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Aani Kay Hava
Aani Kay Hava
Priya Bapat , Umesh Kamat & more
Varun Narvekar
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Priya Bapat
Priya Bapat

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Director : Varun Narvekar

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Aani Kay Hava
Season 2 | Episodes 6 | 20-03-2020
Season 2
1 Kutra ki Maanjar
Saket and Jui are in a restaurant with their friends when they notice that their friends are going on and on about Chinu. While listening about the amount of adulation Chinu gets over social media platforms, Saket remarks out of surprise that he was not aware that his friend had a son. It is then clarified that Chinu is their pet dog.
2 Dha Dhin Dha
Saket and Jui are moving through some winding streets when Jui asked about the destination. Saket informs her that hey are going to visit one of his school friends to obtain Tabla cushions from him. Saket’s friend, Dhananjay, is a devoted Tabla player and tells them that he needs to leave town for a few days and wants them to take care of his Tabla cushions for him while he is gone. He explains the importance of his Tabla cushions to them and stresses that the cushions are used to listening to Tabla every morning and hints that it would be a favor if that could continue in his absence too. Will this cause a problem between Jui and Saket?
3 Chhota Aajarpan
Saket comes down with a mild flu and common cold and starts making a fuss about it. Jui comes to the room and sees him sneezing and offers him some hot breakfast to make him feel better. Saket refuses to eat the bland breakfast and asks her to make him a cup of herbal tea instead. Jui, while getting ready for her work, starts to get irritated with Saket’s demands like a little child and asks him to go and crib to his mother and she will pamper him like he is demanding. Just then, Jui’s mother happens to call and she hears Saket sneeze over the call and orders Jui to make him the herbal tea that Saket had asked for. Will this cold lead to Jui getting sick of Saket?
4 Bhutachya Goshti
In this episode of Aani Kay Hava, Saket is watching a horror movie as Jui drives them home. Saket is petrified of the movie and tells Jui that the ghost grabs the person’s neck, kills them and then eats lice off their hair. Jui gets disgusted hearing this and she tells Saket to go home and make tea for them while she parks the car. Terrified Saket slowly approaches his house and is in constant fear of what might await him. He experiences all his nightmares come true when he sees an old couple in his house amidst pitch darkness.
5 Thoda Durava
Jui is about to leave to catch her flight to Bangalore when Saket makes tea for her and cheese toast for breakfast. The couple shares a quick chat before Jui leaves and Saket tells her that he has made great plans for the three days she will be gone. On reaching Bangalore, Jui tells Saket on call to check with his friends, as they have a habit of cancelling plans. Saket jokes that they cancel plans because of their wives but now both their wives are not in town so the plan will not get cancelled. The couple gets into a small argument but Saket tells Jui that by fighting with her over the phone he thinks that she is right there with him.
6 Baby Planning
Saket prepares a feast for the couple on their anniversary. Jui is surprised to the efforts put in by Saket and lauds him. Later, Jui gets a video message from her niece and tells Saket that her sister is planning another child and she should do it soon as she is already 34 years old this sets up a conversation between the couple that goes South quickly. Jui expresses her desire to start planning for a child with Saket. The news does not excite Saket. How will the couple pass this phase of wanting different things?
Aani Kay Hava
Season 1 | Episodes 6 | 16-07-2019
Season 1
1 Nava Ghar
Jui and Saket enter their new long-desired home. As they go about setting things up, one also gets to know facets of their personalities better. And that emotional lump in the throat surprise ending is worth the wait.
2 Navi Car
A new entrant into the household, a swanky new car. A fun look at everything that a regular couple goes through - speed discussions, reverse parking, long waits in the mall parking lot and oh that first heart-wrenching scratch too.
3 Puranpoli
If there is anything that Saket loves more than Jui, it is perhaps the Puranpoli that his mother used to make. Fed up with his constant reminders, Jui takes up the tough PuranPoli challenge. What follows is a real laughathon. But that said, will Jui finally conquer the Puranpoli monster? Or not?
4 Choti Sutti
That one thing that every stressed working couple dreams of, yet seldom achieves. A work-free weekend break from the humdrum life. Jui and Saket are no different. They dream, they plan, they are all set. And then?
5 Kami Vajan
Eat well, diet better, said nobody. But the day Jui discovers that she is one size too big for her dress, what choice does Saket have but to follow the military discipline on the diet plan that Jui sets up. Green leaves and green tea take over the kitchen as Jui and Saket lose their minds. But hey what about losing their weight?
6 Mokala Man
That uncomfortable conversation. Ghosts from the past. Exes. A fitting finale to the series as Jui and Saket over a middle-of-the-night conversation come clean about their lives before marriage. A seemingly light yet deep conversation that puts all awkwardness to rest and bring them far closer to each other. And shows them as a couple truly made for each other.


Saket and Jui are a newly married couple who move in to their first house. Their fondness for each other knows no bounds and the series sets off with the two discovering the many firsts of a married couple, while discovering themselves and their relationship. They are modern, educated and doing well in their professional lives, but at the same time are rooted in tradition.

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Aani Kay Hava

Aani Kay Hava is a 2019 Hindi Film stars Varun Narvekar , Priya Bapat , Umesh Kamat , directed by Varun Narvekar & music by . Aani Kay Hava Release Date is 16-07-2019