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Director : Hussain Sha Kiran
As Himanshu gets lost in his memories, an abrupt ring on his phone brings him back to reality. In the meanwhile, Jai meets a little girl named Tara, that brings back memories of his love, Tara. On the other hand, Sam and Anjali dare each other; while, Vamsi meets Esha unexpectedly. Finally, Anand comes to pick Maya.
Maya gets ready to interview Himanshu. Anjali gets jealous when she sees Alekhya showing a keen interest in Sam. Finally, Himanshu and Vamsi have a showdown.
When Vamsi starts to follow Esha, she gets annoyed and warns him not to follow her. On the other hand, Tara agrees to go on a date with Jai, albeit on a condition. In the meanwhile, Anjali and Sam continue with their dare game where Anjali dares Sam to hug her.
After the bizarre conversation on the terrace, Anjali begins to avoid Sam. Maya feels torn between Himanshu and Anand. Later, when Tara bumps into Jai unexpectedly, he asks her out on a date, making her parents anxious and surprised. In the meanwhile, Esha gets teased by rogues in the bus.
Vamsi comes to Eshas rescue when some rogues try to touch her. Later, as she is leaving the beach after meeting Jai and Kalyan, Vamsi follows her. Jai meets Maya at the beach, where she tells him about Anand’s marriage proposal to her. Later, Jai recollects his date with Tara and how she spent the night at his place.
In the morning, Tara reveals to Jai that her wedding has been fixed with his neighbor’s son. This makes Jai realise that spending the night with her was a mistake. As he tries to convince her to proceed with her marriage, Tara refuses to budge and walks out of his house, leaving behind a note along with an origami. In the meanwhile, Anjali and Sam go on a boat ride. Maya realises that she likes Himanshu.
Maya confides to Himanshu that her relationship with Anand is no longer the same. Jai and Kalyan discuss the crisis Himanshu’s company is in and Vamsi’s role in the same. The next day, Himanshu and Sam visit the graveyard and find flowers on Maria’s grave. Later, Himanshu and Kalyan meet Jai and ask him if Tara liked the flowers, making Jai recollect his past and how Maya made him realise his love for Tara.
Tara refuses to give Jai another chance when he confesses his feelings for her. Later, Himanshu announces his plan of reviving the company at the board meeting. He tries to sign an agreement with Vamsi. However, Vamsi tears the agreement and breaks down. Later, he recalls the tragic incident with Maria. On the other hand, Esha slaps Vamsi and warns him to not follow her.
As Jai sits on the bench at the beach, he witnesses the culmination of all the other love stories. Maya meets Himanshu and expresses her love for him. Later, Sam meets Anjali at the beach and proposes to her with an origami flower. Esha introduces Vamsi to Kalyan and confesses her love to Vamsi. A disappointed Kalyan sits beside Jai and asks him to pick up an auditor from the airport. When Jai reaches the airport, he realises that it’s none other than Tara.

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Anaganaga is a Telugu Film stars Kiran Srinivas , Kiran Srinivas , Hussain Sha Kiran , directed by Hussain Sha Kiran & music by .