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Thanga Magan
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India 18-12-2015

Thanga Magan Film Songs

Singers: Anirudh , Swetha Mohan
Lyricist: Dhanush
Duration: 3:36 Minutes
Singers: Anirudh , Swetha Mohan
Lyricist: Dhanush
Duration: 2:58 Minutes
Singers: Nikita Gandhi , Anirudh
Lyricist: Dhanush
Duration: 4:36 Minutes
Singers: Anirudh
Lyricist: Dhanush
Duration: 2:34 Minutes

Thanga Magan Movie Box Office Collection

Opening Day collection ₹ 5.02 Cr
Opening Weekend Collection ₹ 14.04 Cr
Opening week collection ₹ 20.24 Cr
Overall Domestic Collection ₹ 27.60 Cr
Overall Overseas Collection ₹ 6.14 Cr
Thanga Magan Life Time Total Box Office Collection ₹ 33.74 Cr

Thanga Magan Movie Critic Reviews

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Thanga magan flick is nigh on the story of a guy who belongs to a middle class family.our hero danush will fall in love with amy jackson at his young age,they both will love each other to the high but his parents will not agree and rejects as she belongs to other caste and community,moreover she belongs to rich family background now the twist starts, tamizhs will face unexpected incidents and how this effect to his routine life and how he overcomes from this situation to know all this you have t ...
Published by Others on: 18-12-2015. Originally published here

Thanga Magan Technicalities

While the first half is breezy and congenial, second half gets a bit draggy, thanks to the emotional content and melodramatic sequences. But brilliant editing by MV Rajesh Kumar saves the day and makes sure Thanga Magan doesnt get tiring. Another important factor that works in favour of the film is its screenplay, as director Velraj has a knack of entertaining his audience even while handling a wafer-thin storyline. Other positive factors in the technical department includes A Kumarans cinematog ...
Published by Others on: 18-12-2015. Originally published here

Thanga Magan A Perfect Family Entertainer

2.5 / 5
Thanga Magan is a survival story of a lower middle class family in a society that is corrupted from the very top till the end of the food chain. That said, the film is not all about the struggles. It has all the required elements to keep the audiences entertained throughout this 2 hour affair.The film takes a U-turn from a breezy tale to an action mode in the second half after an infiltration by KS Ravikumars boss, played by Jayaprakash and the consequent disturbances within the inner circle. ...
Published by Behindwoods on: 18-12-2015. Originally published here

Thanga Magan Audience Live Review

3.7 / 5
ThangaMagan - friendship, comedy counters, love before after marriage, songs RR, villainy, action. @Samanthaprabhu2 @dhanushkraja #ThangaMagan tried same VIP style film wid love,family sentiment heroism but not worked well..1st half is gud fun but 2nd half very weak hangaMagan fully filled with family elements with a moderate class mass of @dhanushkraja..dialogues plays major part.. Thangamagan superb entertaining 1st half with right mix of comedy romance, #Dhanush as usual best, @Samanthapra ...
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தங்கமகன் தமிழ் விமர்சனம்

பணம் மட்டுமே வாழ்க்கையில் முக்கியமல்ல, பாசமும் தன்மானமும் ஒரு வாழ்க்கைக்கு அடிப்படை முக்கியம் என்பதை இப்படத்தில் தோலுரித்துக் காட்டியிருக்கிறார். அதேபோல், அப்பா மீதுள்ள களங்கத்தை போக்க நினைக்கும் ஒரு மகனின் வேதனையை அழகாக சொல்லியிருக்கிறார். சினிமாத்தனம ...
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Thanga Magan

Thanga Magan is a 2015 Tamil Film stars Anirudh , Velraj , Dhanush , Amy Jackson , Samantha Akkineni , K.S.Ravikumar , Radhika Sarathkumar , Sathish MuthuKrishnan , Shan Sharif Khan , directed by Velraj & music by Anirudh. Thanga Magan Release Date is 18-12-2015