Broken But Beautiful (2018) Webseries Details

Broken But Beautiful
Broken But Beautiful
Pooja Bhamrah , Harleen Sethi & more
Santosh Singh

Broken But Beautiful Movie Cast

Pooja Bhamrah
Pooja Bhamrah as Porno
Harleen Sethi
Harleen Sethi as Sameera
Anuja Joshi
Anuja Joshi as Debbie
Vikrant Massey
as Veer
Simran Kaur Mundi
as Ananya
Poppy Jabbal
Poppy Jabbal as Ishanvi
Jitin Gulati
Jitin Gulati as Karthik
Gaurav Arora
Gaurav Arora as Ahan Chaterji

Broken But Beautiful Crew List

Director : Santosh Singh
Writer : Reshu Nath , Reshu Nath

Broken But Beautiful International Release Dates

Release Date

Broken But Beautiful Webseries Episodes

Broken But Beautiful
Season 2 | Episodes 10 | 27-11-2019
Season 2
Broken is Veer and Sameera's story where their hearts were left broken and damaged after they lost their love. Destiny has brought love in to their lives again, will they give it a second chance?
Sameera is successfully moving on in her life. She even reconnects with her childhood friend, Ahan. But a random encounter brings her face to face with Veer again.
Veer too has moved on and is in a happy relationship with Debbie. He now believes in love without moderation. Sameera makes up her mind to move in with Ahan.
Veer and Sameera have both moved on and reinvented themselves. But are they being true to themselves?
Sameera and Veer are finding it hard to cope with each other’s changed personalities. Their assumptions and presumptions lead to a clash and unnerving confessions.
Veer and Sameera’s confessions take an unanticipated turn. While Veer is sure about speaking the truth, Sameera is in a dilemma.
The dilemma in Veer and Sameera’s life is taking a toll on their relationships, and the duo decides to make life-altering decisions.
Veer seeks a purpose to his life. Sameera too is happily engaged to be married to Ahan.
Veer is shocked and unhappy with Sameera’s wedding. Sameera, on the other hand, finds his cold behaviour unsolicited.
Sameera tries her best to stay focused on her life. Veer’s presence now makes her uncomfortable, and he promises to leave and never come back.
Though hurt, Ahan manages to put all the signs together and frees Sameera from her misery. But will Sameera finally find the courage to admit and accept her love for Veer?
Broken But Beautiful
Season 1 | Episodes 11 | 27-11-2018
Season 1
Veer and Sameera are strangers with opposite personalities. Their hearts were left broken and damaged after they lost their love, which they thought would last forever. Broken is a story about the love that heals the heart and not breaks it. When love gives two heartbroken people a second chance, a beautiful love story begins.
1 Bleeding Memories of the Happily Ever After
For the past three years, Veer has been nursing his broken heart. He moves into a new home and meets Sameera.
2 Haunting of the Heart
Sameera desperately waits in the pouring rain for Kartik to come and help. For the past one year, she has been waiting for a chance to speak to him.
3 Broken Damaged Deranged
Sameera is disappointed when Kartik doesn’t come to meet her. When she visits her old apartment in search of her dog, she finds her house occupied by a stranger.
4 Scared and Alone
Sameera and Veer meet at a bar. Her obsession with Kartik annoys Veer, who merely wants her to sign the papers.
5 Found a Doppelganger Soul
Veer agrees to help Sameera in setting up a meeting with Kartik. But he continues to ignore her.
6 To Make Me Whole
Sameera visits Kartik at his home. But when Ananya comes, he hides Sameera in his closet.
7 To Mend My Heart
Veer rescues Sameera. Later, Sameera teams up with Veer to make Kartik jealous.
8 And Drown the Pain
Veer, Sameera, and Kartik drive together to meet the family. The game of jealousy continues throughout the way.
9 So I Breathe Again
Sameera realizes that what she had for Kartik was not love. Kartik is hurt to learn this.
10 Closure
Now that Kartik is desperate to talk to Sameera, she doesn’t feel like talking to anyone. Ishanvi insists Veer that he acknowledge his feelings for Sameera.
11 Season Finale: If I Said I Love You
It’s time for Veer to face his fears as he helps Sameera deliver Ishanvi’s baby. Meanwhile, Kartik confesses his love for Sameera.

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Broken But Beautiful

Broken But Beautiful is a 2018 Hindi Film stars Pooja Bhamrah , Santosh Singh , Reshu Nath , Harleen Sethi , Anuja Joshi , Vikrant Massey , Simran Kaur Mundi , Poppy Jabbal , Jitin Gulati , Gaurav Arora , Vikrant Massey , Meherzan Mazda , Simran Kaur Mundi , Simran Kaur Mundi , Nikhil Sabharwal , Akriti Singh , Reshu Nath , directed by Santosh Singh & music by . Broken But Beautiful Release Date is 27-11-2018