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Kannan sir photo, uppa enge erukkiringa


Dear kannan sir am crazy about u.. wht a acting... I watched that film 20times kadhal oviyam only for u sir... Pls upload ur photos... Pls... Whenever I saw that movie I cried like anything...

Abirami, Villupuram on 03-08-2020

Kannan sir where are you? Why didn't you act more films. Google please collect the information of kadhal oviyam kannan.

Lakshmi, Krishnagiri on 02-06-2020

Mr Bharathiraja once mentioned in reply to a question in Vikatan magazine Q

Subramaniam , Bangalore on 28-04-2020

Kannan sir really hats off for ur great acting .w r u sir ?y u didnt act further .plz post ur recent photos .till kadal oviyam is there u will b there in our heart forever .ur role cant b replace by anyone ????

Lakshmi, on 07-01-2020

I am a kannadiga. I recently watched kaadhal oviyam recently ( accidentally) Even though I was unable to understand Tamil completely, I admire the acting of the protagonist of the movie mr. Kannan . Great acting. I think the credit also goes to the director

Mahesh sharma, on 14-05-2019

Hello Kannan Is that really you? Whenever remind those songs or that movie I used to search on internet, today I saw this site with your so recent reply glad.. we like to see your latest pictures.

Stena, on 02-01-2019

Thank You for your Kind words. I stumbled into this site accidentally- did not realize folks were still watching after all these years. Kannan

Kannan , on 30-12-2018

I would love to see him and congrats of his acting on kadhal oviyam. . I have been eagerly waiting for last 5 years . He always make me tears, when i watch the song of sangeetha jathi mullai

sathish, Madurai on 10-09-2018

Dear Mr.Kannan, The acting in Kadhal Oviyam is superb , and it is the performance extra ordinary on blind man Why you didn't act after that film. Now where are you. and share Thanks

sundari, Chennai on 19-07-2018

Really i wondered about your exposed a good attachment with character...where are you....i always search about you in Google...want to know your current status...and snap...

Rojabanu, Madurai on 26-01-2018

He is a versatile actor. I want know about his present life.

Devika, Kerala on 15-09-2017

Hiiii Kannan sir, Yours acting in kadhal oviyam was really superb... I used to search about you ....but I never got any :-( where are you?? why you didn't act any movie after that?? I ll be very happy, If I cud see your recent photos...please fulfill your fans wish.....

vithiya, on 24-08-2017

Dear Kannan sir you are such wonderful actor miss you so much want to know about your whereabouts and about you please

Enola , madurai on 22-08-2017

I have the same question as others. Lankan where are you? We are so eager to know your present live? Your acting in that movie was awesome.

Barathi, Canada on 31-07-2017

I saw the movie Kadal Oviyam after several decades. It was as fresh as it was in our days. This was one of the best movies of Bharathiraja/Illiayaraja/ SPB combos. Where are you Mr. Kannan? You did complete justice to SPB'songs. Your acting in that movie was epic. We missed you seeing in Tamil movies. It is unfortunate that we couldn't see more of your acting. We love to know what you are doing.

Uma, Usa on 18-01-2017

Excellent acting Kannan sir, no one can replace your acting in that movie

Medona, Chennai on 03-07-2016


UDAYA, on 30-12-2015

u r such a gud actor.....kadhal oviyam is the best movie forever

jancy, chennai on 08-10-2015

I like Mr Kannan acting from Kadhal Oviyam. It is a pity that he only acted in 1 movie. I would like to know more about him.

Gowri, Johor, Malaysia on 17-08-2015

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