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Crime Action & Adventure
Shawn Arahan , Sunny Leone & more
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Bullets Movie Cast

Shawn Arahan
Shawn Arahan
Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone as Tina
as Loo

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Bullets International Release Dates

Country Release Date
India 08-01-2021

Bullets Webseries Episodes

Bullets Bullets


08-01-2021 • 6 Episodes

Bullets Bullets

Episode-1  Episode 1

08-01-2021 •

On the grand launch of the city’s most popular and niche pub, the owner Sunil Korade gets killed.Till the time police arrive at the crime scene Tina, his girlfriend manages to run away from the crime scene. Tina meets Lolo who is trying to collect some data from Hemant Korade’s office (father of Sunil Karode) and helps her run away from the crime scene. Did Tina murder Sunil? Stream Bullets web show latest episodes on MX Player for free and find out.

Bullets Bullets

Episode-2  Episode 2

08-01-2021 •

Sunil Korade is killed, and the police are trying to solve the case by investigating the murder. While checking the CCTV footage police identifies Lolo and Tina running away from the crime scene. Police are searching for the girls day and night as there is a lot of pressure from Hemant Karode who has a political background. Even Hemant has put in all his efforts to locate the girls before the police catch them. Will Tina and Lolo be caught? Watch the latest Hindi thriller web show Bullets online on MX Player without signing up!

Bullets Bullets

Episode-3  Episode 3

08-01-2021 •

While the entire city from the police to the media is chasing the two girls Lolo and Tina, they reach a lodge to hide from the police and Hemant’s loyal - Ketu. Meanwhile, Vidya, a journalist reaches the police station to ask questions about the murder case for her new headlines. Will they be traced by Ketu in the lodge? For how long will they be able to escape? Catch Bullets web series full episodes, Bullets star cast, Bullets news and more online!

Bullets Bullets

Episode-4  Episode 4

08-01-2021 •

Unaware of the fact that they have been tracked by Ketu, the girls are relaxing in the pool but they soon realize that the happy moment doesn’t last for long. They have come to know that they have been located and somebody is coming after them. Where would they escape to now? Would they be able to leave the lodge before getting caught or this the end for them? Stay tuned on MX Player to find out more about Bulleter web series plot!

Bullets Bullets

Episode-5  Episode 5

08-01-2021 •

Life is unpredictable for everyone and it is so for both the girls. Media, being a watchdog, is covering every activity of Tina and Lolo. They both see news flashing on the TV that they were the murderers and now are trying to escape from the police. After watching this news Lolo decides to take the police in confidence by sharing the secret data collected from Korade’s office on the day murder. Will the police believe them? Tune in to MX Player today and catch Bullets all new episodes online for free!

Bullets Bullets

Episode-6  Episode 6

08-01-2021 •

Lolo’s plan worked tremendously well and with the help of the police, Lolo and Tina now reach Malaysia away from all the trouble. But they were unable to escape Hemant's real loyal Ketu who is frustrated and catches both the girls. Will Ketu kill the girls or is it just the beginning of another adventure for the trio? Browse MX Player and steam latest Sunny Leone web series Bullets episodes, Bullets trailer, Bullets updates and more for free!

Bullets Overview

Bullets is an MX Player original high action web series featuring Sunny Leone and Karishma Tanna as Tina and Loo in a lead role. The supporting cast includes Vivek Vaswani, Deepak Tijori, Amaan F Khan and Taaha Shah in which Meherzan Mazda appears in a cameo role. The storyline is based on two bold women who are on the mission to collect evidence to counter the illegal weapons deal between two countries. The series is full of hand-to-hand fight scenes, lots of guns and flying bullet scenes in which both the women find themselves caught between. The thrill comes into the picture when they fight to live and risk to change the game. This weekend book your living room to stream the latest Bullet series only on MX Player and enjoy it with your family on the big screen.

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Bullets is a 2021 Hindi Film stars Shawn Arahan , Sunny Leone , , Deepak Tijori , Vivek Vaswani , Amaan Khan , Areez Gandhi , directed by & music by . Bullets Release Date is 08-01-2021