The Batman (2022) Movie Details

The Batman
Ben Affleck , Matt Reeves , Matt Reeves , Bradley Parker , Robert Alonzo , Chris Day , Toby Hefferman
Michael Giacchino
2 hr 30 mins

The Batman Movie Cast

Peter Sarsgaard
as District Attorney Gil Colson
Ben Affleck
as Batman / Bruce Wayne
John Turturro
as Carmine Falcone
Andy Serkis
as Alfred Pennyworth
Will Smith
as Floyd Lawton / Deadshot
Jeffrey Wright
as James Gordon
Jared Leto
as The Joker
Robert Pattinson
as Bruce Wayne / Batman
as Alfred Pennyworth
Paul Dano
as Edward Nashton
Todd Boyce
as Fire Marshall
J.K. Simmons
as Commissioner Gordon
Joe Manganiello
as Deathstroke / Slade Wilson
Adam West
as Thomas Wayne (Rumored)
Zoë Kravitz
as Selina Kyle
Rupert Penry-Jones
as Mayor Don Mitchell
Rupert Penry-Jones
as Mayor Don Mitchell Jr.
Alex Ferns
as Commissioner Pete Savage
as Oswald Cobblepot
Con O'Neill
as Chief Mackenzie Bock
Margot Robbie
as Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn
Margot Robbie
as Harley Quinzel / Harley Quinn
Adam Wilson
as Thomas Wayne (Rumored)
Kosha Engler
Kosha Engler as Mayor Mitchell's Wife
Barry Keoghan
as Officer Stanley Merkel
Vic Waghorn
as Gotham Fire Chief Sheddon
Bharat Mistri
Bharat Mistri as Mourner in Black Suit
Ed Kear
Ed Kear as Surly Cop
Elijah Baker
Elijah Baker
Elijah Baker
Elijah Baker as Thug
Joseph Balderrama
Joseph Balderrama as Lead Detective
Bern Collaco
Bern Collaco as GCPD Detective
Dacre Montgomery
Dacre Montgomery as Richard Grayson / Nightwing
Daniel Eghan
Daniel Eghan as Banker
Leemore Marrett Jr.
Leemore Marrett Jr. as Gotham City Cop
Bernardo Santos
Bernardo Santos as FBI Agent
Jimmy Star
Jimmy Star as Funeral Mourner
Dave Simon
Dave Simon as Police Chief Hanrahan
Kenny-Lee Mbanefo
Kenny-Lee Mbanefo as News Reporter
Sid Sagar
Sid Sagar as Digital Forensics Cop
Rodrig Andrisan
Rodrig Andrisan as Funeral VIP
Stuart Whelan
Stuart Whelan as FBI
Janine Harouni
Janine Harouni as Carla
Angela Yeoh
Angela Yeoh as Forensic Photographer
Mike Cappozola
Mike Cappozola as Mediator
Amber Sienna
Amber Sienna as Gentlemen's Club Hostess
Amber Sienna
Amber Sienna as Iceberg Lounge Hostess
Gil Perez-Abraham
Gil Perez-Abraham
Elena Saurel
Elena Saurel as Detective on Phone
Ruth Horrocks
Ruth Horrocks as Mourner
Alfredo Tavares
Alfredo Tavares as Forensic
Daham Kandanarrachchi
Daham Kandanarrachchi as Debate Audience Member
John Wolfe
John Wolfe as Thug
Paul Riddell
Paul Riddell as Gotham City Senator
Swaylee Loughnane
Swaylee Loughnane as Gangster
Elliot Warren
Elliot Warren
Jayme Lawson
Jayme Lawson
Jayme Lawson
Jayme Lawson as Bella Reál
Tony McCarthy
Tony McCarthy as Anarchist
Tiago Martins
Tiago Martins as News Reporter
Obie Matthew
Obie Matthew as Funeral Mourner
Maggie Bakir
Maggie Bakir as FBI Agent
Douglas Bunn
Douglas Bunn as Gangster
Amy Clare Beales
Amy Clare Beales as Special Agent 2
Jay Lycurgo
Jay Lycurgo as Thug
Metin Hassan
Metin Hassan as VIP Mafia Family / Funeral Guest
Paul Whelligan
Paul Whelligan as VIP Mourner
Albert Giannitelli
Albert Giannitelli as E.S.U. Police
Phil Aizlewood
Phil Aizlewood as Bodyguard
Chosen Wilkins
Chosen Wilkins as Guard 2
Heider Ali
Heider Ali as Officer
Zoltan Rencsar
Zoltan Rencsar as VIP Mourner-Spact
Evan A. Dunn
Evan A. Dunn as Police Officer
Andreea Helen David
Andreea Helen David as Detective
Annishia Camilla Lunette
Annishia Camilla Lunette as Hospitality Girl / Hostess
Amanda Blake
Amanda Blake as Command Crisis Tech
Will Rowlands
Will Rowlands as Thug
Nichola Jean Mazur
Nichola Jean Mazur as VIP
Susan Gillias
Susan Gillias as FBI
Kiran Asahan
Kiran Asahan as Press Woman

The Batman Crew List

Director :
Producer : Ben Affleck
Screenplay : Ben Affleck
Writer : Ben Affleck
Editor : William Hoy
Characters : Bob Kane
Production Design : James Chinlund
Executive Producer : Michael Uslan
Original Music Composer :
Writer : Mark Bomback
Casting : Lucy Bevan
Director :
Co-Producer : Matt Reeves
Producer : Matt Reeves
Writer : Matt Reeves
Costume Design : Jacqueline Durran
Executive Producer : Walter Hamada
Producer : Walter Hamada
Director of Photography : Greig Fraser
Supervising Art Director : Grant Armstrong
Casting : Cindy Tolan
Director :
Screenplay : Chris Terrio
Writer : Chris Terrio
Characters : Bill Finger
Screenplay : Geoff Johns
Writer : Geoff Johns , Peter Craig
Producer : Dylan Clark
Second Unit Director : Bradley Parker
Art Direction : James Lewis
Executive Producer : Simon Emanuel
Costume Design : David Crossman
Art Direction : Joe Howard , Gary Jopling
Visual Effects Supervisor : Dan Lemmon
Makeup Designer : Naomi Donne
Key Hair Stylist : Paula Price
Hair Designer : Zoe Tahir
Second Unit Director : Robert Alonzo
Special Effects Supervisor : Dominic Tuohy
Unit Production Manager : Samantha Waite
Art Direction : Oliver Benson
Sound Mixer : Stuart Wilson
Gaffer : Jamie Mills
Editor : Tyler Nelson
Director : Chris Day
Costume Design : Glyn Dillon
First Assistant Director : Toby Hefferman
Associate Producer : Toby Hefferman
Production Manager : Ben Dixon
Writer : Mattson Tomlin
Executive Producer : Chantal Nong
Art Direction : Matthew Kerly , Oliver Benson
Dressing Prop : Buddie Wilkinson
Special Effects Technician : Karl Jordan

The Batman International Release Dates

Country Release Date
India 04-03-2022

The Batman Film Songs

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The Batman Movie Critic Reviews

தி பேட்மேன் திரைவிமர்சனம்

2.5 / 5
காமிக்ஸ் உலகத்தை மார்வெல் மற்றும் டிசி உலகங்கள் கட்டி ஆண்டு வரும் நிலையில், மார்வெல் உலகில் அயன்மேன், கேப்டன் அமெரிக்கா, ஸ்பைடர்மேன், தோர், டாக்டர் ஸ்ட்ரேஞ்ச், லோகி என அவெஞ்சர்ஸ் தாண்டி மல்டிவெர்ஸ் நோக்கி சென்று கொண்டிருக்கும் நிலையில், டிசி ரசிகர்களின் உயிர ...
Published by Others on: 04-03-2022. Originally published here

This Is Movie Crime-fighting Film

2.0 / 5
Director and writer Matt Reeves chooses to go down the detective route for Batman and so the movie works for fans of superhero films as well as those who enjoy noir. Billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) is only two years into his crime-fighting career as Batman when he comes across an unhinged serial killer, Riddler (Paul Dano), who just might reveal dreadful truths about his past. Team Batman has only honest police lieutenant Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) and Bruces butler, ment ...
Published by The Hindu on: 04-03-2022. Originally published here

The Film Psychological Thriller Movie

2.0 / 5
Crime noir follows Batman two years into his crime-fighting antics, as he attempts to uncover the corrupt ridden metropolis of Gotham, all the while in pursuit of a serial killer calling himself The Riddler, who leaves behind clues and cryptic messages for the dark knight to solve. Some alliances are formed along this journey in order for him to do what he set out to do. The screenplays pretty gritty, dark and hyper-realistic unlike any other Batman film out there which always has some extravag ...
Published by Galatta on: 04-03-2022. Originally published here

The Batman Overview

Batman's first stand-alone appearance in the DC Extended Universe.

The Batman

The Batman is a 2022 Tamil Film stars Peter Sarsgaard , Ben Affleck , Ben Affleck , Ben Affleck , Ben Affleck , Ben Affleck , John Turturro , John Turturro , Andy Serkis , William Hoy , Will Smith , Jeffrey Wright , Bob Kane , Jared Leto , James Chinlund , Michael Uslan , Robert Pattinson , Michael Giacchino , , Paul Dano , Todd Boyce , Mark Bomback , J.K. Simmons , Joe Manganiello , Lucy Bevan , Adam West , Matt Reeves , Matt Reeves , Matt Reeves , Matt Reeves , Jacqueline Durran , Zoë Kravitz , Rupert Penry-Jones , Rupert Penry-Jones , Walter Hamada , Walter Hamada , Alex Ferns , Greig Fraser , Grant Armstrong , , Con O'Neill , Cindy Tolan , Matt Reeves , Chris Terrio , Chris Terrio , Mark Killeen , Bill Finger , Geoff Johns , Geoff Johns , Max Carver , Peter Craig , Margot Robbie , Margot Robbie , Charlie Carver , Dylan Clark , Adam Wilson , Bradley Parker , James Lewis , Kosha Engler , Simon Emanuel , Barry Keoghan , Vic Waghorn , David Crossman , Joe Howard , Gary Jopling , Bharat Mistri , Ed Kear , Dan Lemmon , Elijah Baker , Elijah Baker , Naomi Donne , Paula Price , Zoe Tahir , Robert Alonzo , Joseph Balderrama , Bern Collaco , Dacre Montgomery , Dominic Tuohy , Samantha Waite , Oliver Benson , Stuart Wilson , Daniel Eghan , Jamie Mills , Tyler Nelson , Leemore Marrett Jr. , Bernardo Santos , Chris Day , Glyn Dillon , Toby Hefferman , Toby Hefferman , Ben Dixon , Jimmy Star , Dave Simon , Kenny-Lee Mbanefo , Sid Sagar , Mattson Tomlin , Rodrig Andrisan , Chantal Nong , Stuart Whelan , Janine Harouni , Matthew Kerly , Angela Yeoh , Mike Cappozola , Amber Sienna , Amber Sienna , Gil Perez-Abraham , Elena Saurel , Ruth Horrocks , Alfredo Tavares , Daham Kandanarrachchi , John Wolfe , Paul Riddell , Swaylee Loughnane , Elliot Warren , Jayme Lawson , Jayme Lawson , Tony McCarthy , Oliver Benson , Tiago Martins , Obie Matthew , Maggie Bakir , Douglas Bunn , Amy Clare Beales , Jay Lycurgo , Metin Hassan , Paul Whelligan , Albert Giannitelli , Phil Aizlewood , Buddie Wilkinson , Chosen Wilkins , Heider Ali , Karl Jordan , Zoltan Rencsar , Evan A. Dunn , Andreea Helen David , Annishia Camilla Lunette , Amanda Blake , Will Rowlands , Nichola Jean Mazur , Susan Gillias , Kiran Asahan , directed by Toby Hefferman & music by Michael Giacchino. The Batman Release Date is 04-03-2022 and The Batman running time is 150 Min