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Inside Edge
Inside Edge
Karan Anshuman , Gurmmeet Singh
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Inside Edge Movie Cast

Vivek Oberoi
as Vikrant Dhawan
Angad Bedi
as Arvind Vashishth
Richa Chadda
as Zarina Malik
Sayani Gupta
Sayani Gupta as Rohini Raghavan
Siddhant Chaturvedi
Siddhant Chaturvedi as Prashant Kanaujia
Amit Sial
as Devender Mishra
Sapna Pabbi
Sapna Pabbi as Mantra Patil
Aamir Bashir
as Yashwardhan Patil
Aahana Kumra
Aahana Kumra as Shahana Vasishtha
Natasha Suri
Natasha Suri as Mystery Woman
Naveen Kaushik
as Joint Commissioner Rathore
Himanshi Choudhry
Himanshi Choudhry as Sudha Dhawan
Manuj Sharma
Manuj Sharma as Raghunath
Vikram Kochhar
Vikram Kochhar as Lambodar
Jitin Gulati
Jitin Gulati as Pritish

Inside Edge Crew List

Director : Karan Anshuman ,
Writer : Saurav Dey , Puneet Krishna
Producer : Farhan Akhtar
Associate Producer : Vikesh Bhutani
Editor : Manan Mehta
Director of Photography : Sanjay Kapoor

Inside Edge International Release Dates

Release Date

Inside Edge Webseries Episodes

Inside Edge
Season 3 | Episodes 1 | 03-12-2021
Season 3
1 Episode 1
Inside Edge
Season 2 | Episodes 10 | 06-12-2019
Season 2
In the next edition of the PPL, a volatile Vayu Raghavan leads the Mumbai Mavericks to face their biggest adversary yet, the Arvind Vashisht-led Haryana Hurricanes. But they must also counter colossal scandals that’ll rock the world of cricket. In the sport’s upper echelons, Zarina Malik allies with Bhaisaab, but those in the shadows threaten to destroy the very game they seek to control.
1 Run Up
The PowerPlay League is around the corner and Bhaisaab steps out of the shadows and showcases the extent of his clout and control. But how many adversaries can he antagonize before karma comes full circle? Zarina's on top of her game as she sashays into her new film's launch party with Vayu on her arm. With Bhaisaab in her corner, the sky's the limit for her aspirations. Vayu has a chance encounter with Mantra, the new owner of the Mumbai Mavericks. Bhaisaab strikes an unofficial deal with the Home Minister, who wants to buy a PPL team but Ayesha Dewan attempts to throw a spanner in the works. Arvind, retired and grieving. in Jamaica, is approached by Handa in a final bid to beg him to return to the PPL as the Hurricanes' captain. Meanwhile Prashant is being haunted by ghosts of his past. As the teams go into auction-planning mode, the storm gathers.
2 Paddle Sweep
The PowerPlay League auctions are underway, the owners are competing tooth and nail to bag the best of the best. But it's the mind games that are trumping strategies. Zarina senses the Hurricanes' weakness and hits Handa right in his Achilles' heel. Vayu's stubbornness, however, turns out to be a roadblock in her foolproof plan. Zarina takes a tough stand for herself that results in a fall out with her producer. But she has a plan-B up her sleeve for her film. Vayu, trying hard to get Mantra's attention, is aggrieved when an old coach resurfaces in his life. There's a lot of toxic history to this relationship and Rohini is in the thick of it too. Back at the ICB, Bhaisaab establishes that he is the best man to be re-elected as President. Zarina is in awe of his vision and power. With preparations for the PPL on in full force and a thunderstorm on the horizon, an unavoidable course correction is imminent.
3 Hawk-Eye
Bhaisaab attempts a novel approach to neutralize the Home Minister's threat, but it remains to be seen if the minister will bite and if the gamble will succeed. Vayu's old mentor harbors concerning news. But Rohini has a different take on it. Will the siblings agree on how to deal with it? Prashant is facing an acute loss of form with his psychological issues. He is no longer the efficacious pacer he used to be and his speed gun readings hide nothing from team management. He looks for Rohini's shoulder to lean on. Zarina learns that her enemy is far more influential than she imagined and she goes to the only place she knows to seek asylum. The Hurricanes gear up for their first match against the Mavericks and Handa's desperation and determination to win is evident. He'll go to any lengths, on and off the field, to ensure his underdog team doesn't take a beating.
4 Doctored
After a surprising turn by Arvind in the opening game against the Mavericks, the players come under the scanner for using performance-enhancing drugs. Wolfgang Hummels, the new agent representing the Global Doping Prevention Authority, arrives in South Africa and makes it clear to the ICB chief that he isn't for sale. Vayu and Mantra's shared love for all things retro kindles a hitherto unseen chemistry. Meanwhile Prashant has a rather surprising, if awkward, interaction with a drunken cheerleader of his team. Back in Mumbai, Zarina is uncomfortable being away from the action. Instigated by Imtiaz, she rethinks her strategy of dealing with her commitments.
5 Block Hole
The games are underway and the GDPA officer has bad news for Bhaisaab. As if an upright, anti-doping official harping wasn't enough, Bhaisaab must deal with an old nemesis lurking in the darkness, watching his every move. Arvind is torn between the cricket and his real motivation to return to the PPL. There's little progress on Rathore's investigation into the Suri murder case. Vayu has a showdown with the team management over team selection. He finds himself with no one in his corner, save for Mantra. The fissure between Rohini and Vayu widens when an emotionally charged Rohini makes a decision that Vayu warns her will have dire consequences. Love is in the air as two very different rendezvous play out - in the streets of Johannesburg and in the caves of the Cradle of Humankind - where reflections lead to critical decisions.
6 Turn
Outmaneuvered, Bhaisaab's empire is on the verge of annihilation. Sworn enemies have taken him by surprise, causing him to retreat as they rejoice. But Bhaisaab's not one to go down without a fight, and as the cattle celebrate, a masterplan is being brewed on the backburner. Prashant, still haunted by the ghosts of his past, attempts to deal with them by running away from them. Only to realize that it did more harm than good to him and the one he loves. With Rohini absent, Vayu must go solo to conquer his demons. With a lot more than just his captaincy at stake, Vayu must pay a price to reclaim his lost glory, something he never believed he'd have to do.
7 Yo Yo
Arvind and Vayu strive to prove themselves as players and leaders, but blocking their path are their own teams' management. While Arvind uncovers a conspiracy that could potentially disrupt the Hurricanes' ambition of winning the league, Vayu attempts to make amends with his broken teammates. Rohini believes she has figured an audacious way to steer her team to victory. And she's going to stay the course. Zarina's indoctrination is complete and victory is within grasp for Bhaisaab. Zarina manipulates her players to strike on command and Bhaisaab makes arrangements for the upcoming elections. But making an appearance in the stadium is another puppeteer who shows them how it's done.
8 Crossing The line
The stakes are high and it's a must-win situation for Arvind's floundering bits-and-pieces team. The rookies train hard as they prepare for the team's most important game yet. A loss here for the Hurricanes would mean taking the first flight home. The lines between reality and fiction blur out for Prashant as he deals with the ramifications of his past. His quest for closure forces him to venture into uncharted territory, only to end up confronting his most daunting fear. Zarina takes matters into her own hands on learning her darkest nightmares are true. In order to mitigate the situation, Bhaisaab must unleash his most ruthless avatar yet.
9 Four Slips And A Gully
A dark night in the gallows brings light to some. Former rivals make amends when coerced to face a common foe. A brief encounter with an old acquaintance pushes Arvind to make a decision with far-reaching consequences. Zarina takes necessary steps to ensure their plans don't go awry, only to demand her pound of flesh in return. The finals are underway and Bhaisaab's meticulous machinations are about to come undone.
10 Switch Hit
The cricketers battle it out on the field in a PPL final in which it's hard to pick favorites. With each passing ball the odds swing in favor of either team, leaving spectators in raptures. It's a game to remember not only for them, but for the players too as moments never experienced before in a field of cricket play out. The pressure off the field is high too, and Pritish's absence compels Zarina to pull the trigger in a winner-takes-all game. But it's Bhaisaab who belts out his sharpest blows in an all-or-nothing crusade to retain his dominion.
Inside Edge
Season 1 | Episodes 10 | 10-07-2017
Season 1
1 Powerplay
Zarina Malik, co- owner of the Mumbai Mavericks, races against time to find a new financial partner, or risk losing the team. Meanwhile the team has a young recruit who gets his first taste of the big, bad world of the PPL.

10/1 Users
2 Bunny
Zarina realizes she's made a deal with the devil, while Prashant struggles to adapt to his new surroundings. Vayu finds himself on the brink, needing to make hard decisions in his career and relationships.
3 Inner Circle
The team is in Chennai to take on their arch rivals, and the hosts and their fans are extremely hostile, with good reason. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure takes stock of the team.
4 Wrong Foot
The team is at an endorsement shoot. Dhawan's master plan is close to becoming reality. Vayu makes headway with Meera; Arvind confronts problems closer to home.
5 Away Game
A forgotten past comes back to haunt Coach Suri. Vayu can't deal with the pressure from the media. Meanwhile, Prashant has been practicing hard; will his efforts pay off?
6 Opening Bid
It's match day. Mavericks vs Hurricanes. Dhawan's grand plan is finally coming together. However, the smallest cog in the wheel can upset the best laid plans.
7 FoW
Things are coming to a head. Zarina, Arvind, Prashant, Vayu all face crises of their own. The pressure is too much, and something has to give.
8 Corridor of Uncertainty
Dhawan goes into damage control mode as secrets start to spill out, but there is a silver lining for him.
9 Hammer Price
Arvind's vulnerability triggers a chain reaction. An old friend shows up to advise Zarina. And can Vayu pull himself together at this crucial time?
10 Maximum
The finals of the PowerPlay League is here. But the question is of the larger game. Who will win?

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The story of the Mumbai Mavericks, a T20 cricket franchise playing in the Powerplay League. Set in a landscape of conflicting interests, where selfishness is almost a virtue, where sex, money, and power are mere means to an end, Inside Edge is a story that pulls no punches, minces no words, and takes no prisoners. Come witness the game behind the game.

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Inside Edge

Inside Edge is a 2017 Hindi Film stars Vivek Oberoi , Karan Anshuman , Gurmmeet Singh , Saurav Dey , Puneet Krishna , Farhan Akhtar , Vikesh Bhutani , Manan Mehta , Sanjay Kapoor , Angad Bedi , Richa Chadda , Sayani Gupta , Siddhant Chaturvedi , Amit Sial , Sapna Pabbi , Aamir Bashir , Aahana Kumra , Natasha Suri , Naveen Kaushik , Himanshi Choudhry , Manuj Sharma , Vikram Kochhar , Jitin Gulati , Himanshi Choudhry , directed by Gurmmeet Singh & music by . Inside Edge Release Date is 10-07-2017