Fingertip (2019) Webseries Details

Tallie Cochrane , Patrick Wright & more
Itza Fine , S. Shivakar
Dheena Dhayalan , Lakshmi Narayanan
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Fingertip Movie Cast

Tallie Cochrane
Tallie Cochrane as Jane
Patrick Wright
as Tarz
Georgina Spelvin
Georgina Spelvin as Wanda - The Huntress
Uncle Tom
Uncle Tom as Boy
Five Fingers Eddie
Five Fingers Eddie as Clive
San Clemente Richard
San Clemente Richard as Cheeta
Adithya Shivpink
Adithya Shivpink as Raghavan
as Priya
as Rekha
Ashwin Kakumanu
as Sanjay
Gayathrie Shankar
as Sandhya
Madhusudhan Rao
as Krishnamoorthy
Sanjana Sarathy
Sanjana Sarathy as Vidhya
'Jeeva' Ravi
'Jeeva' Ravi as Ramalingam
Uma Padmanabhan
as Mrs. Pramod
Siddhartha Shankar
Siddhartha Shankar as Varun

Fingertip Crew List

Director : Itza Fine , S. Shivakar
Writer : S. Shivakar
Producer : Vishnuvardhan , Anu Vardhan
Editor : Bhuvan Srinivasan
Original Music Composer : Dheena Dhayalan
Sound Designer : Lakshmi Narayanan

Fingertip International Release Dates

Country Release Date
India 21-08-2019
United States 01-01-1975

Fingertip Webseries Episodes

Fingertip Fingertip


21-08-2019 • 5 Episodes

Showcases the negative impacts of social media, and how negative emotions like greed, revenge, and jealousy

Fingertip Fingertip

Episode-1  Greed

21-08-2019 •

Rekha and Vijay, married and living in a city, face serious challenges when the social media platform, Clicker, enters their lives. Rekha is overjoyed with her new-found success on Clicker and is ready to go to any extreme to retain her online popularity.

Fingertip Fingertip

Episode-2  Rage

21-08-2019 •

Krishnamoorthy, a retired banker and a strict disciplinarian, is finding it tough to deal with a real-life situation when a threat from the digital world forces him to face unexpected consequences.

Fingertip Fingertip

Episode-3  Betrayal

21-08-2019 •

Priya and Vidhya's friendship takes a hit when Varun, a handsome young man, enters their lives. And social media platforms, instead of bringing the friends closer, only heighten Priya's woes permanently changing her equation with her friend.

Fingertip Fingertip

Episode-4  Lust

21-08-2019 •

Sandhya is a postgraduate student who harbours numerous dreams and ambitions. Raghavan, an IT professional, on the other hand, lives a monotonous life. The two instantly hit it off after connecting on dating app Qupid. But the seemingly perfect relationship suddenly begins to develop cracks with unforeseen twists and turns.

Fingertip Fingertip

Episode-5  Vengeance

21-08-2019 •

Sanjay is an actor who is loved by the masses and the classes alike. The star is highly active and vocal on the social media platform Expressit. However, Sanjay is not aware of the surprise that Expressit has in store for him a surprise that will challenge his reputation, his family, and, ultimately, his decade-long career.

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Fingertip is a 2019 Tamil Film stars Tallie Cochrane , Itza Fine , S. Shivakar , S. Shivakar , Vishnuvardhan , Anu Vardhan , Bhuvan Srinivasan , Dheena Dhayalan , Lakshmi Narayanan , Patrick Wright , Georgina Spelvin , Uncle Tom , Five Fingers Eddie , San Clemente Richard , Adithya Shivpink , , Sunaina , Ashwin Kakumanu , Gayathrie Shankar , Madhusudhan Rao , Sanjana Sarathy , 'Jeeva' Ravi , Uma Padmanabhan , Siddhartha Shankar , Sunaina , Gayathrie Shankar , Ashwin Kakumanu , Sanjana Sarathy , Siddhartha Shankar , directed by S. Shivakar & music by Lakshmi Narayanan. Fingertip Release Date is 21-08-2019