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Chesapeake Shores Movie Cast

as Abby O'Brien
Treat Williams
as Mick O'Brien
Barbara Niven
as Megan O'Brien
Kayden Magnuson
Kayden Magnuson as Carrie Winters
Laci J Mailey
as Jess O'Brien
Abbie Magnuson
Abbie Magnuson as Caitlyn Winters
Emilie Ullerup
as Bree O'Brien
as Connor O'Brien
Brendan Penny
as Kevin O'Brien
Diane Ladd
as Nell O'Brien
Jesse Metcalfe
as Trace Riley
Jessica Sipos
Jessica Sipos as Sarah Mercer
Jessica Sipos
Jessica Sipos as Sarah O’Brien

Chesapeake Shores Crew List

Executive Producer : John Tinker

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Chesapeake Shores Webseries Episodes

Chesapeake Shores
Season 5 | Episodes 10 | 15-08-2021
Season 5
1 A Kiss is Still a Kiss
Abby thinks back to her conversation with Trace after their kiss on the beach.
2 Nice Work If You Can Get It
Abby reflects on the past and contemplates a future on her own terms.
3 Are the Stars Out Tonight?
4 Episode 4
5 Episode 5
6 Episode 6
7 Episode 7
8 Episode 8
9 Episode 9
10 Episode 10
Chesapeake Shores
Season 4 | Episodes 6 | 25-08-2019
Season 4
1 The End Is Where We Begin
Kevin mulls marriage with Sarah; Jess and David run their new B&B in Tanglewood; and Abby and Mick both discover that their careers are in jeopardy.
2 A Leap of Faith
A legend visits Trace as Megan plans Kevin's wedding; Jess and David discover their past can't be repaired, and Simon joins Bree as her play begins rehearsals
3 A Sonnet for Caroline
As Jess and David try to buy an inn, love and loss surround the O'Briens; Mick and Megan explore feelings; Kevin and Sarah make a decision that can upend the family; and Bree and Connor suspect true love might not last forever.
4 Breaking Hearts and Playing Parts
The play is in jeopardy, it's Abby and Trace to rescue. David and Jess learn to work together, Bree learns to work alone. Mick and Megan come together while Connor goes it alone. Kevin and Sara return with a surprise announcement.
5 All the time in the World
Trace rethinks sharing ownership of The Bridge with Mick. Jay helps Abby reconsider her priorities. Jess and David find themselves hosting guests before they are ready. Connor pursues an intriguing new opportunity. Kevin and Sarah discuss their future. Bree prepares for opening day of her play.
6 Watercolors, Wishes, and Weddings
As season four comes to a close, Trace and the O’Briens face decisions affecting their personal and professional lives. Trace weighs his relationship with Emma against her musical potential. Abby and Connor consider new career paths, while a new agent has Bree questioning what’s next.
Chesapeake Shores
Season 3 | Episodes 10 | 05-08-2018
Season 3
1 An Open Book
Just in time for the Chesapeake Shores Oyster Festival, Trace returns to Abby after three months on tour, only to discover a family in turmoil: Bree's completed manuscript turns out to be a thinly veiled story of the family, and Mick ends the fight over the family Trust but begins a feud with Connor after a fateful mistake.
2 The Way We Were
With a nod to the past, Nell tries to save the Wish Fountain; Abby discovers a never-opened letter that she sent to Trace; Mick inherits a sailboat and reunites with his brother Thomas; and Bree welcomes an old friend back into her life. After Kevin witnesses a secret hug, Connor's future is thrown and Jess's future beckons with an invitation from everyone's favorite chef.
3 The Rock is Going to Roll
While Jess and Bree in Maine visit David and his fabulously wealthy family, Trace's role in Abby's family is questioned. Meanwhile, everyone helps out running the B&B and Wordplay, and Connor learns the truth about Danielle.
4 Once Upon Ever After
While Jess and Bree discover David's parents' secret plans, Abby joins Trace on tour, realizing that it will be impossible to stay clear of Trace's newfound fame. Thomas's vow renewal sparks Mick and Megan to re-examine their own relationship, as Connor reconciles with Kevin.
5 Love Eventually
Abby is burdened by continued paparazzi attention from Trace’s growing fame. As he works through his loneliness while on tour away from Abby, Trace writes a song for Abby, which prompts an unexpected reaction from Leigh. Mick tries to repair his relationship with Connor at Megan’s insistence, but their tumultuous history makes Connor reluctant to reconcile. Kevin is concerned when Sarah seeks adventure after a near-death accident at work, noticing similarities between her behavior and his after his wartime injury. Bree edits her novel with Simon’s help, and realizes she and one of her characters share the same drive for self-preservation that stunts their relationships. Meanwhile, Jess fears her relationship with David is over.
6 Here and There
Abby learns her ex-husband is in a serious relationship navigates their new family dynamic. Abby misses Trace by her side as she explores the new co-parenting roles with Wes and his girlfriend. Pulled in many directions with work obligations, Trace misses out on family moments with Abby and the girls. Mick and Megan’s relationship continues to evolve, but is influenced by their past. Having worked independently for months, Jess adjusts to David’s return to the bed and breakfast. Also adjusting to a man in her life is Bree, who attempts to define her partially professional, partially romantic relationship with Simon. At the Chesapeake Shores Fire Department, Kevin enjoys a week of on-the-job training with Sarah. Meanwhile, Nell recruits Connor to investigate a contestant who is breaking the rules in an annual gardening competition, but a surprising discovery makes her rethink the plan.
7 It's Just Business
Trace discovers that The Bridge has fallen into debt while he was on tour in and tries to repair the damage. Trace’s discovery prompts Mick to reconsider the terms of their partnership and to put aside friendship and family when business is at stake. Abby works to try and balance her stressful workload with being a “super mom” to keep up with Wes’ new fiancé. Jess is suspicious when David’s sister arrives in town looking for help with the business. Bree asks Nell to read her manuscript, but realizes the real test will come when she gives it to Megan. When Kevin doesn’t receive a job offer near Chesapeake Shores, Sarah considers relocating for a dream job. Facing relationship troubles of his own, Connor goes up against an ex-girlfriend in court. Meanwhile, Megan plays hardball when the mayor eliminates her job at the Arts Counc
8 All Our Tomorrows
Abby develops an unexpected friendship with a client, while Trace faces conflict at The Bridge. Though initially hesitant to work with her ex-husband’s fiancé, Abby helps her out tremendously and builds a new rapport with her while on a project. Trace, however, has a more difficult time at work and considers putting his friendship with Mick in jeopardy during a professional disagreement. Kevin graduates from his EMT program, but the reality of he and Sarah moving apart looms over the happy occasion. When Connor’s ex-girlfriend offers him a job, he senses familiar romantic feelings developing. At Nell’s urging, Bree shares her manuscript with Megan and begins to realize there are two sides to every story. Meanwhile, Jess receives devastating news about the inn that she fears will impact her whole life – including her future with David.
9 Forward to the Past
Chaos reigns with the closure of the Bridge, and the O'Briens are at war over Bree's manuscript. Meanwhile, Kevin is heartbroken visiting Sarah's family in Philadelphia, especially after he's offered his dream job back in Chesapeake Shores. When Trace realizes that he might not return to Chesapeake Shores, his relationship with Abby is cast into doubt, as Jess wonders if her relationship with David can survive without the B&B.
10 Before a Following Sea
On the eve of the Chesapeake Shores Regatta, with Mick recruiting family members to join him on the water, Abby finally has to make a decision whether or not to break up with Trace for good. Meanwhile, Bree's relationship with Simon is rocked when Caroline appears, and David and Jess have to finally figure out their relationship without the B&B. In a surprise twist, a letter from Ireland might decide Nell's future.
Chesapeake Shores
Season 2 | Episodes 10 | 06-08-2017
Season 2
In season two, Abby O'Brien adjusts to life back in her hometown, balancing a budding relationship with her former high school sweetheart, working for a firm that does business with her uncompromising father Mick and raising two young daughters.
1 Secrets, Lies and School Supplies
As Abby and the rest of the O’Briens prepare for the town’s annual lantern festival, Trace must return to Nashville to face a mistake from his past. Mick takes his granddaughters back-to-school shopping while covertly working on a business deal that is bound to cause family conflict.

10/1 Users
2 Pasts and Presents
Mick makes some unpopular business decisions when he plans to sell the nightclub that he and Trace had built together. When planning her cousin’s wedding goes awry, Jess turns to an unexpected source for help. Bree fights to regain control in the production of her play.

10/1 Users
3 Photographs and Memories
As Abby sends her girls off to their first day at a new school, conflict arises between Trace and Wes about their roles in the family—complicated further by a Nashville recording label taking interest in Trace’s new demo with a former flame. Mick butts heads with his brother over family land.

10/1 Users
4 It's Always Nashville
Trace hits the road to record an album with his ex-girlfriend but has trouble channeling creative inspiration while he is away from Abby. A well-intentioned Jess creates trouble for Bree when she advertises that a famous author will attend a book reading at Bree’s new bookstore.

10/1 Users
5 Buried Treasures
Nell discovers a treasure map that Bree made as a teen, leading Bree and Kevin to hunt for a family time capsule in the backyard. While Trace is in Nashville fighting his producer Mark Hall to keep Leigh on an upcoming album at the risk of his own career, Abby meets a handsome widower in the PTA.

10/1 Users
6 Grand Openings
As the nightclub opening nears, Trace spends late nights practicing with Leigh and his band, while Mick fights city hall to receive a live music permit. Abby receives a promotion at work, but it leaves her with less time to spend with the family and Trace.

10/1 Users
7 All Our Yesterdays
Mick receives damaging information about Thomas and considers whether to use it in their town hall debate over the family land trust. Jess plans a special meal to win David over but is fearful to take the next step in their relationship.

10/1 Users
8 Forest Through the Trees
Away from the distraction of technology, Abby and Trace talk about their past and the future during a camping getaway. With some encouragement from Nell, Mick and Thomas try to work out their differences in person.

10/1 Users
9 The Royal Court
After his band’s video goes viral, Trace receives offers from music executives, but tries to convince his band to give Mark Hall another shot. Abby, Nell and Megan spend some family time together preparing a princess birthday party for Carrie.

10/1 Users
10 Freefall
After Mark offers Trace and his band a worldwide tour deal, Trace and Abby worry about how it might impact their future together. As Nell ponders a lost love from her past, Abby, Jess and Bree are faced with the possibility of losing their new loves in the present.

10/1 Users
Chesapeake Shores
Season 1 | Episodes 9 | 14-08-2016
Season 1
1 Pilot
Abby returns to her hometown after hearing troubling news about the family inn facing foreclosure.

10/1 Users
2 Home to Roost, Part One
Abby considers leaving her Wall Street job and has an unforeseen showdown with her ex. Meanwhile, Trace has trouble explaining why he left Nashville and Jess wants to open a new business on her own.

10/1 Users
3 Home to Roost, Part Two
Abby decides to stay in Chesapeake Shores and fight for custody of her daughters. Trace deals with troubling news concerning his past in Nashville. Mick suggests that Bree remain in town in order to get over her writer's block.

10/1 Users
4 We're Not Losing a Son...
As Abby settles in and starts her job at her firm's Baltimore office, she wonders if she can remain just friends with Trace.

10/1 Users
5 We're Gaining a Daughter
As Kevin remains missing, Mick, Nell and the rest of the O'Brien family nervously wait for more news; Abby goes to New York to fight for custody of her daughters; Trace continues to hide from his past, but a surprising new idea may have him returning to his music dream after all.

10/1 Users
6 Georgia on My Mind
Kevin's fiancée arrives in town, surprising the O'Briens. Meanwhile, Abby gets tangled in a fraud investigation; and Trace receives bad news about the water-house property he covets.

10/1 Users
7 Second Chances
Trace makes a confession regarding why he left Nashville. Meanwhile, Megan confronts Mick about past mistakes responsible for pushing her away; and Abby learns the truth about the fraud investigation from a surprising source.

10/1 Users
8 Deals Undone
Mick nervously faces a failing business deal; Abby is subpoenaed in the investigation against Wes; Kevin recovers from his fall at home while struggling to define his future with Georgia; Trace learns the warehouse property is still in reach.

10/1 Users
9 Exes Mark the Spot
Abby and Trace seem finally ready to move forward; Jess, David and Bree attempt to untangle their complicated love triangle; an emergency phone call puts Trace in trouble with the law.

10/1 Users

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A divorced mom deals with an old romance and complicated family issues when she returns to her hometown with her twin daughters.

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Chesapeake Shores

Chesapeake Shores is a 2016 English Film stars , John Tinker , Treat Williams , Barbara Niven , Kayden Magnuson , Laci J Mailey , Abbie Magnuson , Emilie Ullerup , , Brendan Penny , Diane Ladd , Jesse Metcalfe , Jessica Sipos , Jessica Sipos , directed by & music by . Chesapeake Shores Release Date is 14-08-2016