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Drama Crime
Fiction Factory Productions
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Abhay Movie Cast

Sandeepa Dhar
as Komal
Kunal Khemu
as Abhay
Elnaaz Norouzi
Elnaaz Norouzi as Natasha
Kunal Khemu
as SP Abhay Pratap Singh
Palak Singh
Palak Singh as Kritika
Asha Negi
Asha Negi as Sonam
Pratyaksh Panwar
Pratyaksh Panwar as Sahil Pratap Singh

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Abhay Webseries Episodes

Season 3 | Episodes 1 | 08-04-2022
Season 3
1 Episode 1
Season 2 | Episodes 8 | 14-08-2020
Season 2
The story is set within a year after the events of the first season. Abhay continues to hunt vile murderers and monsters with his trademark ingenuity and novel deductions until an enigmatic criminal mastermind with no name or past turns his world upside down and traps him along with everyone else in a maze that will test the very fibre of Abhay’s morality. Abhay plays the villain’s game better than the villain could have expected but still the game succeeds in its mission. The Villain and his truth about the world and its corruption starts getting to Abhay. The pressure of saving the kids and his past secrets make him vulnerable but even then he remains incorruptible.
1 Brain Soup
As students in Lucknow start going missing, the STF team headed by Abhay starts probing the case. Their investigation leads them to a twisted serial killer. Meanwhile, a school bus is taken hostage by a peculiar looking person.
2 One-Legged Skeleton
The dead body of sub-inspector Maninder Singh is found in a canal with a missing foot. Abhay's inquiry leads him to Saloni, a sex worker. But is Saloni behind Maninder's murder? If so, what is her motive?
3 The Game Begins
A reporter who is pursuing the case of the missing children and bashing the police force for its inability to track down the hijackers. Abhay receives a hint towards the location of the kids. Who is the villain behind these kidnappings?
4 The 12-Hour Challenge
Abhay meets the Villian who challenges him into a game in exchange for information on the missing kids. The mastermind leads Abhay to the case of missing women and dares him to solve the case in 12 hours to get the location of one of the missing kids.
5 Misplaced Retribution
Abhay manages to locate the kid the Villian had led him to. But does he manage to save him? The Villian once again promises to give Abhay the location details of two more kids if he can nab the murderer of a couple that was killed in a car crash in 48 hours.
6 Burn
Abhay's relationship with Natasha begins to hinder the investigation of the killer. Will Abhay be able to solve the murder cases?
7 The Butcher
A butcher from Uttar Pradesh slaughters people and flings their body parts in different areas of the town. A lack of evidence and clues make this a tough case to crack. Will Abhay be able to catch this butcher or will he get trapped in Govind’s vicious plan?
8 48 Hours
Abhay has 48 hours to find the killer. Will he find the butcher? Will Natasha help Abhay in hunting for the killer?
Season 1 | Episodes 8 | 07-02-2019
Season 1
The story revolves around the life of Abhay, an investigation officer who in a race to save two school kids, Raghu and Pooja. The kids have gone missing in the village of Chinthari. For the past two years, the village on the outskirts of Lucknow have been reporting missing children. Will Abhay be able to battle against his personal demons and find the missing kids?
1 Bagged and Tagged
Abhay is in a race against time to save two schoolkids, Raghu and Pooja, who have gone missing in the village of Chinthari. The village, on the outskirts of Lucknow, has been reporting missing children for the past 2 years. Will Abhay manage to keep his nightmares at bay and save Raghu and Pooja, or will he succumb to his fears and let the kids die?
2 Who is the Daddy now?
Abhay returns to solve another gruesome case of a psychotic killer involved in a triple murder. Abhay must keep his calm in order to nab the criminal.
3 Swipe Right
When a dating app is used to commit a crime, Abhay swings into action to solve the mystery of the honeytrap. Catch this spine-chilling episode featuring Anupriya Goenka in a bold avatar.
4 Cyanide poisoning
A trail of cyanide poisoning! Will Abhay be able to decipher this crime and identify the serial killer or will he be distracted by Govind who is back to seek revenge?
5 Crossfire
A glimpse of Abhay’s past explains his current paranoia. In the meanwhile, a disgruntled teenager goes on a killing spree. Will Abhay get caught in the crossfire between a dreaded gangster, the psychotic teenager, his hot-headed colleague and his ethics?
6 Burn!
Abhay’s twisted relationship with Natasha hinders his investigation of a psychopathic killer. The mind games of Natasha and the cigarette-burn killer takes Abhay away from his family. At what cost will Abhay solve these murders?
7 The Butcher
A butcher from Uttar Pradesh slaughters people and flings their body parts in different areas of the town. A lack of evidence and clues make this a tough case to crack. Will Abhay be able to catch this butcher or will he get trapped in Govind’s vicious plan?
8 48 Hours
Abhay has only 48 hours to catch the butcher. Abhay is under immense pressure as the chase to expose the villain begins. Will Natasha help or hinder Abhay’s hunt for the killer?

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Inspired by true events, the crime thriller revolves around Abhay Pratap Singh, a sharp investigating officer with the mind of a criminal, who can go to any extent to solve a case. Join Abhay as he sets out in the dark gruesome world of crime to save innocent lives, while dealing with his own personal demons.

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Abhay is a 2019 Hindi Film stars Sandeepa Dhar , Kunal Khemu , Elnaaz Norouzi , Kunal Khemu , Palak Singh , Asha Negi , Pratyaksh Panwar , directed by & music by . Abhay Release Date is 07-02-2019