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Velai Illa Pattathari
Dhanush , Amala Paul & more
2 hr 14 mins
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India 18-07-2014

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Singers: Anirudh
Lyricist: Dhanush
Singers: S.Janaki
Lyricist: Dhanush
Singers: Anirudh
Lyricist: Dhanush
Singers: Anirudh
Lyricist: Dhanush

Velai Illa Pattathari Movie Box Office Collection

Opening Day collection ₹ 5.20 Cr
Opening Weekend Collection ₹ 15.85 Cr
Opening week collection ₹ 29.36 Cr
Overall Domestic Collection ₹ 52.79 Cr
Overall Overseas Collection ₹ 8.35 Cr
Velai Illa Pattathari Life Time Total Box Office Collection ₹ 61.14 Cr

Velai Illa Pattathari Movie Critic Reviews

A Jobless Young Man Gets To Redeem Himself

3.5 / 5
There are films that cater to the actor and there are films that cater to the star in Velayilla Pattathari Dhanush gets a film where he gets to showcase both sides ...
Published by The Hindu on: 30-07-2014. Originally published here

VIP Is A Rollicking Fun Ride

4.0 / 5
VIP is pure unadulterated masala laced with all essential ingredients that work with mass audiences Writer director and cinematographer R Velraj has made a dream debut with a perfect commercial mix ...
Published by Sify on: 30-07-2014. Originally published here

Pure Entertainment Film

3.0 / 5
Dhanush proves that he is a mass hero entertaining with his flawless comic timing and dialogue delivery He is equally competent in heart wrenching sequences and action scenes ...
Published by Rediff on: 26-07-2014. Originally published here

VIP Presents A Grave Social Malaise

2.0 / 5
Dhanush that despite his recent box office disasters fans adore him and producers continue to hire him Dhanush is Dhanush making little attempt to vary his style ...
Published by Hindustan Times on: 26-07-2014. Originally published here

Dhanush s 25th Milestone Film

3.5 / 5
The movie moves at a scintillating pace with good dose of comedy punch dialogues and breezy romance but the same cannot be said post interval ...
Published by Deccan Chronicle on: 26-07-2014. Originally published here

VIP Complete Crowd Pulling Silver Jubilee

3.0 / 5
Samuthirakani gets a few scenes to show his solid acting prowess and the father son relationship is firmly established with strong dialogues Among the newcomers Hrishikesh as Dhanush s respectful younger brother passes muster while Amitash as the Amul Baby villain just can t hold himself against a powerhouse performer like Dhanush The villains are a weak link here as Dhanush doesn t have any formidable obstacles in his path Probably they have been watered down deliberately to add even mo ...
Published by Behindwoods on: 26-07-2014. Originally published here

Perfect Balance between Emotion & Mass Elements

3.5 / 5
It is fantastic to see Dhanush take this boy next door to mass hero mode and he has quite a few punchy lines he has a memorable breathless dialogue that is sure to be talked about The actor seems to know that this is his show and puts quite an effort into the role even though he has played such roles frequently ...
Published by Times of India on: 26-07-2014. Originally published here


10.0 / 10
ur film is very nice i am very very big fan of u anna i want 2 see u anna ...
Published by NIVEDHA.S on: 19-07-2014. Originally published here


10.0 / 10
super movie plz watch every one ...
Published by Lalitha Dhanu on: 19-07-2014. Originally published here

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Velai Illa Pattathari story & synopsis

The film begins with Raghuvaran (Dhanush) introducing himself as a graduate in Civil Engineering who is unemployed for 4 years and is just an idler in his house. He gets comically abused by his father (Samuthirakani) who feels that his son must get a job so as to survive and to feed his family. Raghuvaran is always compared to his younger brother, Karthik (Hrishikesh), who works in an IT company, earning a respectable salary. His mother, Bhuvana (Saranya Ponvannan) dotes on both of her sons and believes that Raghuvaran is talented and will get a job one day. Raghuvaran wants a job related to his field only and not work anywhere else (like call centres, software companies, banks etc). He is also unwilling to let go of his ethics as an engineer and is very straightforward in nature. He is also a member of a community group on Facebook called "VIP group", where he interacts with his members and friends about any job offerings. While returning home after having some fun with his friends from the "VIP group", he bumps into his neighbour's daughter, Shalini (Amala Paul), who escorts him back to his house. Although, she hates Raghuvaran at first, but after hearing about the difficulties he is facing from her mother, she develops a soft corner for him and, eventually, love blossoms between the two. One day, Raghuvaran's father and Karthik go to Chengalpattu on a personal note and Raghuvaran is asked to look after the house and his mother, who is a heart patient. But, he goes out on a date with Shalini, which his mother secretly finds out and lets him go. Shalini tells Raghuvaran to return home and look after his mother, when phone calls from home keep interrupting their date. On returning home, he finds that his mother died of a heart attack. Raghuvaran is shocked and depressed by these turn of events that he doesn't speak to his father and to his brother for 3 months and neither do they speak to him and are angry with him for being irresponsible. He makes up his mind to be responsible and goes to every office for getting a job in his field and his appearance changes and he begins to wear glasses due to short sightedness. However, things turn in Raghuvaran's favour when a surprise visit comes in the form of Anitha (Surabhi) and her father, the chairman of a very big engineering company in Chennai. Anitha is a chain smoker who developed lung cancer and had to undergo a lung transplant and that it was Raghuvaran's mother's lungs, which were donated after her death, that saved Anitha's life. As a token of his gratitude, Anitha's father offers Raghuvaran a job in construction engineering at his company, to which Raghuvaran heartily accepts on the condition that Anitha doesn't smoke ever again, to which Anitha agrees. He thereafter looks upon Anitha like his own mother. Raghuvaran is offered a job on buying a land used for a government project to construct high-rise flats for the people living in a nearby slum area to live in. Azhagusundaram (Vivek) is appointed as his assistant along with Manickam (Cell Murugan), Azhagusundaram's colleague and assistant. He successfully buys the land and begins work on it immediately. Azhagusundaram is initially jealous of Raghuvaran, as he, an experienced man, is an assistant to a rookie. He also sees Anitha and Shalini with Raghuvaran and suspects that he is a flirt and asks about this to him. When Raghuvaran reveals the truth about Anitha and Shalini, Azhagusundaram immediately apologises to him and befriends him. Things go well until trouble arises in the form of Arun Subramaniam (Amitash Pradhan), a businessman who rejected Raghuvaran's application for a job at his company earlier. He is furious that he couldn't get the land and tries to thwart Raghuvaran's progress. Raghuvaran finds out that the bricks used or construction are of low quality and replaces them with high quality bricks. He finds out that the low quality bricks come from Varadarajan, one of Arun's henchmen. Another obstacle is when the supervisor builds the building not according to Raghuvaran's blueprint plan and finds out that Arun has bribed the supervisor into doing this and demolishes the buildings and starts from scratch. Arun hatches a plan to bribe all the supervisors to not participate in the construction process in return for Arun granting them double the salaries they are getting at presnt and also top positions in his company. Raghuvaran and Azhagusundaram are shocked to find that there are no supervisors in the labourers camp. The labourers themselves decide to help Raghuvaran in finishing the job. But, Raghuvaran finds out that he needs more men. So, he asks his "VIP group" members on Facebook to help him finish the job. They appear in numbers, much to Raghuvaran's and Azhagusundaram's astonishment. Finding no other way to stop it, Arun hires rowdies to beat up everyone working there. Everyone gets beaten up and land up in hospital for treatment. Raghuvaran, wishing to end this, goes directly to Arun's office and politely asks Arun's father that Arun must apologize for what he did. When his father refuses Raghuvaran's request and dares him to slap his son, Raghuvaran does so. Arun's father says that Raghuvaran's actions were recorded on a CCTV camera, to which Raghuvaran replies that, by using a Jammer, he made sure no surrounding electronic devices would operate and using a HD camera hidden in his pen, he recorded a video uptill the point before he slapped Arun and that the recorded video copy has already reached his "VIP group" members. He then threatens Arun's father that if his son doesn't apologize, a copy of the recorded video would be sent to the press and police and he would personally upload a copy of it on YouTube, and leaves soon after. Not wanting to get his name and reputation tarnished, Arun's father sends his son to the hospital to apologize, which he does. Raghuvaran accepts the apology and the building is completed within 10 months. On the day of inauguration, while Raghuvaran is on his way to the place, he gets ambushed by Arun, who wants to avenge his humiliation, and a gang of rowdies. However, Raghuvaran makes mincemeat of them and humbles Arun by switching Arun's shirt with his own and taking Arun to the site on his bike, much to the amazement of everyone present at the site. There the building is inaugurated by the district minister and by Anitha. Raghuvaran and his "VIP group" members pose for a still and throw their engineering caps in celebration. The film then ends there with the tagline, "Dedicated to all engineering students, graduates and VIPs" From Wikipedia

Velai Illa Pattathari

Velai Illa Pattathari is a 2014 Tamil Film stars Anirudh , Velraj , Dhanush , Amala Paul , Samuthirakani , Saranya Ponvannan , Vivek , Sathish MuthuKrishnan , Surabhi , Amitash Pradhan , Hrishikesh , directed by Velraj & music by Anirudh. Velai Illa Pattathari Release Date is 18-07-2014 and Velai Illa Pattathari running time is 134 Min