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Fast And Furious Spy Racers
Family Animation Kids Sci-Fi & Fantasy Action & Adventure
Fast And Furious Spy Racers
Camille Ramsey , Tyler Posey & more
Ryan Lofty
Universal Pictures , DreamWorks Animation
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Fast And Furious Spy Racers Movie Cast

Camille Ramsey
Camille Ramsey as Layla Gray (voice)
Tyler Posey
as Tony Toretto (voice)
Luke Youngblood
Luke Youngblood as Frostee Benson (voice)
Charlet Chung
Charlet Chung as Echo (voice)
Manish Dayal
as Shashi Dhar (voice)
Renee Elise Goldsberry
as Ms. Nowhere (voice)
Jorge Diaz
as Cisco Renaldo (voice)

Fast And Furious Spy Racers Crew List

Executive Producer : Vin Diesel , Chris Morgan , Neal H. Moritz , Bret Haaland , Tim Hedrick
Music : Ryan Lofty
Casting : Ania Kamieniecki-O'Hare
Art Direction : Christine Biancardi
Original Film Writer : Gary Scott Thompson

Fast And Furious Spy Racers International Release Dates

Release Date

Fast And Furious Spy Racers Webseries Episodes

Fast And Furious Spy Racers
Season 5 | Episodes 8 | 13-08-2021
Season 5: South Pacific
It’s a race against time as the Spy Racers rush to rescue a kidnapped Tony only to discover that he has lost the one thing a Toretto is known for -- the ability to drive. The crew bands together on a mission traversing land, air and sea in the South Pacific to foil the dreaded arms dealer Sudarikov’s dangerous plans. But will Sudarikov’s secret weapon prove too powerful for the Spy Racers and ultimately succeed in endangering the world?
1 Episode 1
2 Episode 2
3 Episode 3
4 Episode 4
5 Episode 5
6 Episode 6
7 Episode 7
8 Episode 8
Fast And Furious Spy Racers
Season 4 | Episodes 8 | 16-04-2021
Season 4: Mexico
After being framed for a crime that they had no involvement in prior, Ms. Nowhere and Tony's crew flee to Mexico to find the real culprit, clear their names, and flee the unstoppable super-agent hunting them down.
1 Chasing Phantoms
Ms. Nowhere is rewarded with a party at headquarters when a worldwide chase leads to a big capture. But the celebration may be short-lived.
2 The Convoy
Frostee works to bring Ms. Nowhere and the Spy Racers to safety. And now that the agency had turned on all of them, it's time to go rogue.
3 The Fugitives
On the run and facing a shortage of money, the crew turns to what they do best — racing! — to earn enough cash to get them to Mexico City.
4 That's a Moray
Ms. Nowhere and the Spy Racers crash a masquerade ball in Mexico City when stolen artifacts clue them in about who might have framed them.
5 The Ocelot King vs. El Mariposa
As Ms. Nowhere and Echo confront Palindrome, Cisco tracks down Tuco in the wrestling ring, and Layla tells Frostee she feels unwanted on the team.
6 The Siege
Trapped inside a hauler, the whole crew needs help as the authorities close in on them — and their hopes may rest on the newest member of the family.
7 Into the Labyrinth
The Spy Racers are once again racing against the clock, this time to stop Mexico City from being destroyed by Moray's fiery volcano machine!
8 Don't Go Chasing Lavafalls
Deep in lava-filled tunnels under the city, the Spy Racers make one last stand against Moray to stop his evil plan once and for all.
Fast And Furious Spy Racers
Season 3 | Episodes 8 | 26-12-2020
Season 3: Sahara
When the menacing Cleve Kelso and his experimental storm satellites take down Ms. Nowhere and Gary during an operation in North Africa, Echo steps up as de facto leader, much to Tony's chagrin, and the Spy Racers embark on a dangerous mission across the Sahara.
1 The Giant Haboob
Tony can't figure out why Echo was picked over him for spy school. Ms. Nowhere and Gary pursue a trio of familiar villains in Africa.
2 The Dead End
Echo leads the Spy Racers to the Sahara to find Cleve Kelso, but when they're all captured, Layla and Tony must win a dune buggy race for their freedom.
3 The Empty Well
The Spy Racers help a village with a water well that's run dry. Meanwhile, Ms. Nowhere and Gary try to make contact from the middle of... nowhere.
4 The Hunt
With Kelso's lair in their sights, the team gets dragged into an epic dune buggy chase through the desert. Layla clashes with an old enemy.
5 The Bedouin Shield
A hurricane in the Sahara? The team finds shelter with a group of Bedouins to escape a storm's wrath. Ms. Nowhere and Gary make an unexpected discovery.
6 The Eye of the Sahara
As Kelso closes in on his evil goals, the Spy Racers face a tough decision in the remote desert. Will they follow their heads or their hearts?
7 RoboCleve
Minus one key member, the team makes a final push to infiltrate Kelso's base to stop him from unleashing his diabolical plan.
8 Sirocco Fire Explosion
The showdown in the Sahara comes to a fiery end when a swirling megastorm threatens to take out everything in its path — including the Spy Racers.
Fast And Furious Spy Racers
Season 2 | Episodes 8 | 09-10-2020
Season 2: Rio
When one of their own goes missing, the Spy Racers must leave LA and head to Brazil to take down a crime organization in Rio.
1 Escape from L.A.
When the Spy Racers make a big bust in LA, they learn about a secret operation in Brazil and plead with Ms. Nowhere to let them go undercover.
2 That Sinking Feeling
After arriving in Brazil, the crew gets their ride stuck in quicksand. But Tony's determined to get them out of trouble without Ms. Nowhere’s help.
3 Bem-vindo ao Rio
The Spy Racers explore Rio hoping to find the gang that captured Layla, but soon have to question if she’s on their side or has turned against them.
4 Combustion
After Frostee discovers that the secret formula is explosive, Tony and Echo go into overdrive to find a tanker full of it before it blows up Rio.
5 Driving Blind
An old friend helps the team figure out who’s behind the evil plan, then makes a shocking discovery after a hair-raising race in the streets.
6 An Echo of Nowhere
On a dangerous mission to recover the hauler, Echo has to think quick on her feet to avoid capture by a surprising enemy.
7 The Patroness
As a plan comes together to unleash the formula on an unsuspecting public, the Spy Racers scramble to stop it.
8 Tchau, Uggos
With an angry mob on their tail, the team must pull out all the stops to recover the spy plane and save the world from a chilling reign of terror.
Fast And Furious Spy Racers
Season 1 | Episodes 8 | 26-12-2019
Season 1
Tony Toretto, Dominic Toretto's cousin, is recruited by a government agency together with his friends to infiltrate an elite racing league serving as a front for a crime organization called SH1FT3R that is bent on world domination.
1 Born a Toretto
Tony is pumped when his legendary cousin Dom recruits him and his friends for an exciting mission: to infiltrate a secret street racing circuit.

8.3/4 Users
2 Enter SH1FT3R
After Tony rocks it against Layla in a thrilling race through LA, SH1FT3R boss Shashi invites Tony's crew to join his group by pulling a job for him.

6.2/4 Users
3 Ghost Town Grand Prix
Tony takes on all the SH1FT3R racers in a remote ghost town. But Tony's real mission isn’t to win -- it's to track what scheme Shashi's up to.

10/1 Users
4 The Owl Job
While Tony works with Layla and Shashi to steal codes from a Russian businessman, Ms. Nowhere sends the others to snoop around Shashi's mansion.

5.5/2 Users
5 The Celestial Vault
The crew enters a SH1FT3R race up a privately owned mountain. Can they find out what Shashi wants at the summit without blowing their cover?

10/1 Users
6 The Final Key
Ms. Nowhere tells the crew that the mission is over, but Tony isn't ready to give up. He's too much of a Toretto to back off now.

10/1 Users
7 Ignition
When the crew takes over an amazing spy plane, they meet Shashi in the desert to exchange precious cargo. Will they also learn Shashi's master plan?

10/1 Users
8 The Key to the Strip
It's up to Tony and his crew to save the world when Shashi sets up a showdown with evil billionaire Cleve Kelso on the Las Vegas strip.

10/1 Users


A government agency recruits teen driver Tony Toretto and his thrill-seeking friends to infiltrate a criminal street racing circuit as undercover spies.

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Fast And Furious Spy Racers

Fast And Furious Spy Racers is a 2019 English Film stars Camille Ramsey , Vin Diesel , Chris Morgan , Neal H. Moritz , Bret Haaland , Tim Hedrick , Ryan Lofty , Ania Kamieniecki-O'Hare , Christine Biancardi , Gary Scott Thompson , Tyler Posey , Luke Youngblood , Charlet Chung , Manish Dayal , Renee Elise Goldsberry , Jorge Diaz , directed by & music by Ryan Lofty. Fast And Furious Spy Racers Release Date is 26-12-2019