeer and Aahana’s secret and Sid recollects finding weed in Rosie’s room which proves that Ajit is somewhere in the house.
9 The Mouse Trap
Sid is arrested and brought in front of Abeer and the two men make a deal. Abeer allows Sid to find Ajit and in return Sid promises to hand over Ajit to the police. Meanwhile, DD gets bail and Ranjit tries to win her trust by giving her information about Vaibhav and Madhav. Sid manages to find Ajit and kidnaps him before DD can save him.
10 The Ending or The Beginning?
Sid and DD have a final face-off where they explain their sides and understand each other’s situation. It is revealed how Vaibhav and Joginder tricked Cheeram and got him killed on Thalapathy’s order. Sid releases Ajit and he reunites with his family. But, Abeer arrives and following which DD and Ajit are arrested. Will Sid be able to find Thalapathy, the man responsible for Cheeram’s death?
Jamai 2.0
Season 1 | Episodes 10 | 10-09-2019
Season 1
1 Setting the Targets
Sid works as a stand-up comedian at Durga Devi’s club and is discreetly gathering information about her empire. Durga Devi (DD) punishes Goswami for revealing the casino’s secrets to a stranger resulting in a loss of Rs 1 crore. Later, DD is rescued by Sid during a bank heist. Meanwhile, Roshni is upset with her mother, DD, for separating her from Ranjit. DD notices Sid performing at the club and begins to keep an eye on him.
2 Twist of Love
Police officer Cheeram starts investigating the bank robbery and starts suspecting DD for her presence at the bank. Sid informs Roshni, who is shocked to find herself waking up at his apartment, that she had an accident. Meanwhile, Goswami gets in touch with Roshni and tells her that Ranjit is alive and he can unite them if she helps him get back his business data from DD.
3 The Dual Life Begins
"Roshni and Sid have a romantic moment and confess their attraction to each other. Cheeram starts scheming against DD with the support of his seniors. When shows an interest in joining the business, DD successfully hides her illegal activities from her. Later, Roshni sees Sid perform a stand-up act for DD’s special friend. Sid once again rescues DD when Cheeram raids her drug deal. "
4 Avenger or Lover?
While Vaibhav gets arrested during the raid, Jatin manages to escape. Cheeram is convinced of DD's presence during the drug deal and reaches her house but finds her missing. Roshni shares her concern about Ranjit with Sid. Meanwhile, Cheeram finds out that Sid was present during the drug deal. Later, Sid rescues Roshni from some goons.
5 You Interefere, You Die!
Vaibhav agrees to go against DD when Cheeram offers to set him free on the condition that he betrays his boss. DD confronts Roshni about her interaction with Goswami and threatens Goswami to stay away from her daughter. Meanwhile, Jatin slips into a coma when Sid attacks him. With no option left, DD decides to appoint Sid as Roshni’s bodyguard.
6 Time for a Heartbreak
Roshni reaches home to find her childhood friend Paritosh at her place. She continues to search for Goswami’s information on DD’s laptop. After his meeting with Roshni, Paritosh goes to DD and informs her that Roshni is dating someone. Meanwhile, when Roshni reaches Sid’s house, she finds that he has been arrested and confronts him.
7 The Proposal
Roshni is shocked to see DD and Sid enter the house together. DD informs Vaibhav that Sid will soon be going for a drug deal. Paritosh proposes to Roshni after she goes on a date with him. She later uses Paritosh as a cover-up to visit the bank where she receives a diary and pen drive, which she hands over to Goswami.
8 Tragedy Unites the Lovers
Paritosh informs DD that he has proposed to Roshni and accompanies Roshni to the village. DD orders Sid to accompany Roshni to the village and get Ranjit killed. Meanwhile, Goswami discovers that there is nothing in the pen drive and diary. Madhav informs Shefali that Vaibhav is planning to betray DD.
9 Who Will Win?
DD comes to know about Vaibhav’s plan and gets him abducted. Cheeram desperately looks for Vaibhav to find the new location of the drug deal. Meanwhile, DD informs her men to mislead Cheeram about the deal and completes it. Later, Roshni and Sid confess their love for each other to DD. But Roshni soon lands in trouble when Dev comes to kidnap her.
10 The Big Secret
Vaikunth reaches the resort to arrest DD but she escapes with Sid through a secret passage. Sid promises DD that he will save Roshni at any cost and arrives at Goswami’s hideout where he is attacked by goons. Just then, Cheeram reaches and rescues Sid and Roshni. DD accepts Sid and Roshni’s relationship and tells them to be in a live-in-relationship and get to know each other. Sid moves in to DD’s house and prepares to take his mission to the next level.

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Jamai 2.0

Jamai 2.0 is a 2019 Hindi Film stars Shashant Shah , Shashant Shah , Achint Kaur , Nia Sharma , Ravi Dubey , Achint Kaur , Ravi Dubey , Nia Sharma , directed by Shashant Shah & music by . Jamai 2.0 Release Date is 10-09-2019