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Crime Action & Adventure
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Madhu Shalini
as Disha
Sneha Ullal
as Sunitha
Tony Luke
Tony Luke as Vishwa

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Expiry Date
Season 1 | Episodes 10 | 02-10-2020
Season 1
1 Surprise
A badly injured Vishwa is being chased by a car in a deserted area. As he collapses to the ground, he thinks about all that has happened to him over the last few months leading to this life-threatening situation.
2 Imperfect Plan
Heartbroken Vishwa decides to take a drastic step instead of filing for divorce from Disha. However, suddenly his plans go awry, and Vishwa ends up committing a crime in a way he never anticipated putting himself in a precarious situation.
3 Will Life Be Normal Again?
Against all odds, Vishwa buries his wife disguised as Sunny and is returning home when he sees Nisha, Disha's sister, guiding the police into his house.
4 Double Jeopardy
Vishwa and Nisha lodge Disha's missing case complaint. Vishwa bumps into Sunitha, Sunny's wife, who surpisingly is there to lodge the excat same complaint for Sunny.
5 Rest in Peace
Vishwa meets Sunitha to know the truth. When Sunitha reveals Sunny fate, Vishwa teams up with her to save himself.
6 Backfire
Vishwa gets a call from an unkown number, who claims to know his secret. The caller's identity and his connection with Disha shocks Vishwa.
7 Missing Link
Vishwa sets a trap for the blackmailer but his plan backfires when Sunita is unable to excute her task. Sunitha gets another call, this time from the police who have discovered something that can incriminate Vishwa and Sunitha.
8 Closing In
The police interrogate Vishwa and blame him for the murder. He is set free after the watchman reveals that Vishwa never visited the place. Sunitha is now on the police's radar. Later, the police try to identify the blackmailer from Vishwa's phone record, but he escapes.
9 Good Riddance
The blackmailer is killed in a scuffle with Vishwa. To confuse the police, Vishwa hits himself with a gunshot and acts like the blackmailer was appointed by Disha to kill Sunny. But do the police believe him?
10 Karma Is A Bitch
Vishwa is kidnapped and tortured until he accepts that is he responsible for Disha's murder. Who is this person who forced a confession from Vishwa?

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Vishwa and Sunitha get entangled in two separate police cases due to an extramarital affair between their respective spouses.

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Expiry Date

Expiry Date is a 2020 Hindi Film stars Madhu Shalini , Sneha Ullal , Tony Luke , directed by & music by . Expiry Date Release Date is 02-10-2020