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Hello Mini
Drama Mystery
Hello Mini
Anuja Joshi , Priya Banerjee & more

Hello Mini Movie Cast

Anuja Joshi
Anuja Joshi as Rivanah Banerjee (Mini)
Priya Banerjee
as Ishita
Gaurav Chopra
as Aditya Grover
Mrinal Dutt
Mrinal Dutt as Danny Abraham
Arjun Aneja
Arjun Aneja as Prateek Basotia
Tamara D'Souza
Tamara D'Souza as Asha
Darshana Banik
Darshana Banik as Tista(Hacker Girl)

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Hello Mini Webseries Episodes

Hello Mini
Season 2 | Episodes 10 | 25-02-2021
Season 2
1 Get ready to die, Mini
As Rivanah settles in with Danny in their new apartment she finds that she’s still being spooked by the stranger. Danny’s best friend Nitya moves in with them. Rivanah discovers Hiya is alive.
2 Bring him to me, Mini
Kamble comes to Rivanah’s rescue and tells her that he got a call from an anonymous number and thinks Stranger might be up to it. On her way home, Rivanah gets attacked by a man at crossroads who leaves her a note which reads 'gift yourself a life by giving me the Stranger.'
3 Danny deserves better, Mini
Rivanah gets an onsite offer in London which she turns down in order to not lose Danny. Stranger sends Rivanah to a restaurant to get in touch with Hiya. Grover injects Rivanah with a sedative as she begins to follow Hiya.
4 Last chance, Mini
Rivanah is abducted from her apartment, she finds herself in a hotel room and sees a video on a phone of triplets apologizing for sexually assaulting her. Stranger then asks her to play a little game with Grover and then sends Rivanah to a pub where Hiya repeats the words Dare not Defy.
5 Dare not defy me, Mini
Tista, a new girl in Rivanah’s office outsmarts Vinay and hacks his desktop to instantly become friends with Rivanah. Tista helps Rivanah find out about Dare Defy and its rules of engagement being that of participants are required to perform sexual dares in public.
6 She’s gone, Mini
Rivanah moves out of Danny’s house on learning about his true intentions of not getting married. The next dare leads Rivanah to an unexpected turn of events and someone close to Rivanah has been murdered.
7 Face your fears, Mini
Danny is suspicious of Rivanah being the murderer as her story doesn’t add up. Virat provokes contact with Hiya as he develops a soft corner for her, Vixy is jealous of this development.
8 You’re under arrest, Mini
Danny drops a penny as his suspicions grow stronger. Tista helps Rivanah hack Nitya’s laptop which leads her to Nitya’s work which unravelled the complex side effects of being a Dare Defy participant. Kamble finds strong evidence against Rivanah in Nitya’s post mortem.
9 Save her, Mini
Hiya’s true identity gets revealed while Vixy puts Hiya in a life threatening, one last Dare. With the view of coming clean in Danny’s eyes, Rivanah takes Kamble and Tista’s help to bring down Dare Defy.
10 Well done, Mini
Rivanah saves Priyansha’s life and Stranger obliges to her request to meet her once and for all. Rivanah’s professional and romantic life takes unexpected turns as Rivanah’s parents find something from her past which puts them in a spot of bother.
Hello Mini
Season 1 | Episodes 15 | 01-10-2019
Season 1
1 Be Ready, Mini
Rivanah Banerjee moves to Bombay to start her career as an engineer. A new life in a new city comes with its own challenges, but she faces an unexpected and deadly one: a stalker, who knows her every move.
2 Know Your Worth, Mini
Rivanah tries to convince her cousin about the danger she possibly faces, but she has no proof and danger may be lurking around the corner. Meanwhile, she tries to adjust to life in Bombay, also fending off unwanted advances from a colleague. But a surprise visitor lifts up her spirits.
3 I'll Make You Cry, Mini
Megha and Adil’s constant fighting force Rivanah to move out on her own. She meets her new roommates, the oddball Asha and the party-animal Ishita. Unfortunately for her, the stalker, whom she has now nicknamed the Stranger, seems to have followed her too.
4 Time's Up, Mini
Rivanah decides to go partying with Ishita, despite her boyfriend’s objections. A drunken video call later, she finds herself on the verge of being dumped. This leads to a falling out between her and Ishita.
5 Anonymity Is Power, Mini
Everything’s fine again, but the Stranger has a few more tricks up his sleeve. He calls Rivanah to meet and what she finds there shatters her world completely, sending her into a downward spiral.
6 Do You Trust Me, Mini?
After witnessing a heinous crime, Rivanah is restless. Still in her downward spiral, at an office party she drunkenly makes out with Prateek, who uses this to blackmail her. Desperate, she asks the Stranger for help. He agrees, but for a price.
7 Don’t Piss Me Off, Mini
Rivanah gets back at Prateek, with the Stranger’s help, but now she must uphold her end of the bargain. Ishita’s sugar daddy Grover begins to express interest in Rivanah. Meanwhile, the girls have a hot new neighbor.
8 You Miss, I Mess, Mini
Rivanah and the neighbour, a struggling actor named Danny, hit it off. But she gets insecure about Danny’s friendship with another girl. She reaches out to the Stranger for advice. A surprise and unexpected visit shake things up for Rivanah.
9 Let’s Meet, Mini
Rivanah starts to teach some slum children, and the experience leaves her feeling great about herself. Her birthday is approaching and it seems that the Stranger might have a surprise planned for her.
10 I Won’t Spare You, Mini
Rivanah goes home to Kolkata for a wedding. There, she meets Abhiraj, a guy her father wants her to marry. Even though she’s in love with Danny, she finds herself mysteriously drawn to Abhiraj as well.
11 Maybe I Like You, Mini
The horrible attack by the Stranger leaves Rivanah completely shaken. Ishita takes her out to dinner with Grover’s credit card to cheer her up, but this brings Rivanah into Grover’s sights.
12 Happy Belated Birthday Mini
The video of the horrible attack by the Stranger leaves Rivanah completely shaken. She comes clean to her friends who try to help her figure out who it is and how to stop them. Rivanah also receives another nasty surprise not long after.
13 It's Showtime, Mini
Rivanah has been kidnapped and her captor has fatal intentions with her. It’s a race against time as Danny and Ishita work with Inspector Kamble to figure out where Rivanah is before it’s too late.
14 We are Meeting, Mini
Rivanah is safe, for now. The Stranger is still on the loose. Ishita, Danny and the police want to apprehend him but Rivanah is now convinced the Stranger is her friend and doesn’t want him caught.
15 Do you know who you are, Mini?
In the season finale, everyone converges on Rivanah’s meeting with the Stranger at the coffee shop. Secrets are exposed, relationships are mended and there’s clarity all around. But has Rivanah truly found her worth?


22-year-old Rivanah shifts to Mumbai from Kolkata and notices that someone is following and blackmailing her. This someone is voiceless, faceless, nameless and is forcing her to "know her worth". Even though he is stalking her and making her miserable, she is drawn to the Stranger and soon realizes that he is actually helping her. But everything comes at a cost, as the stranger’s obsession with her and eventually hers with him leads her down a dangerous path, affecting her life and the lives of all those around her.

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Hello Mini

Hello Mini is a 2019 Hindi Film stars Anuja Joshi , Priya Banerjee , Gaurav Chopra , Mrinal Dutt , Arjun Aneja , Tamara D'Souza , Darshana Banik , directed by & music by . Hello Mini Release Date is 01-10-2019