Vasantha Mullai (2023) Movie Details

Vasantha Mullai
Rajesh Murugesan
1 hr 48 mins

Vasantha Mullai Movie Cast

Vasantha Mullai Crew List

Director :
Original Music Composer :
Singer : Arivu
Lyricist : Arivu , Vivek
Singer : Rajesh Murugesan
Lyricist : Karthik Netha
Singer : Shakthisree Gopalan , Vijay Yesudas
Lyricist : Viveka

Vasantha Mullai International Release Dates

Country Release Date
India 10-02-2023

Vasantha Mullai Film Songs

Singers: Rajesh Murugesan
Lyricist: Vivek
Duration: 03:57 Minutes
Singers: Arivu
Lyricist: Arivu
Duration: 04:31 Minutes
Singers: Rajesh Murugesan
Lyricist: Karthik Netha
Duration: 03:56 Minutes
Duration: 05:38 Minutes

Vasantha Mullai Movie Critic Reviews

வசந்த முல்லை திரைப்பட விமர்சனம்

1.5 / 5
IT கம்பெனியில் வேலை செய்யும் கதையின் நாயகன் ருத்ரன் ஒரு ப்ராஜெக்ட்டை சீக்கிரம் முடிக்க வேண்டும் என்பதற்காக இரவும் பகலும் வேலை செய்கிறார், அப்படி அவர் வேலை செய்யும் போது மிகுந்த மன உளைச்சலுக்கு உள்ளாகிறார், பிறகு மருத்துவர் ருத்ரனை வெளியே எங்கேயாவது சென்றுவ ...
Published by Others on: 10-02-2023. Originally published here

A bad thriller movie

2.0 / 5
Vasantha Mullai movie starring Bobby Simha in the lead. Ramanana Purushothama has directed the film considering the youngsters working in IT. The movie is released in theatres today and received both positive and negative reviews. Corporate companies are exploiting human resources unlimitedly in the name of target by offering some monetary benefits to the employees working in the IT sector and draining their health without their knowledge. The man who suffers from this indirect exploitation of ...
Published by Others on: 10-02-2023. Originally published here

Vasantha Mullai

Vasantha Mullai is a 2023 Tamil Film stars Ramanan Purushothama , Rajesh Murugesan , Bobby Simha , Arivu , Arivu , Vivek , Rajesh Murugesan , Kashmira Pardeshi , Karthik Netha , Shakthisree Gopalan , Vijay Yesudas , Viveka , directed by Ramanan Purushothama & music by Rajesh Murugesan. Vasantha Mullai Release Date is 10-02-2023 and Vasantha Mullai running time is 108 Min